Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter #18 - Thanksgiving!

Gosh, I have been out for 4 months. This is crazy. But because since it's Thanksgiving for all you people in America, (because Germans don't celebrate it because Colombus didn't meet any Indians here, and I am currently the only Indian in Germany) I want to say how grateful I am, for this amazing opportunity. It's been fantastic.

Montag: So our original plan was to go tour Nürnberg, since this was transfer week and it might have been one of our last times here. But we ended up going to the stake center and having a junk food fest with all the missionaries in our zone and playing games. It was super fun and competitive (German board games don't measure up to American), and then I went home with Elder Ludlow, who is our distrikt leader, on a split. We did a little finding and then came home. Elder ludlow is from American Fork! So it was good to have some AF blood here. :)

Dienstag: Elder Ludlow and I went finding. The entire day. Ha and man, it was sooo fun. I love meeting new people. Elder Ludlow has been out for over a year and a half. He is so real with people and we had really two amazing talks with people, and the old man in the picture and the church pictures were from people that we met that really liked us and were glad to tell us about their church. It honestly was just awesome. Even though we didn't baptize them or give them a Buch Mormon, they were happy and had a great impression of the Mormon missionaries. It was a great day, to just love and meet new people. Ah, it's the best part of the mission, to learn all about different people and their lives. K, maybe not the best part, but one of the many :)

Mittwoch: So Elder Allen and I did a lot this day, after we met back up after the split. We went and did a lot of finding again, and then did our computer time for the week, and then did some more finding after, and then went to basketball. Man, I need to find out how many miles we walk everyday. It's crazy. Ha but basketball was good. Mario finally talked to us! We used the guilt trip, saying this might be one of our last times. Ha he said he wanted to go to the next ball game with us and celebrate because we would be both staying here. On Saturday, he didn't text us back, but it was nice to see that he still cares about us. This next week, we are going to get a meeting with him ha.

Donnerstag: Haha crazy random day. So after our study, we were planning on going finding with the Sisters, but then the Ackkermann familie needed help moving couches, so we went up there. Ha and I love that familie. Then we went to our sport abend where we were going to have a movie night. But the power was out in the church, so we ended up just having a spiritual thought and two investigators showed up! One from the sisters and one that we have been trying to have in contact but hasn't been the best at that. It was great and the Spirit was strong. Ha and then we were walking to the bus stop and talking to the sisters' investigator because they wanted to hand him off to us, and we asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and he said a little girl... it was interesting... he is an interesting fellow...we will talk more about him on Fritag.

Fritag: Danger day. Ah soo scary. So today was danger day, where we get a call from President Schwartz, telling us if we are leaving or staying. And we got a call!! My comp is going to be the distrikt leader in Wiesbaden, next to Frankfurt, and in an American ward. He is going to do a great job. I love the guy, and I am excited for him. My new comp is Elder Wickktermann (can't spell his name yet... :)) and is from the Sweiß! Ha and speaks a little English. So my German is going to skyrocket. But it'll be exciting to see what happens. And Oh ya!!! So my sister's best friend, Sister Lizz Miller from our stake, that I have know since I was 10, is coming to serve in Feucht!!! Ha it'll be super fun, and I am excited for the opportunity. It'll be like a familie reunion ha. Ha we met with the Millers and did some service there too. That guy is great, love him. Then we met with Herr Widula, afterwards. He is schizophrenic and is a very interesting guy. He doesn't have very much interest in the Church, but I know that we can help him. We are going to give him a priesthood blessing the next time we meet with him. I hope he knows that the Lord loves him

Samstag: Ah man, so all I gotta say is HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Ha we went to the Grasser familie in our ward, which is one of the two American families in the ward, and gosh, I am still full. It was so nice to feel apart of their familie and just enjoy time and also remember our familie and just how great it is to have a familie to be greatful for. Elder Allen was struggling a little bit because he is really sad that he is leaving this place, after 6 months. And so I was trying to cheer him up and what not. We talked for a while and stayed up, with the lights off, till (cough cough) o'clock and just talked about mission life and the experiences we have had. I am excited for the future and for him and just everything. It'll be exciting. :)

Sonntag: Ah such a sad day. Last day for the missionaries that have been here for a while. We had three member appointments after church and each one was so emotional. Brüder Bopp made a nice three course meal for us again. The Shultz familie gave us cake, and they are super talented in musik and made Elder Allen play and made me sing with their daughter. Ha actually sounded good! But it was just sad, to see the people that Elder Allen has impacted and just leave them. That is the only thing I don't like about missionary work: making relationships with people, your comp, members, investigators, and then you have to leave them. But I know, it's all for a reason, and we all as missionaries will impact lives in different ways. After that we went to the Ackkermanns. They all love Elder Allen so much. Things are going to be different without him. But they are so very grateful for what he has done. We had one last Ackkermann Rat, where we just talked to the parents about mission and life. This is one amazing family, and I am glad that I get to spend more time with them. :) We then came home and listened to our Jonny Cash Hymns that we got from a member haha :) It was a great day. I love Elder Allen, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with Him. He has been a great trainer, and I have learned a lot from him.

I have had the opportunity, especially since it is Thanksgiving, to think about my family. And I just, I have realized, out here, how special and amazing a family is. I am so grateful for my family. When you are in high school and have all these things going on, you don't really see the importance of your family and how much they mean to you. You put other things ahead of them and make them the lesser priority. Take a step back and look, look at your family and how much they love you and how grateful you are for them. They love you. And our Heavenly Father gave you them, so you could be loved, and you could love them back. Take this week, and don't be distracted by the worldly things. Take in that love from your family. Enjoy the time with your family. You never may know how much longer you have. I am deeply sorry, for not always putting my family first and putting people or other things first. I know that when we serve our families, and show them that we love and appreciate them, I can promise you will be so happy. I love my family. I love my friend family ha. I love this missionary family. And I am grateful for this one big happy family haha because we are all brothers and sisters. Ha we are the world, we are the children. Hahaha give me some Michael Jackson :) ha ok I gotta go! Love you all!!!


Elder Mayne

I LOVE MY FAMILY!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! ha stay cooo and chill and have a great Thanksgiving. Love you all and all that you do for me. I am so excited for the packages :))))) love you!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter #17 - God Prepares Us

This week went by insanely fast and i cannot believe, i am coming up on my 3rd transfer already and my 4th month out and wow... it needs to slow down! ha but this week was a good week.

Tuesday: Sweet day. This week, I have been studying SO HARD and honestly, I love study time so much. It's where I learn so much about this gospel and then I go out there and apply what I learn. I have grown so close to my Savior, and I couldn't be any happier. We had distrikt meeting this day, and it was a solid distrikt meeting. Ha and then we came back and prepared a little bit, because our boy Sven called us and wanted help on an English project. So we helped him on that and talked to him a little bit about the Book of Mormon and the concerns he had. He is so excited to read it and said he will every day and will pray and come to church and ah, he is just prepared, and I love this kid. I hope I'm not transfered before we leave him :( OH! but fun story, we decided to take the short cut to the house, because they say that through the forest is the shortest way and only takes them 10 min instead of 30 min. Well, it took an hour and half. My Indian skills failed me. and German forests are cold. Ha I felt like Hansel and Gretel. It was great :)

Mittwoch: Ah good finding day. We had great study time as usual, and then went to the Rathouses at Neumarkt and Feucht, so we could make plans to hang up posters and do a hot choco stand and music and what not, so we wouldn't have to drag a piano up there and totally not play it, because we wouldn't do that. But we accomplished a lot and got so much done, and we are preparing for some sweet stuff.....right before transfers. Laying down all the fondation and then BOOM transfered ha. Hopefully not. After that we had basketball and layed it down with Mario. Found out he is still reading the Buch Mormon, but we told him we need to meet and one of us may be gone soon, so we need to meet (guilt trip works for missionaries) so hopefully everything works out, and we get an appointment with him this week :)

Donnerstag: Good day. We finally got a termin (meeting) with our ward mission leader. We told him all that was going on and actually, we have a jam session for our ward on the 30th of Novemember and it is going to be BIG. But also super fun, and we are planning to invite pretty much anyone that walks and talks and eats food ha. But this day, I really wrote down what I was grateful for and there is so much that the Lord has blessed me, YOU, with! It's such an amazing blessing, to be here on this earth :)

Fritag: Ah such a good day. So we planned on doing a finding activity with the sisters and it was so AWESOME. I gave 2 Buch of Mormons to people and just talked to people by myself, and I could actually understand them. It was a huge boost of confindence. And then Sister Fahl, in the ward, that is so awesome, we called her up to come and help us. At first she was scared and then just gave out a bunch of stuff and you could just see the happiness on her face. It was great to have a member there and to experience the joy that comes from missionary work. Another amazing experience, the sisters accidently brought a Buch Mormon in Romanian to this street preach and ha we talked to this homeless guy, that actually didn't speak English or Deutsch, but Romanian!!!! So we gave him the book and he started reading it right away. Ah the Lord prepares, it's so true.

Samstag: Great day with the Miller family. We didn't do too much service for him because he told us all these stories about himself, and it was just great to have a relationship with this man and to just be part of his life. We taught about the atonement and found out that he really still believes in this gospel, just isn't ready to make those steps yet. He said,"I know the church is true, I know God is there, I know Jesus Christ is there, I just am not ready yet." I know he will be ready someday, and I know that Christ is ever waiting for him to knock.

This week, was a great week, as they all were. It's amazing how so many things are going on in the world, and it seems like everyone's standards are changing and there just is so much bad in the world. But there is always something to lean on. And it's this gospel. It never changes, it always is built upon the seed, the seed of faith in Christ. If we strive, to always remember that God really does love us! and that he has a plan for each individual, and that our purpose here is to learn the eternal perspective and learn what is important and grow, we will be happy. I love my family. I have seen the supreme importance of family while I've been out here. I want to say, be thankful for your family. And I cannot believe, that I will be able to have a family of my own. How grateful I am for that promise. And how grateful I am for the amazing example I have of my parents and my sister and brother. I love this gospel. I love my Lord. And I am grateful, for everything that he has given me. I promise that as we put family first and really see what the Lord has given us, we will be blessed and be happier. I say that in the name of the Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Elder Mayne :)
MY FAM IS AWESOME. It's been a great week, and as always, I love hearing from ihr (you all) have a great week and a fun time at Micheal Buble pssh. Ha but send it to everyone ya? I love you all so much :) CIAO!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Letter #16 - How Does God Love YOU?

So honestly, it's hard to put into words how much I have grown this week and how much I have learned and everything that happens. I honestly love my mission, and it needs to slow down. But I know without a doubt that this is the place I need to be and what I need to be doing. is the weekly update :)

Monday: On the request of my mother, I must tell what we do on P-day :) I need to do more tourister-ing, so I think we will do that next week. But we had a great day of getting haircuts and also shopping for some things and making a bike wheel, cool finding activity. I can't give it away or fully explain its awesomeness now, but I will show pictures when we do it this upcoming week. :)

Tuesday: Ah, the best day and hardest day (I feel like that every week). But this day, wow. So since we have been struggling to find investigators, and no one is calling us back, we decided to fast and really try to find out what the Lord has in store for us. We had an idea for contacting that we would bring a piano from our church, to our Fuß and then play and sing and what not, to see if people will come talk to us. If the Lord gives us talents, we gotta use them right? And so we brought the piano on this moving thing that was solid wood and built in 1960 and basically dragged this piano on cobble stone brick, 30 minutes to our Fuß. My hands were numb by the time we finally got there. And then we went to the bürgermeister, so the mayor, to see if they could open a plug outside so that we could plug in our electric piano. Then we found out that we actually needed a music license to play outside and couldn't play. So we had to bring the piano all the way back, and I just, I was so frustrated. I just thought,"Why? I'm a missionary fasting, Heavenly Father, shouldn't we just have people flocking to us wanting to be baptized?" But I know that's not how the Lord works. He always lets us go through trials to test our faith, and if we prove our faith and stay strong, we will be blessed. So I prayed in our church and just asked,"What do you want us to do? What do you have in store for us?" And so we had the impression to call our investigator, Nick, who we haven't actually met with in like 2 months. And so he answered and said, come over! Ha and so obviously we hustled our way over there. And even though it was a 45 min walk to his house, after fasting, it was worth it. Nick had a friend, that he introduced to the Church, and he wanted to know more. His name is Sven, and he is 17 years old. And is awesome :) We taught the first lesson in PMG and he just was so excited! He was so glad that we have answers to questions he has had his whole life. And then he knelt down and prayed at the end of the lesson. It was a great prayer and his willingness to do so was fantastic. Nick said that he is done investigating the church, but he still wants to be with us. And I think that as he sees his friend find out this truth, he will want to also. AND Nick's mom is really interested and wants to know more about our church and find out what we believe. It was a great, wonderful day. I knew that the Lord knew of my faith and blessed me. And that even though we fasted 24 hours, it was honestly, totally worth it.

Wednesday: We didn't do too much today, but we did some service, one of my favorite things :) We served a familie, the Billers, who love us and it was great to see their smiling faces after we left. They are a super sweet familie. And then, we served a potential investigator, Nikol, and she is single mom that is always super happy, even with 5 children to care for. It was good to help her and just express love. Then we had basketball, which was ok. Mario for some reason didn't want to talk to us at basketball, so that was hard. But we are friends with all the players now and there are some that are interested in us and what we have to say. So we will see. Basketball always bonds people together, I'm tellin' ya :)

Thursday:Not too much to say here. A good solid day. I just love waking up every morning, working out, and then reading in my scriptures. There is honestly nothing better. I just always grow, and my testimony has strengthened so much by what I have learned and applied. I can testify, when we apply this gospel into each day of our life, it'll be sooo much better.

Friday: We had Zone training. It was so great and the Spirit was super super strong. Our zone is awesome. I have created some good friendships here. We had a testimony meeting, and I bore my testimony on faith. I cannot recall the words I spoke, but I know that I needed to share my testimony. I felt like the prophets in the scriptures, that the Spirit constraineth me, and I could not stop my mouth from opening. It was one of the most powerful testimonies I have given. I am just grateful that I am able to share what I have learned and I am grateful for knowledge and the faith I have for my Savior.

Saturday: TEMPLE DAY. Oh my goodness. So 3 hour drive there and then 3 hours back. I went to two sessions, one English and one German. And I just, I cannot describe the feeling that I have when I go to the temple. I know, without a doubt, that we are going to return to our Father in Heaven. I love the feeling of peace that I always feel at the temple. I love the plan, the perfekt plan that our Heavenly Father has given us. It is hard to understand and to fully comprehend, but as long as we always continue to grow, having faith in Christ, we will return to him someday :) Ah the temple. I just, it is an amazing place. How grateful for the wonderful blessing and covenants we make at the temple. I always receive wonderful insights and blessings, when I go to the temple. I wish I could stay there all day. All. Day. But I am grateful for these holy houses we have on this earth and how they are the way we can return to our Heavenly Father.

I have learned that this life is hard. It is not easy. And we are given so many trials and tribulations in this life. But they are there for a reason. Our Father, loves us perfektly. I watched a Mormon Message about Fatherhood the other day and it really touched me. I recommend you all watch it and think, how does Heavenly Father show YOU his love? I also recommend, as my lovely mother did also, to write at least 5 things that you are grateful for, each day. Especially around this time of thanksgiving and loving. But I want you to think when you write down these things, how has our Father shown his love for YOU. I have been doing this for a month now, and it has changed my life. Never never think that He does not care about you. He does. He has a plan for you. He wants you to grow and become like him someday. He will always be beside you. We can be closest to the Savior and his love, even in the most tragic, miserable times of our lives. Of this I pray, that we may notice His love, for each and everyone of us, and that we may never look back at times of hurt and sorrow, but look toward a bright and untainted future, with faith, in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love Elder Mayne

I LOVE MY FAMILY. The temple is really an eye opener for how amazing God's plan is. I know He lives and loves me. How grateful I am to be sealed to such awesome family. Have a great week and change someone's life this week ok? And let me know if I can do anything for you :) Love you guys so deeply and eternally much ha :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter #15 - Share Your Testimony


Ah so this time here, goes by wayyyy too fast. I cannot believe I am almost done with this transfer!! I honestly can say there is no better time or place to be then here. I love it here :) And oh, Germans don't really celebrate Halloween, so that is the one downside here in Germany. But hey, Happy Halloween anyway :)

This week was a good week. Solid mission week. Last week was a big serving week, but this week was a finding week. We had a lot of time to go "klingeling" or dooring, which brought some good stories. So lemme tell ya :)

Ah this day was awesome day. So later that night, we had a meeting with a great family in the ward, the Ackkermanns. They are so spiritual, and they love doing missionary work, and the parents both served, and the kids are so cute...there are just not enough words to say how great this family is. But before that, we went DVD contacting, which is walking in the city part or the Fuß of Feucht and we met this awesome Venezuelan familie that took a couple of Buch Mormons and then DVDs too! They were super nice and really interested. It was great. And then, we went to the Ackkermanns, and we read a Christmas book to their little boy. It was awesome. After we taught them, we had an Ackkermann Rat, which is where we ask them questions on missionary work and they just give us advice. Ha its awesome. I honestly loved it, and that family is super super great.

Ah, hard day. So we had a distrikt meeting, which was great, and I love our distrikt. Every time I come out of there, I'm always ready to go, and it just feels good. Then right as Elder Allen and I got back from that, we had a meeting with Georg. We said goodbye to him. He hasn't come to church for the past 3 weeks and doesn't feel the need to follow the commandments. We have talked to him about why they are important, and that they can improve his life, but until he actually does them and really believes that this gospel can help his life, we will have to wait until he is ready. It's hard, someone not accepting the gospel, especially when you see how much it can bless their life. I gave him a hug as he left. I really hope someday he joins the church. Anyway, we also played basketball today. Mario loves us and is still reading in the Buch Mormon. He is super busy currently with work, so we are still trying to meet with him, but we are struggling to set a time. But it'll come. I know he is going to find the truth :)

HALLOWEEN. Ha Elder Allen and I dressed up... we switched name tags. Wahoo. Ha and then we dropped off cream puffs with homemade choco covering (yup, I did that) on them to our neighbors and potential investigators. But then, we went with the sisters, to visit one of our neighbors that was in an old folks home. But he ended up not being there because he had something adjusted in his throat (He's ok, I don't know how to explain it, partly because they were explaining it to us Auf Deutsch, and it just sounded like he is ok. He isn't dying, so it's all good) While we were there, someone was screaming really loud, and it sounded like torture, so obviously we had to hear that since it was Halloween. :) but then we had Sport Abend, and since we had extra money this month because we are good budgeters, we bought pretzels for everyone. Sport Abend was great, as usual. It's getting super cold here though and dark at like 4:30! So hopefully we find a sport halle, that we can play and stuff in.

Ah this was the adventure day. We went to Georgermünd. Mouthful, I know. Oh before we went to GM (I can't say it either), we went to visit a less active member, and when we were going there, we saw on a klingle (doorbell?), it said Satan. Just Satan. So obviously, we rang it :) Ha and the guy's name really is Matthew, and he knew English. So we ended up giving a Buch Mormon to Satan. I can officially say that now haha :) But he said to come back in two weeks, and he said he would read it! and so that was really great. but back to the big GM. It's like a fairy tale place honestly. It's all misty and there's not a lot of people around and there's a church there that was built in 1301. Crazy. We went there to visit a less active member, but apparently he moved to the Czech Republic. But this place was amazing! Ha but we had really good talks with people, and one actually ended up taking a Buch Mormon! But then, for some random reason, the APs (assistants to the mission president) called us and wanted to have dinner with us. So they picked us up, and it was so late, and we hadn't ate in forever, so we went to this place in Feucht and got to spend time with the APs. Their names are Elder Bratsman and Elder Jardine. They are fantastic guys, and we did some weekly planning with them and it was great to learn from them and become closer with them.

This day was a big service day. We served for 6 hours straight (I think it might have been more) but we served Brother Miller, a less active member. We painted a whole wall and set up some shelves for his garage. I love helping people and especially him, because I feel like a real man, using tools and stuff to do all that. but we came home at 8 pm that night because they fed us and everything, and we got to know them really well. We heard his testimony and found out what he thinks of the Church and such. He and his wife really love this church and the missionaries. They said that when we come back to Germany, we can stay there with them :) They are the best people, and we are going to do the best we can to touch their lives and help the Spirit touch them so we can help them.

This week, Elder Allen and I hadn't had too much time to study. But I just want all of us to think about this for a moment. What does this gospel mean to you? How has it changed your life? Earlier today, I got two amazing letters, one from my sister and one my friend, and they bore their testimonies, and I am just astounded at how powerful they are, and they touched my heart! I am a missionary and even hearing someone else's testimonies makes me want to have that strong of a testimony and learn more what they have learned. So imagine, what can your testimony do for someone else? They may need what you have gone through and how you have gone through it so they can grow and become closer to our Heavenly Father. A testimony is something very simple and doesn't have to be filled with doctrine. It's just testifying of the truth, and the love of our Savior. And I know that if we pray for an opportunity to bear our testimony to someone in need, that the Lord will provide an opportunity for us. I know that by simple and small things, big things are come to pass. I know my Redeemer lives, and he will forever be there for me, and for you. And we all have a place in our Heavenly Father´s kingdom. But this life is the time to prepare to meet God. And we are preparing to be in His presence. We are here to learn Heaven and prepare to be worthy to stay there. I know this gospel is true. I love this work, and I know that by doing the simple things everyday, I am helping someone come closer to the Savior. :) Have a great week!! love you all so so much :)

Mit so viel liebe,
Elder Mayne