Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Letter #2 - Easy

Leiber Familie,

Hallo! Ha it has been sooo long since I last talked to you! But I love talking to you and I want you all to know I miss you and love you.

This MTC experience is nothing I could have known or prepared for. But I love it. It is not that exhausting physically, but mentally, my brain has grown some major brain muscles and not because it did its on its own. Everyday is a blur. So far, obviously my favorite day is P-day. But honestly, I love that I am learning so much (gasp) I have never felt closer to the Savior und I have never felt a deeper love for this gospel till now.

I have started the Buch Mormon again and I am already to Alma. I get so excited when I read it! It honestly feels like a story and just it is so exciting and i can not wait to get back to it after this. And I promise, this is not a joke :)

The language, is tough. But I have surprised myself of how fast Ive learned it and how strong the spirit is when you can fully testify and speak your mind in a different language. It has only been a week, but I have felt I have learned more Deutsch than you can learn in an entire semester. But don't think that I have it down. No way close. But I can see a light in the tunnel, but hey, its like 20 miles away.

Yesterday was my first tuesday night devotional. Wow, I loved it so much. Elder Richards, a former seventy, spoke and his cute wife auch. They talked about missionary work and how hard it is, but how great the blessings are from it. Elder Richards talked about Preach My Gospel and how amazing it is and said something that I had to write down. He said "Preach My Gospel was put together beyond the veil and made on to paper here" Wow. You think you should read it now? Every time I hear those words, I just feel this strong feeling. Its amazing how great PMG is. But that wasn't even the best part of the talk (I took a lot of notes, ya mom, be proud :))

So close to the end, Elder Richards talked about his mission and how when he was in the MTC like 55 years ago, they had their largest group ever.... 88 Elders and sisters combined. Ha in the MTC now, over 33,000 (idk dad Im just making up a number). But that was just like wow, its amazing how times have changed.

But here comes the kicker.

When he talked about his challenges as a missionary and how hard it was for him, he showed us a clip from a talk from Elder Holland about mission work being "easy". I have never felt this feeling before of just.... I cannot describe it. Everyone go look it up. British MTC, sometime in the 90s. It is such a powerful talk. The one quote I wrote down and will never forget, and I hung it up in my residence was "Why should we have it easy, when He never did? When you complain and ask, why cant it be easier, isn't there some other way? Well.... Someone long ago asked the same question." This has so much power and you better believe I'm a better missionary after that.

After this devotional, I met all my best Elders outside and got to say hi and some pictures. I love my best friends and its so good to see us all alive and happy and excited to serve the Lord.

Im not getting fat. This food is so heavy but I'm watching it and wow, when I work out, I work as hard as ever. I am getting a lot stronger than I used to be. ha that's my bragging moment for the day :)

I like my miterbiter (companion) a lot and he's a great guy from Salem. He's quiet and isn't used to seeing so many people in one place, (Salem), but he is good. He's sick right now, so I used some of the pharmacy in my luggage (thanks mom) to help him and I'm helping him do some stuff. He'll get better. I'm praying haha. But I never have been more clean in my life till now, so again, mom be proud.

I am so thankful you told me that dad about the two investigators being touched by my farewell talk. I prayed so hard that I would touch someones life and give them what they need to here. It makes me feel so good and excited that I can do that on a daily basis now :)

I miss that cats. A lot. I need to hear a meow somewhere. I know pathetic, but hey, they're my siblings too.

Which reminds me, haha I miss Alyssa a lot. ;) I do miss you though a lot sis. I miss your happy smiling face and just chitt chatting with you and always having a good time. Write me something dang it.

Here are some of the pictures that I took. Theres a lot :) but ha the one scary one, that's my district leader waking me up in the middle of the night. Ya we have fun :)

I love it here. But I miss the people that mean something to me. Which obviously are the people that read this :) I miss all you, you're welcome to write me, send me stuff, whatever. I'm not saying anything though. But I love all you. Love you mom and dad especially for making me the man, excuse me, the missionary I am today. You are great. Put the Lord first, and everything will work out. I wish I could type as fast as all my thoughts, but my typing stinks :) but guten nach brothers and sisters! Gott ist unser lieblingser Himmelsher Vater und Er leibt uns!

Friday, July 26, 2013

First Letter in the MTC

Guten Tag Meine Familia,

It's been quite an interesting tag (day). I am like a little rabbit jumping around with no idea what I'm doing. It's safe to say though: I could not be more excited to be here. When I first was being shown around, up to my room, my companion showed up the exact same time. Elder Shively (still can't spell it) is one funny guy. He rides horses, reads, ha still discovering what girls are. :) But, he's a great kid and we mix well.

But, when I was getting shown around, right before the classroom, I was greeted; excuse me tackled by two running elders by the name of Gunther and Childs. :) I could've cried I was so happy. But, they were off to dinner, so they obviously didn't stay too long. But, I went to my classroom and loved it. My teachers are great. Sure, they talked in German the entire time, but it was amazing to experience and it feels like I understand more than I have ever before already even on my first day.

We then had an orientation that was alright, trying to keep awake. But, then din din came along and it was schmeck gut. I sat by Parker, excuse me, Elder Judd and his companion and it was great to talk to him. Also saw Elder Line. :) It’s just like a homie–gathering here at the MTC. The coolest part of the day I think, was when we came into our classroom, not knowing what to expect, and all of the missionaries, 50 or 60, were supposed to teach one investigator and we did this process 3 times with different people. The very first and second times, it was so FRUSTRATING because everyone was raising their hands, spouting off words and scripture and doctrine that would scare anyone away, even me. But the third time, the teacher asked me and Elder Shively to knock on the “door” and start off the conversation. I immediately felt the spirit as he started talking to us and Doug Simpson, the investigator, could feel it too. I think the reason it was so much better was because I asked him questions and I wanted to know more about his life that was why I was so frustrated with the previous ones, because no one was asking the investigators questions and just spouting knowledge.

I could not express my excitement this is definitely a new stage in life and a lot to take in. But, I know I am supposed to be here and this is the Lord’s work. I love you all and miss you terribly, but thanks for helping me get here and dealing with my terrible handwriting. :)

Elder Mayne

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Drop Off

For his last meal, Adam wanted to eat at Station 22 in Provo. It was delicious! We then went to the Provo Temple and took some pictures before we said our goodbyes at the MTC.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MTC Address

Adam would love some letters! If you would like to write to him, here is his address in the MTC. If you use, you just need the second line (Sep04 Ger-Fra) and unit number. He will be in the Provo MTC, not Provo West. If you're just using normal letters or packages, the address below is all you need. Thanks everyone for you love and support!

Elder Adam Tyler Mayne
Sep04 Ger-Fra
2011 N 900 E Unit 240
Provo, UT 84602