Monday, December 30, 2013


Love this time of year, anywhere in the world, and with anyone. This is the time of year where we appreciate life more, and look at the little things.  We take a step back and just look at how blessed we are and what we want to become. Ah AND I SAW MY FAMILY! But we´ll get to that. :)

Montag (Monday): HA, this was an interesting P-day. So i felt like i needed to buy myself a gift for Christmas, obviously, so we went to C&A and bought a tie. Then we had no clue what to do in Nürnberg and we had a lot of time to kill... So, we sat on a bench and watched the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush and it was just relaxing and then we went to Christkind Markt and got to be in the midst of all the tourists and what not. :) So, not super exciting, but hey, Merry Christmas. :)

Dienstag (Tuesday): Merry German Christmas! Ha, it's nice that the Germans celebrate Christmas for 3 days, so that you get to relax (not as missionaries :)) and Christmas doesn't suddenly end. :) But anyway, we had a white elephant party with our distrikt and the Nürnberg distrikt and it was so fun. Got a funky E.T. stuffed thing. Don't ask, ha. But then right after, we went to the Familie Biller and we got to spend Christmas with them. Ah, I love this family. It was fun to see the kids open their presents and to feel the family love (and the food was dang good too). But, the whole family was there, including the older Schwester Biller, who is 93 and I could talk to her for hours. She is awesome. :) It was a great time to just feel the Christmas spirit, and be a part of someone's family for a day, when our families are so far away.

Mittwoch (Wednesday): I GOTTA SEE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha there really isn't anything to say here. Unless you want me to talk about how great my family is, and how much I love them. They are truly amazing, and I am so blessed! We Skyped at the Fahls, and the sisters did too. So, we had 5 Skyping missionaries. Ha, because the Fahls have a missionary in the Alpine mission as well. It's just amazing, that this may be my favorite Christmas. Even though I was so far away from my family, I felt their love and shared my love for them better than ever before. That was the focus, on just how much we love each other. So it was just amazing. Christmas is very special as a missionary. :)

Donnerstag (Thursday): The last Christmas day. :) We went to the Familie Grasser, an American family, and had dinner with them. HA, I JUST LOVE FAMILIES! It's so great to see everyone's family and each of them happy. I can't explain my love for people and parents and kids and just... I love this plan that we have, and just how happy it makes me. Families are truly a blessing, and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for blessing me with mine. When you get older (not saying I'm old, but when you live longer or have a chance to look at the world :)), you see that the things that really matter, are your relationships with people, with Christ and Heavenly Father, and your relationship with yourself. If you put those at the center of your life, everything else will fall into place. :) I can promise that.

Fritag (Friday): Oh, a good day with the greatest family in the world, the Ackermanns. We helped make their garden in their backyard. It was just fun to be with the kids. This week, as you can tell, is allllll about families. They are just the most important thing in this world, and we need to treat and value them like that. It really is so amazing to see that when families are close and care about each other, it's because they are centered on Christ and really love each other. I LOVE FAMILIES (sorry its just been a family week. :))

Samstag (Saturday): Nothing too big today. But, we had interviews with President Schwartz, and that was great. I love that man. Smells like my Grandpa. But, I just know that he is an amazing man and every time I talk to him, I feel his love for me and I come out of that wanting to be a better missionary. Then after, we met with Mario and played basketball! That was super fun, naturally. Ha, but this time there was only profi players and I am... not in good basketball shape. But, it was fun and I held my own. Love this game and I am glad that I am able to use this talent to help people. :)

This week, my advice for you, is 3 things: 1-Recognize your personal worth, 2-Become who you are, 3-Trust in the Lord's promises. The reason I say these things, is so many of us question our personal worth, why we are given a weakness, or ask ourselves "why do all these things happen to me?" But really, it's because we don't understand that the Lord knows us PERFECTLY. His ways, are not our ways. He has something in store for each of us, and we just don't know what that is. Life is like a suspenseful book, and the plot doesn't seem to make sense. We can't skip all the way to the end and find out what is going to happen. But, that's why we TRUST in Him. We will never be able to control our circumstances, or what lies ahead of us. But, we have control over how we react. We are the architects of our own happiness. This is the talk that I read this week, and its by some Area Seventy that is French (actually, Gerald J. Causse - 1st Conselor in Presiding Bishopric). Ha, but it was an amazing talk. "Where ever you are, whatever your circumstances may be, you are not forgotten [EVER]. No matter how dark your days me seem, no matter how insignificant you may feel, no matter how overshadowed you think you may be, your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you.  In fact, He loves you with an infinite love." -President Uchtdorf. I recommend reading this talk and take a look at yourself. As this new year approaches, think of what you want to become. And then ask your Father in Heaven, who he wants you to become. Then ask for His help and guidance. "The Future, is always as bright as your Faith" -President Monson. I take this statement to heart. In this talk, he quotes Lion King, when Simba sees his father. "You have forgotten yourself and so, you have forgotten me." The more we understand ourselves, the more we will understand God. The more we understand God, the more we understand ourselves. We cannot understand God if we do not understand ourselves. I know this is a bunch of random thoughts, but our self-worth, for so many of us, is based on man. Man loves selfishly, not perfectly, and conditionally. God Loves us selflessly, perfectly, and unconditionally. I know that He knows us PERFECTLY. Trust in Him. And like it says in lion king, "Remember who you are." I love Him and I can promise, when we trust in His plan and try to focus on his Love, and base our self-worth on that, we will feel his love more than ever. Of this I testify in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Elder Mayne

LOVE YOU FAMILY. Long time, eh? :) have a great week and keep being awesome. Happy new Year. :) Tchaoyyyy

Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter #22 - FROH WEIHNACHTEN!!! (Merry Christmas!!!)

Liebe Familie und verruckt Leute (Dear family and crazy people) :),
Haha friends, it's been a good week and I think I will cover what happened this week quickly. But, that's because I wanna spend a little more on the weekly preach, that's what I am calling it. This week was a pretty awesome. It was a check off my bucket list of life and missionary life list kind of week (if you caught all of that). It's crazy how fast time flies and Christmas is here - its awesome! :)

Auf jeden fal, Montag (Definitely false, Monday): Great p-day, spent more time in the Weihnachts Markt (Christmas Market) again. Ha got some sweet pics, TONS of people. But hey, its the Christmas spirit and I love it. Ha, I swear we never have a full p-day, but we came home at 3:00, so we could get to an appointment at a members at 5:00 (takes a while). It was the Ackermanns and it was so great to always be around them and their wonderful spirit. The Children are crazy and super energetic, and when you give them chocolate, it doesn't make it better. But, it was good. :) Ha I love this family, and I had to do 80 pushups, part of the lesson (don't ask).

Dienstag (Tuesday): Ah so buckle up. So we had Zone Conference and it was awesome. I know pretty much all the people in my Zone now and I am great friends with a lot of them. It was just a grand old time. Elder Linsey, one of the APs, is from AF and we are pretty tight. Gotta chat a little bit. But it is always good to see President and to feel his love. :) Then, after Zone Conference, we went to The Nürnberg Christkind Markt (Christ child Market) and we sang as our whole zone! So many people watched us and some even sang with us! It was a remarkable experience and I know a lot of people felt the true Christmas spirit. It was great. :)

Mittwoch (Wednesday): Ah, a good day. So we had a lesson with our wonderful investigator Chris. He really is the nicest guy. He is struggling right now in life, and just needs some direction. The Ehepaars (senior missionary couple) were with us. We talked about temples, because the member that comes with us, is preparing for the temple. We talked about eternal families and how we can be with our family together forever. He really thought that was interesting and since families are important to him, it hit him well. He doesn't feel like he is ready to commit to baptism, just yet. But, he is getting there. I know he will. I am so excited for him. It'll help his life so much.

Donnerstag (Thursday): Ha, a fun day. We went down to Ansbach, to do a street display with the Ansback Elders (Elder Bishop, from AF, and Elder Sandbacken), the Nürnberg Elders, and the Feucht Sisters. Four of us sang in a quartet and we handed out DVDs and hot coco.  It was just a fun day.  It was incredible to make people smile and just share the Christmas spirit. :)

Freitag (Friday): Ooh hard day. So we got to meet with the Vincents, my faves, and that was good. Ha, the kids were super wild and Brüder Vincent had his sister over. It was just a family feeling and really a great lesson as well, about Christ. Ha, but then, i was kinda letting things get to me. Not too much success, not feeling like i am really helping anybody, and just feeling like I am wasting the Lord's time. So I got down on my knees and prayed. Right then, Sister Biller called us and said she had some extra food and invited us over.  It was great, to feel their love and just have a good talk with them. She is really a lovely lady and really cares about the missionaries.  I think she knows when I am in need of some love, so she comes to the rescue. :) We then gave some brownies I made to our neighbors, and invited them to church. She was super loving and sick, but she (Tanja our neighbor) said that she would try to come. She didn't make it, but its ok. :)

Samstag (Saturday): Crazy day. So, we went to the Millers and had a great time there. Right as we got home, Mario called and invited us to come play ball with him. So, we had to change and then go back to the train station. Ha, and it was great talking with him. He is very open to us now and we even spent a lot of time talking about family and (ha) shoes, Jordan's, so it was a great talk. He said he wants to see us this week, and what not, during Christmas, so it'll be great. Then we went over to the Fahl family and coordinated with the sisters and got some sweet ideas for the new year. It'll be great.

Sonntag (Sunday): Just a great day. We spent the time handing out gifts and treats to all the members, then we had lunch with Brüder Bopp.  We then went home and did some weekly planning.

I just want to say, this year, this Christmas, I have never felt closer to, and never needed my Savior Jesus Christ more than now. I know He lives. His Atonement, is there for us to use, to repent and be forgiven of our weaknesses. But, that is not enough. We need to know that the Atonement is for good men and women, who want to become better. Nothing we can do, by our own sheer grit, whether it is getting better at a talent, or to grow, is going to change that. We will never really reach our full potential, if we don't use the enabling power of the Atonement. Read the talk by Elder Bednar, that talks about this subject. This gospel is not just to give us direction in our life, and help us to fight off the devil and his temptations, it is to help us grow, and to become more like Him. He walked the loneliest journey a man has ever made, so that we will not have to. He is our Lord. He is our Savior. He will help us grow, and help us become true daughters and sons of God, if we use the power of the Atonement. Let us remember Him, let us let Him help us through what ever circumstances.  He can help our lives, in ways we could never imagine. Of this I testify and am eternally grateful, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. FROH WEIHNACHTEN UND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

Love Elder Mayne

I AM SEEING MY FAMILY IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )::)):))::::)::)::):::):):):):):):: love you guys :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Letter #21 - On the first day of Christmas... :)

Well hello family and friends.  Another week down and I am going towards 5 months of mission! That's just, crazy. But I would like you to know, I am doing everything I can to make the most of it, and the results are showing. :) I love this time of year. So, the täglich (daily) update...

Montag (Monday): Met with the coolest of guys, a referral from an older couple in our mission. His name is Chris, he is from Cleveland, Ohio and has been living in Deutschland for 15 years. He is just the chillest guy. We wanted to know about what he had been taught, and if he had a testimony.  He told us that he knows the Buch Mormon is true and knows that this gospel is true! Ha, so we told him to pray this week about a baptismal date for the 28th. He is looking for a better job and he and his ex-wife aren't agreeing with things.  So, he is super stressed right now, and wants to be fully committed to this gospel.  But, I think when he receives the Holy Ghost, he will know what to do and receive direction in his life. Pray for him alright?

Dienstag (Tuesday): So this day, was a great day. I gave a Thema, a talk, for Zone training. It was about personal revelation and how really, prayer, is a privilege with God.  If we just forget that and don't take advantage of it, really thinking and pondering what we want to say to our Heavenly Father, what it is that we are praying for, then maybe we should ask ourselves, "does it really mean something to you?" Then, we had planned to go to Regensburg, to meet a potential investigator, but some stupid American elder forgot the train ticket and so we had to get off the train.  So, we didn't have to pay (that was me) so we rescheduled and then we wondered why the Lord really wanted that to happen. Then, we actually ran into our neighbors and had a good talk with them, and are meeting this week. So, it was a blessing in disguise. :)

Mittwoch (Wednesday) und Donnerstag (Thursday): So these two days, we spent a lot of time at the Church. I wanted to decorate the Church with snowflakes and make it look all Christmas-y, and what not, for our members.  But, it was an epic fail. Ha, I figured out that our church is a lot bigger than I expected.  I imagined that we could decorate the entire Church, like in the movie "Elf."  But, it was not possible with the skills of me and Elder Wichtermann ( I had to teach him how to make a snowflake). Ha, but we really felt the love of the members and the love our ward mission leader, Chrissi. He invited us to a fußball indoor thing for our sport abend and we had Thomas, a non-member that is like 23 and really cool, come and play with us and it was really fun. These indoor things are all around Germany.

Freitag (Friday): Ah we finally got into our regular meetings with the wonderful Miller family. I love this couple. They are just so funny together.  Even though when we do service its only like 30 min, it's a service that we listen to all his stories and just spend time with them. We had a great talk about the Atonement and about Jesus Christ and what He did for us, and so it was a really great talk with him. I think that he reallly will come to Church soon.

Samstag (Saturday): Got a new investigator! We went down to Regensburg and met her. Her name is Daniela and is really interested in Church, and what not. She took a Book of Mormon and really says she is intrested in our Church. It'll be sweeet to see what happens!

So, I don't have too much time, zone p-day at the Christkind Markt. But, I just want to testify that the Word is true. This gospel is true, and our Heavenly Father hears our prayers. Really. He will always help our faith grow, if we ask in faith and really rely on Him. That is my prayer, for each of you to have conversations with our Father in Heaven this week. :) Love you all! TCHAO!!!!

Elder Mayne


Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter #20 - The Lord Knows Us

So, this week, honestly, nothing happened. We had no investigator appointments, had 2 member lessons, and we had some struggles in the companionship. This week was harder than ever. But, I realized that, this mission, is to test me. If I didn't grow on the mission, that means I didn't try and I didn't do anything. A mission makes you grow. You understand your purpose on this earth more fully. That is, to make the Kingdom of God grow. I have learned so much, of how our Heavenly Father loves each one of us individually. He has a purpose, a plan, and we may not know, or we forget about it so many times.

Take the Book of Mormon for instance. The people prosper and really grow, because of all the Lord has provided them. Then, they get prideful and think that it is because of themselves that they are so blessed. And then they fall into a state of pride-fulness and then, forget their Lord their God. When they are in these times of trouble, they remember their Father and pray for help and guidance. Lets not do that okay? We don't need all that hurt, heartache and sorrow, that comes from not remember that we are as the dust of the Earth, and we need to rely on the Lord at all times and in all things. Our purpose on this earth, is to grow. We need to change, to grow, so that we will want to be worthy and stay in God´s presence. If you are going through hard times, hard challenges, or a big decision in life and you do not know where to turn, turn to the Lord. He is there. He will always be there for you and turn you in the right direction. This gospel, is a gospel of change, and it is always for the better. Always trust in Him and have faith, that he will lead you in the right direction. I am so grateful for this gospel and for the opportunity to share it. I have felt, insurmountable joy, from this gospel and what it has brought to my family and to my life.

If we are feeling lonely, and we feel like there is no one there to talk to, think about the people who don't even know that God is there and that he is there to help. Go share the gospel with someone. Why is it so easy, to talk about sports, the weather, news, and whatever, but so awkward and not cool or allowable to share the gospel? Because Satan knows, Satan knows what truth is. And it's in this gospel. If we decide to not share the gospel, we are allowing Satan to stop us from changing our life and feeling ultimate happiness, and also from changing others lives and reaching, ultimate happiness. I can promise you that if you humble yourself, and go out everyday, no matter how busy or how hard your life is, and share the gospel, you will see the Lord provide you with talents and abilities you never knew you had.  He will give you strength and courage.  He will trust you, in helping others come closer to Him. This is my prayer, that we help someone or multiple people, to come unto Christ. I know He is there. I know he is my Erlöser (Redeemer). I know that he made the difference, so that we could stand blameless in front of God at the last day, through our faithfulness and obedience. Of this I testify and of this, I express my deep love for all of you that have impacted my life, in big or small ways. Thank you for your example and support. I love you all, and I say that in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!! :) :)

Elder Mayne

I LOVE MY FAMILY. I know this is a trying time and a big change in your lives.  But, here is one more piece of advice. Every calling in the ward, is an opportunity to do missionary work. Think about how you can. :) I love you all and thank you for your support. I am here always to listen to you and give support.  I'm just an email away. Sorry again for preachiness. :) Love you family.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter #19 - Week... somethin'. :) Ha, first week of the new transfer that's all I know. :)

So really, this week was just crazy. I got a new comp, from the Swiss, and everyday, just brings new experiences, new challenges, and really seeing that God is mindful of all his children. It's awesome. :) But, I will start on Thursday, the transfer day, because well, that's when the crazy stuff started to happen:

Donnerstag: So got my new comp, Elder Wichtermann (I know how to spell it now :)) he is great. He is 22 years old, has been out for 10 months, and only eats meat. :) Ha, he is a great guy and I am looking forward to serving with him. Ha, but when we were coming home, our train ticket didn't work, because it was too early in the morning, and had to pay 40 euro each. Yikes! Great start right? Ha, and then we came home, went and did some finding, missed a train, had to run a mile (takes 12 min to walk to Banhof, got there in 5, yup thats right, in good shape), and then ya.. crazy day. Came home and unpacked and well, considering I remembered it was Thanksgiving at 8 oclock when we got home and since I was the only American, I had to celebrate it. So, I had a bowl of Corn Flakes with Peanut Butter and Nutella. mmmmm. Ha, that's what that picture is about. So not the best Thanksgiving ever. But hey, missionary life in Germany? :)

Freitag: Another interesting day. We had a lot of finding time, so we went around and talked to people in Feucht and tried to find new investigators. It was a hard day, because not a lot of people were outside, considering it was the coldest day so far here, but there isn't a whole lot of people here in Neaumarkt and Feucht. But, I never get my hopes down. I know the Lord is there, and he will help us and lead us to those people that need the gospel in their lives. It really is awesome, to meet all these people. I set a goal everyday, to make at least 20 people smile, and normally I reach it. It just makes me happy, to see someone smile everyday. :) It's the little things that we do, that make the big things come to pass. You may never know when something you did, those scriptures you studied, or that decision you made, might help that person. :) It's awesome! :)

Samstag: Ah such a good day. So, this was our jam session and pretty much the entire ward showed up! It was fantastic! The Grassers, brought a couple of their kids that don't come to church and then a family also! Ah, it was awesome! Then, the best part, so a guy that Elder Ludlow and I met on the street and talked to for an hour, came! He is going to come to our movie night on Thursday as well. It really is awesome, and he is the nicest guy ever. He is super, logical, and figuring out everything for himself. But, I think there is some potential in this guy. Then Elder Wichtermann, on his third day here, got to preform something with me and our Ward Mission Leader, ha. We did the Mahna-Mahnam song from Sesame street (watch it on YouTube). It was awesome. Then we danced with the Elder's Quorum group.  Then, I also sang ha, because one of the members made me since she has heard my voice. But, it was great and honestly one of the best nights here in Feucht.

I have really, felt my Saviors love when I have been here, especially for others. Every person I talk to, I imagine the Savior by their side, helping them along, watching what they do, and just really try to treat them the way He would. Really having that love for them. As I have done that, not only has my love increased for everyone, but also, I have felt my Saviors love for me. And as we listen to the people we talk to, with love, really having an interest in what they are saying, we will be able to say what they need to hear and be able to help them. We won't need to think of what to say, the words will come into our hearts. I also, have been reading Lehi´s dream, and one part stood out to me that I have shared and will share again. So every single person, no matter if they were righteous or not, had to pass through the smoke, that clouds which path to take. Not one person, not one, came to the tree and partook of the fruit, without holding fast to the iron rod. Not one. So how important is it, to hold fast to that rod, the Buch Mormon? We cannot take it lightly. Those people that do not have the rod to hold on to, we need to help them find it, and help them hang on also. I can promise of the divinity of the Book of Mormon, and that through this book, we will reach our full potential, and partake of eternal life. I love this work and this gospel. Love you all and I can testify, with all my heart, that our Savior loves each and everyone of you. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Mayne

I LOVE MY FAMILY AND ESPECIALLY MY OPA AND OMA (grandpa and grandma)!!!!! Family, have a great fantastic week. I love you all. Really find someone to feel and help feel Christ's love. Love you all!!!!! Happy birthday Alyssa. :)