Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter #9 - Book of Mormon and Lollipops

Hallo Familie und Freunde!

It's been a great week. I'll start from the beginning, but really the best days this week were the weekend. So this week, for some reason, has been super cold. Like freezing. Winter is a comin'. We went to golden trainer meeting, a meeting where all the new missionaries and the trainers come and just basically get more motivated and just learn more about the goals for the mission. It was so great. I got to see all my buddies from the MTC. It's cool to see all of our progress and everything. Then on Thursday, we had zone training. It was great to see everyone in our zone finally and it was great to be motivated, again, in the same week and just hear people share their testimonies. It strengthens mine and theirs all at the same time. One of our goals is to speak only German outside of the apartment. Ya it's coming along a lot faster, and I am understanding a lot better now. :) I have been learning a lot more and just learning to love people, even if they dont love me back. Which brings me to Saturday and Sunday :)

So this week, our investigators just disappeared except one. Nick, the 18 year old, didn't come to church this week or last week, and hasn't been home when we went by and is always at his girlfriend's house because he doesn't like his house, so it's hard to get into contact with him. With Jesse, we just came at the wrong times when he wasnt home and was working late or something. we will go by today, because I really think he will come to church when we invite him. Jergen didn't show up to English class, and we thought we lost his number, but we found it yesterday. So obviously, we are going to call him soon. And then Georg is the only one that showed up to church on Sunday. Georg is in his 50s and has some struggles, like smoking. He has had previous baptismal dates, but they have all fallen through because he can't quit smoking. But then we talked to him and were so bold with him and told him he needs to be baptized. We set a date on November 23. So hopefullly he holds that. It was awesome, and we are praying for him really hard, so he can learn that this is for him and the Lord will help him. Pray for him too please :)

We have these things called Döners, that are all over Germany. It's a bun with meat and just delish stuff that I don't even know. But gosh, they are so good. The best place that sells them is in our hometown Neumarkt, so obviously we went there and got the best one. Mmmmm. I saved the wrapper :)

Anywho, on Saturday, there was this Feucht Familie fest, which is basically a little mini carnival. I had the idea, while we were going contacting with the sisters that day, to go there and see if it would be successful. Wow, it was amazing! The food was crazy good, and there were so many people!!! We brought our white board and we wrote: Kostenlos Buch Mormon ind Lollis, which means "Free Book of Mormons and Lollipops". And wow, we just made people's day. Elder Allen and I handed out two Book of Mormons, one to a lady that said she would read the entire thing, and then another one to a wonderful family. It was wonderful. Then we just gave out a bunch of DVDs and pass-a-long cards. I felt just like my old student council self, smiling and handing out stuff and trying to talk to people haha. It was so great. On the way back home, we met a family that was going to a soccer game and they asked us so many questions about missionaries and stuff. The dad works at the post office we have in Neumarkt, so we will be visiting him a lot :)

Sunday after the cool interaction with Georg, we had a baptism in our ward! It was for this cute little kid named Benito. He is 8 and loves Star Wars, so afterwards I gave him my Star Wars Lego, and gave him a little note. It was so great to see a baptism. I think after setting a date with Georg and watching that right after, it was a sign :) Both Elder Allen and I got a great feeling watching it, so I feel like that font is going to be filled up sooner than later :) After the baptism, we went and visited this couple in Schwabach. It's a beautiful place. They just got back from a 3 month vacation yesterday. And we called them that same day haha. They are wonderful people, and he is American, a member of the Church and is from the army. She is German and isn't a member. She has the best laugh ever. We are going over there on Thursday and they are getting us American food, so thats always a benefit haha but I love them, and they are so great.

So that was this week. Something spiritual that I want to leave, is with my testimony of the book of mormon. it is an amazing book. I have been reading in Helaman and about the signs of the coming of Christ. I have developed such a love of the Book of Mormon. I seriously groan when we have to turn off the lights and go to bed because I have to stop reading. This book is amazing! Read Helaman 5 again, if you haven't already. It's such an amazing book and when you gain a full testimony of the Book of Mormon and the truthfulness of it, you will stand on a rock, a foundation, on which Satan cannot stand and cannot blow you over no matter what he throws at you. I know this to be true. Pray for missionary experiences this week or to serve someone. I love this gospel, and I say these things in der name Jesus Christi, Amen.

Bis dan,
Elder Mayne


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