Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter #10 - Basketball

Hallo Leute of not Deutschland!

Ha I'm funny. So this week was awesome. We didn't have too much going on, but the week started out good because well, um, I played basketball! Ya. But also had an awesome, spiritual experience from it as well. Knew those things were always connected.

So we got invited to this practice for a men's league, 25 to not as old. They play and if they win enough games, they get up to the professional league. The first guy we met, his name is Mario. Coolest guy, lived in the states for a while, knows perfect English, talks like a black guy, and played professionally for 11 years. We instantly became friends. It was awesome. And he gave us his phone number so in case we need anything, we can call him. we did! He invited us to a game that the team is playing at, but we can't go because it's during General Conference, so we got to tell him what that was. It was awesome. They have respect for me, because well, I played pretty good and now they want me on their team. Ha so we'll talk to President about that.We met another guy, named Alex, and super nice too. It's nice to use a talent to find people :)

The next day, we had a member lesson with my favorite members in the ward: the Vincents. They are such happy, nice people. They have two little kids, Sophie and James, and Sophie was running around the house because she was so excited we were there. They speak English, so that was a plus. They are just the chillest, lovable family you could have. Our goal for our lesson, was a talk by President Uchtdorf on hope. The Spirit was super strong and we told them to use hope and believe that through the Lord's help, we can do anything. And it was awesome. I love teaching people and feeling the Spirit, and talking by the Spirit, and also helping people feel the Spirit. It's a wonderful feeling.

The next day, we met with Sister Biller, it was her birthday, and we went and talked to her. She is turning 93, lives on the 3rd level of an apartment, and lives by herself. Awesome lady. I could only understand a little of what she was saying, but she had such a strong testimony and such a strong Spirit, you can't help but feel Gods love for her.

Donnerstag (Thursday) we met with the Millers, a less active and his non-member wife. He is American and she is Deutsch. Hilarious people. She cackles like a witch and he is super big boned and sarcastic and served in the army. We went and served them, learned how to use a bunch of new power tools and just got to make their day better. So fun. Haha and then... they gave us Reeses, salt and vinegar chips, Mountain Dew, peanut butter, Oreos, and just so much food!! Haha it was hard carrying it home, but it was well worth it. :)

We experience a lot of stuff on the street. Elder Allen doesn't notice because he is staring at the ground and singing songs but haha it's funny when people walk by you, don't even look at you, just the name tag, and scoff or most of time, when their smoking, spit smoke in our face. And well, I just smile and say hello. It's hard being a missionary, but hey, I am here being a representative of the Lord, so what else matters? What would he do?

Friday, great day also. Just got to study for the full hours finally, because we haven't since we have been so busy, but I just have learned so much and honestly have never had such a strong testimony until now. I know my Savior knows us. And I think, I thought about this, priesthood blessings are given one at a time. Not as a group, as a individual. So do you think that the atonement, that the Savior personally said that blessing for each and everyone of us? Think of him praying personally for you and bleeding for you and feeling everything that you have and will ever feel. And thanks to my fellow Elder Judd, he gave me the talk that I love so much by elder holland. It's called "Missionary Work and the Atonement." It's about missionary work, but we are all missionaries right? It's an amazing talk.

Saturday and Sunday just always seem to be the best days. We had to set up for a baptism for some fellow elders in our district, and they were baptizing Ding, who is Chinese, they met 10 days ago, and is going back to China in 3 days. It was an amazing experience to see his face when he got out of the water and the gratitude. Makes me think of my own baptism and how I want to help someone feel like that. It was great :) Sunday we had church, and then we went to this American's house in Seubersdorf and it's so beautiful. They have a kid, Christopher, who's 12 years old and is a ball full of energy. It was great to just testify of missionary work and the importance of it. I love entering in members' homes. You just feel their love.

The best part of the week, other than basketball, was going to this non-members apartment right below us, who invited us over for dinner and just talked and had such a great time. It was awesome to feel their love. We have another appointment with them next week so I think they are so ready. Their names are Thomas and Tania. He quick smoking because he felt like he needed to. Ha so... I think they are ready. It's going to be amazing, and we are going to preach to them :)

My commitment this week is to simply watch Conference with a question in mind. I know that it will be answered. Those men are called of God and are doing what I am doing to members: praying for you and teaching you by the power of the Holy Ghost to know what you need. I have been excited for weeks. Conference starts at 18 uhr, 6 o'clock here on Saturday, and then we watch the rest of it, 8 hours on Sunday.

I am so excited. New experiences everyday. I know this is the Lord's work. I know he loves you and he is there for you. Love you all.

Elder Mayne

P.S. hey and guess what family... I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE THE BEST THINGS EVER IN MY LIFE.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter #9 - Book of Mormon and Lollipops

Hallo Familie und Freunde!

It's been a great week. I'll start from the beginning, but really the best days this week were the weekend. So this week, for some reason, has been super cold. Like freezing. Winter is a comin'. We went to golden trainer meeting, a meeting where all the new missionaries and the trainers come and just basically get more motivated and just learn more about the goals for the mission. It was so great. I got to see all my buddies from the MTC. It's cool to see all of our progress and everything. Then on Thursday, we had zone training. It was great to see everyone in our zone finally and it was great to be motivated, again, in the same week and just hear people share their testimonies. It strengthens mine and theirs all at the same time. One of our goals is to speak only German outside of the apartment. Ya it's coming along a lot faster, and I am understanding a lot better now. :) I have been learning a lot more and just learning to love people, even if they dont love me back. Which brings me to Saturday and Sunday :)

So this week, our investigators just disappeared except one. Nick, the 18 year old, didn't come to church this week or last week, and hasn't been home when we went by and is always at his girlfriend's house because he doesn't like his house, so it's hard to get into contact with him. With Jesse, we just came at the wrong times when he wasnt home and was working late or something. we will go by today, because I really think he will come to church when we invite him. Jergen didn't show up to English class, and we thought we lost his number, but we found it yesterday. So obviously, we are going to call him soon. And then Georg is the only one that showed up to church on Sunday. Georg is in his 50s and has some struggles, like smoking. He has had previous baptismal dates, but they have all fallen through because he can't quit smoking. But then we talked to him and were so bold with him and told him he needs to be baptized. We set a date on November 23. So hopefullly he holds that. It was awesome, and we are praying for him really hard, so he can learn that this is for him and the Lord will help him. Pray for him too please :)

We have these things called Döners, that are all over Germany. It's a bun with meat and just delish stuff that I don't even know. But gosh, they are so good. The best place that sells them is in our hometown Neumarkt, so obviously we went there and got the best one. Mmmmm. I saved the wrapper :)

Anywho, on Saturday, there was this Feucht Familie fest, which is basically a little mini carnival. I had the idea, while we were going contacting with the sisters that day, to go there and see if it would be successful. Wow, it was amazing! The food was crazy good, and there were so many people!!! We brought our white board and we wrote: Kostenlos Buch Mormon ind Lollis, which means "Free Book of Mormons and Lollipops". And wow, we just made people's day. Elder Allen and I handed out two Book of Mormons, one to a lady that said she would read the entire thing, and then another one to a wonderful family. It was wonderful. Then we just gave out a bunch of DVDs and pass-a-long cards. I felt just like my old student council self, smiling and handing out stuff and trying to talk to people haha. It was so great. On the way back home, we met a family that was going to a soccer game and they asked us so many questions about missionaries and stuff. The dad works at the post office we have in Neumarkt, so we will be visiting him a lot :)

Sunday after the cool interaction with Georg, we had a baptism in our ward! It was for this cute little kid named Benito. He is 8 and loves Star Wars, so afterwards I gave him my Star Wars Lego, and gave him a little note. It was so great to see a baptism. I think after setting a date with Georg and watching that right after, it was a sign :) Both Elder Allen and I got a great feeling watching it, so I feel like that font is going to be filled up sooner than later :) After the baptism, we went and visited this couple in Schwabach. It's a beautiful place. They just got back from a 3 month vacation yesterday. And we called them that same day haha. They are wonderful people, and he is American, a member of the Church and is from the army. She is German and isn't a member. She has the best laugh ever. We are going over there on Thursday and they are getting us American food, so thats always a benefit haha but I love them, and they are so great.

So that was this week. Something spiritual that I want to leave, is with my testimony of the book of mormon. it is an amazing book. I have been reading in Helaman and about the signs of the coming of Christ. I have developed such a love of the Book of Mormon. I seriously groan when we have to turn off the lights and go to bed because I have to stop reading. This book is amazing! Read Helaman 5 again, if you haven't already. It's such an amazing book and when you gain a full testimony of the Book of Mormon and the truthfulness of it, you will stand on a rock, a foundation, on which Satan cannot stand and cannot blow you over no matter what he throws at you. I know this to be true. Pray for missionary experiences this week or to serve someone. I love this gospel, and I say these things in der name Jesus Christi, Amen.

Bis dan,
Elder Mayne


Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013 - Got a Letter in the Mail!

Hallo Mutti und Vater und Katze und Alyssa und Brady,

Hi family :) I'm so very sorry for having so little zeit to talk to you. I miss you terribly. But hey, this is how I'll make it up to you today :)

So Mom and Alyssa, don't ever come to Nuremberg, or Germany in general. You will want to shop, shop, shop. The places here are amazing. So after walking around trying to find a good place to buy a coat for my companion, we went to the CNA, which is like better than H&M and like, just 50 times better than any American store. I had to contain myself so bad. I bought two ties and some gloves. But gosh, Dad and I and Brady would look so fly if we shopped there. It's pretty cheap, some stuff. they have a sale going on soon, where you can get a European suit for only 39 Euros, so like 52 bucks. It's such a classy place. I'd throw/sell all my clothes and just by some there.

So that was my great P-day today. And I thought of you guys a lot. Missing being someone's shopping buddy :) But here's something that you'll be really proud of me: I am a cleaner, mom! I like cleaning! Hopefully you were holding on to something when I said that haha :) We/I deep-cleaned our kitchen. I cleaned the stove, oven, took out/threw out stuff in the fridge and cleaned it, and then I cleaned the "pantry" and shelves we have to put food on. I love cooking and buying food. The bread words. So fricking good.

To answer some of you questions, my interview with President was really good. He loves me a lot, I can tell. We just didn't have a lot of time to talk, but he is a wonderful man. With my investigators, one of them is Nick. Awesome kid, comes to church, loves how he feels. He comes to Sport Abend, but he doesn't like to have sit down lessons. He speaks English, so we already are tight. But he is awesome because he doesn't drink, do drugs or have sex, but is 18, and that's rare in Deutschland. So we are working with him and helping him.

Georg is an interesting man. Super smiley, but I don't know what he is saying, and he is kinda quiet. He comes to church and has had baptism dates set, but he can't stop smoking. So the atonement is going to be my lesson, first lesson with him on Samstag. I'm excited!

With Jergen, I hope that he reads the Book of Mormon. He is evangelical, loves his family, and knows a lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ. But he thinks that if you love God, you are okay and that's all you need. But I know that we will teach him, and the Holy Ghost will tell him what's up :) I really think he is prepared. So pray for Jergen.

And the last, Jesse. He's tight, he's from Ghana and loves, loves, loves the Bible. We taught about the priesthood to him, but he thinks it's the light of Christ. So we are going to teach more about that, what the Priesthood is. I feel like he just needs to hear something that will touch his heart, and it'll show him this is the true gospel. I also had a dream that he was in white, being baptized. Ya, so I'm hoping, I can be worthy and listen to the Holy Ghost and teach what he needs.

The other problem I'm having is contacting. It feels like there's something better that we can be spending our time with. And we never get anywhere. I feel like we need more help from the members. We need to find people through the members. Watch the Hastening the Work videos on It's so good! In one of them, the bishop set a ward goal that they would get a certain amount of baptisms and four reactivations. And they had so much success! We would like to encourage something like this with our ward and it's members. So I'd love some suggestions from you guys :)

I've updated you on the life of Elder Mayne Tomorrow we have "golden trainer meeting," which is in Frankfurt. I'm super excited, even though it takes 3 hours to get there.

Thanks for being an awesome family. Dad and Brady, thanks for being such wonderful examples of loving husbands, mission-goers, and just worthy priesthood holders. Mom and Alyssa, thank you for being worthy, loving daughters of God and having such such strong testimonies. Thank you for being a wonderful example also. People here don't treat women good at all. Women are looked at as objects. And it makes me mad everyday. You know I respected women before, but now, I just want every daughter of God to know he loves them, and she is worth something. Because it's true! Sorry I'm getting on my little soap box right now. But I love you so much. You mean so much to me. Think about you everyday, not because I'm homesick, but you keep me motivated. And my family is awesome, and I want everyone to have that. Love you all so much. Read the Book of Mormon every day. Pray with your heart to the Lord, he will listen. And mom, stay strong :) You are doing so well. i'll be home before you know it. Keep going to the temple. I miss it already. Love you all. Remember that. Send me letters, send me whatever. And till next time, Hurrah for Israel! :)

Elder Mayne

P.S. Pray for me? Winter is supposed to start in a week...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #8

Guten Tag friends and Familie,

Well this week had its struggles, but it was a great week to be a missionary. First, we went on Monday to two members houses. The first was the best members in the whole world, the Akkermanns. They have 6 children, all ages 12 and under, and then the dad is the stake president assistant and the mom is just super strong in the gospel and loves missionaries. so that lesson was great. They loved my picture book of the Book of Mormon. and the little boy, Johnnas, gave my companion and I litte sewed dwarfs, no clue why, but it was the cutest thing. They had a candle they called the "grateful candle" and we passed it around and said what we were thankful for. While it was passed around, the littlest boy, about 3 years old, said that he was grateful for the missionaries and how they make me happy. Best thing in the world.

Then we went to this other recent convert member, Sister Schultz. She is a wonderful lady and has been a member for a year. She is the only member in her family, so it is hard for her to share the gospel, but she also loves it and loves being a member. She made us some dang good food, no clue what it was or what she was saying, because gosh this language is hard, but I knew the food tasted good. We talked to her about temples and told her our experiences in the temple. I started to get emotional and just told her in my broken up German how great the temple was. I love the spirit.

Then the next day, terrible. Haha honestly. we had plans to have lessons with people, and they all fell through. We missed a train to go to a street preach, and the entire day it was pouring rain. I haven't seen the sun in a week now (which I actually love). The people never listen to you if you talk to them in German with an American accent. It's hard for me to have a good attitude when I can never talk to anyone and keep a conversation going. Because if I knew what to say to them or what they were saying, boy, I would stop everyone and tell them that their Heavenly Father loves them. Wednesday wasn't any better, and the only time that I feel like I can actually do something is when I read the scriptures, talks, and make dinner. I must say, I have made some amazing meals. Elder Allen loves me for it. He said I should open a resturant when I get back. That makes me feel pretty dang good. Even better when I actually eat it :) You taught me well momma and papa.

Thursday, was the best day though, as it always is. the Sport was awesome. We met this guy, Jurgen, and he is just fantastic. He came to our English class, which we hold after sport abend, and we taught him the first lesson and he took a Book of Mormon. He loved it! He said that it was a message from God, and that he was supposed to be here. It was so cool. So hopefully he comes back and listens to us again. This week, not a lot has come by. just a lot of studying and just really figuring out what I am supposed to be doing. It's been really hard to keep positive and be successful, but I have read a talk by Elder Bednar about how faith is taking one step in, then having the faith something will happen, and then you see the miracle that has come to pass. I am going to be working on that this week.

We also taught a guy named Jesse. he has been hearing the discussions for a while and is really invested in the bible, so doesn't really see the need of anything else. But I think we will be able to really touch him. He is from Ghana and speaks english, so that's a blessing.

This week my knowledge of the Atonement increased so much. I learned how much the lord loves us and what he really did for us. I know the more that we use the Atonement, and don't avoid the trails we are going through but ask for the strength to endure them, we will become so much better people. I know that if you try to learn more about the Atonement, you will fully learn what the Lord has in store for you. I love this gospel, and I know that this is the Lord's work. I will give more info next time, because hopefully more things happen :) love you and miss you all!!

Elder Mayne

P.S. haha I got a terrible haircut. I'll show pics some other time... maybe :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter #7 - First Week in Germany

Guten Tag friends and Familie :)

Holy crap I'm in Germany. Weird. I'll start from the beginnning. So I got off the plane, into the quietest airport EVER. And then we met the kindest people in the world (next to mom and dad of course :]) President Schwartz and his wife. They are the kindest people, and President Schwartz is definitely a hugger. But anywho, we went and took trains to the mission home. First train experience.

So that first day, we had an assignment to visit someone and teach a lesson. So I went with Elder Smith, from Riverton, that's been here for 6 months, and we went and taught this family. The dad knew German, the wife knew Spanish, and well, I know english haha. But it was awesome and they were super kind.

Germany is beautiful. The cobble stone walks, the huge Bahnhof or train station, the food, the new money, the people, the constant smoke smell, everything is just crazy and awesome. I love it here. But I have no clue what anyone is saying or what is going on haha. But I am trying my hardest. I then had a little interview with President Schwartz. He is so loving and kind, and I am just looking forward to getting to know him and just learning to be more kind like him. So after that little meeting and really my first experience in Germany, we went to a Holiday Inn, haha and me and my buddy Elder Nelson slept from 7 to when we were supposed to wake up the next morning. They said that we would need that sleep and boy, were they right! Jet lag is still a killer haha. But we woke up and had a fantastic breakfast in the hotel, the bread and jelly was so awesome. Even though it was a continental breakfast, it was amazing. Especially after the MTC food.

We had a conference meeting, and this was where we are going to meeting our new companion and our new zone. So.... (drum roll please...) My new companion is Elder Allen. He is from Maeser Prep in Provo and has gone to byu for a year. Funny thing though, he has only been here for 3 months, so he doesn't know a lot about the culture or the language, so we are just bright and new to the world in Germany. Unser assignment is in Feucht, a countryside town that is just beautiful. It's literal translation is "moist" in English haha but it's the best. It takes 3 hours to travel there from Frankfurt on a train, but worth the trip.

Our first day, we met some of the ward and went to Sport. It's basically a night where the ward and missionaries play in from of the Church, and invite whoever wants to come. It's a great place for people to meet members of the Church and learn more about us. I met Sister Ackkerman, and she is the best ward member ever. I met some more people, our ward mission leader, Chrisy, he likes to be called, but all the rest didn't speak German so I had no clue what was going on haha. We then came back to the apartment officially and got settled in. Our apartment is pretty nice, just chill and great. It has a balcony but other than that, nothing special ha.

The days go by here are like a blur. Because we ride trains so much, so we have a lot of opportunity to talk to people. We met two peole that were fantastic and wanted to learn more. One was a muslim guy named Ahmen and the other a girl that was very into philosophy. They both spoke English so that's how Elder Allen and I talked to them. But intresting experience, while I was sitting watching Elder Allen talk to some people, I went and talked to this sweet lady and of course I had to pull out my dictionary, but hey, I talked to someone, in German! Highlight of the day.

Then Friday and Saturday came. Hardest days of Elder Allen's mission and mine too. We just had absoutely no success. It was so hard. Like wow, it was SO hard. I'm sick too. I think I might have strep, and all the smoke in the air just kills me. So my energy is really low. Anyway, we had talked to so many people, we walked so much, just tried our hardest, and nothing. So it was super hard to have faith and hope these last couple days. But then Sunday came and I met the best ward ever. We have the best ward. They are so strong and faithful and just loving. I don't know what they are saying to me, but I do my best to smile and listen to them. I gave my testimony and I felt like I butchered every word, but Elder Allen said that was the best he has heard me speak ha. But I love the ward, and I love being here.

We have two investigators at the moment, and I don't really know anything about them. But this upcoming week, I'll let you know more about the people we meet and how everyone is progressing As usual, I want to leave with a thought. Read the talk by Elder Bednar about the enabling power of the atonement. It's such an amazing talk.

I'm sorry I'm not my usual spunky self, and I don't have a lot of energy. I have been sick for a week now and I feel terrible at the moment. but I'm doing my best to get through it and be better. I honestly love Germany. I will be better at writing letters and being more thoughtful with all of you ha. I just need more energy haha. But I will keep you updated! Oh and if you want to mail me letters or packages, which is toooootally ok with me, you have to send it to me to my direct address, or else I wont get it until the zone conference like every 3 or 6 weeks. So here is my address: 52 Regensburger Strasse 92318 Neumarkt i. d. opf Deutschland

Love you all and pray for me :) I'll talk to you all later. I miss all of you!

Elder Mayne

Monday, September 2, 2013

Leaving for Germany!!!

Hey Fam :) love you all. Leaving tomorrow fur DUETSCHLAND WAHOOOOOOOOOO :) I'm so excited. Thank you for being my wonderful family and my eternal family :) best one I could ever have. Until we meet again wonderful people. May God be with us all :) Love ya

Elder Mayne

Elder Mayne got to call us from the airport! It was so great to hear his voice. On his first flight from Salt Lake, he sat next to a man who is from Frankfurt!! He is engaged and was visiting his future in-laws. His fiancée has family and friends that are members of the Church, so he was very interested to learn more about it. Adam got his contact information on the plane :)