Saturday, August 24, 2013

Letter #5

Hallo meine Menschen! :)

I'm guessing it's week 4, but the days honestly just mesh together. The only days I really care about are Mittwoch (obviously), Dienstag, because of devotionals, and Sonntag because it is so easy and chill. So this week, I will try to remeber what happened and what was intresting, but this week was kind of one of those, "eh" weeks :)

I am the new district leader :) I know, I am pretty cool. ;) Nah I love it because honestly, my district is a family. We all are so close with each other and just cheer each other on and everyday we have something new to laugh at. It makes the days go by a lot faster and better.

The food here is just, wow. I'm eating salads and yogurt. Mmmmm. The best right? Ha I just want that Deutsch food NOW! Ha but hey, only 2 more weeks and I will be out there!

On Sunday, my companion and I taught the lesson for our district. They forgot to assign us a subject, so when in doubt, why not talk about Christ? :) It was one of the best lessons honestly. We made a district goal to pick an attribute of Christ ("Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar is kinda why we did this :)) But in Chapter 6, we pick an attribute, study it, and just work on that attribute that day. The first one we did was dillegence. By golly that was a good day to do it. The more I learn about it though, and think about Christ, and honestly see how perfect he was? Wow. I become more amazed every day.

I also read Luke 22. One of the best chapters ever. And for the people that have read it, they know why. It's the atonement. Ah, this week I have just learned how amazing the atonement, or das Suhnopfer is. It is so amazing, and we can use it with anything, not just sins. It is our only way we can return to our Himmlisher Vater. I love it so much. I have grown closer to Christ. And that's why I am here. I want to bring others unto Christ. But I have to grow closer to Him before I can make others grow closer to Him. It is an amazing feeling when you just sit there and think about what the Savior has done for us. The atonement is the best thing we could ever have.

My two best buds left for Norway on Monday. How great will I miss them. But boy, how lucky is Norway to have them. I am so exicted for them and for how great they are going to do. They will be instruments in the Lord's hands, as will I. Pray for them :) They will need it. But I am excited for them. Elder Line and I are doing our best to live these last 2 weeks so we can survive to go our countries :)

As usual, I always leave with a thought. This tuesday devotional, Elder Maynes, the President of the Seventy spoke. It was good :) One thought he had though, was the first missionaries in this dispensation were Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, when they appeared to Joseph Smith. And now its our job to fill those shoes. Pretty big shoes, eh? :) I know that I can fill them though, only with the Lord's help. "I do not boast in my own strength...for in my own strength, I am nothing. But with the Lord thy God, I am able to accomplish all that He asks" (paraphrasing there). Mmmm that is music to my ears. Read that chapter people, it's good :)

I love this gospel. I love the people in Frankfurt, and I haven't even met them. I love this gelegenheit (opportunity) I am given. I am so grateful for all the wonderful influences in my lives. Thanks for everything. I will do my best and thank you for the motivation and the letters. It means a lot and helps me keep going. So let's keep it up, yes? Thank you all and may God be with you til we meet again! :)

Elder Mayne

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