Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter #75 - Prioritized to the LORD

Family, friends, business colleagues, and wonderful readers (assuming there is more than included in this very small circle) this letter will be short (cheers), but sweet. And meaningful. I LOVED seeing my family this week. They are as cute as ever. Despite the fact that they had stomach flu and some bad Chinese food, I can say that I missed them a whole lot. I came out of that Skype session feeling fit, great, and just so happy to be able to have such wonderful people in my life.

The other highlight of the week was that we got to meet with Tony, our boy, and we had a GREAT lesson. We watched the Restoration and went through the baptismal questions. He will interviewed this week, and will be baptized on SAMSTAG [Saturday]!!!! How crazy eh??? Super super cool though. We are hoping to get a lot of our investigators there as well, so they can see this amazing fella follow his faith. After every lesson, Elder Brown and I just marvel at the fact of how prepared this man is. The Lord blesses, loves, and always has a time for everything.

My little thought today, would be on just the things of life, the priorities. The year is already over!! I can't believe how fast it went. But, I know that I am going to seriously take this time, to do some reevaluating. I need to change. I want to change. I have the desire. I want to become who the Lord wants me to become. I know that the only way I can become something, is to first put the Lord FIRST. Second, put the Family right next to it, to Him I should say. Third, your work, or what you have to do to sustain your realm of life. Finally fourth, serving your fellow men.

As I thought about these priorities, and after talking with my great comp Elder Brown, we thought about a fifth one. The next priority determines, or shows, really what kind of person you really are. The funny thing was, this was all spoken of in church on Sunday. I wanted the Lord to know that I wanted to make goals. Make yearly, wonderful goals, for my mission, for my life, and for who I want to become. I came up with this formula, that we used in our Distrikt Meeting and is similar to Alma 32:


This time of year, I am more excited than EVER. Because I have so much time, and opportunity, to change. I have the ability to become something. I am going to be the best I can be. I am going to break records. I'm going to serve every day. I will know that the Lord sees my efforts of wanting to become something. I know that only through Him, can I reach my Godlike potential.

I want to invite all of you to set some awesome, great goals. I know how amazing it is, to be a child of God. We are all His children, with all the same potential, to become like Him. So as we use this formula and set our priorities straight, we will accomplish what our Father in Heaven has in store for us. Set goals that will make you stretch. Go to the Lord with this game plan, and let Him know that you need His help. :) I love the Lord, and I know, I can climb big mountains. Have a great week. Spend some extra time with the family this week. :) Love you all!

Elder Mayne

Really random photos...
 Dinner with the Herrs

Their little boy, Ole, wearing my glasses. :)

 Elder Brown´s gift to me.
I can put incense in the bottom, and smoke comes out the top. :)
It's sick.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter #74 - This year, I gave you my heart, and you took it and grew it into the biggest thing EVER

Me being witty sometimes makes only myself laugh. But hey, I make myself laugh so that's what matters. :) This week is going to be GREAT: seeing the Fam Bam, 3 days of Christmas being celebrated in Germany, living up the Christmas markets to the fullest, and just spreading Christmas cheer. LOVE IT. Happiest time of year for sure. I want to tell you about one of the experiences that made my Christmas, and then also talk about all the other crazy things that happened during the week. :)

SO, this week we were just getting back from splitting in Mannheim, and we get this call from Jacob (our investigator). Hee sounds all worried, hard to understand, and just wants us to come over. So we go over. He tells us about his Mom. His Mom in Gambia is in the hospital, and she can't take care of the kids (because she is in the hospital). So he wanted to send money to her. He was going to give her 100 euro, which was the rest of the money he had for the month to eat and to do anything. But, he knew everything would work out. We were stunned. We were sitting across from this 21 year old that was willing to give up pretty much everything he had, so his mom could get some help. We then had a lesson about the plan of Salvation. BUT wait, Jacob called his friends, Calistis and Tony, and they came to the lesson and LOVED it. We set baptismal dates with them, and had a great, great lesson. After the lesson, I thought about myself and asked, Would I do the same thing for my mom? Do I love my family that much? It just touched my heart so much. It made me really think about my focus, what was most important, and how I can best show my love to my family.

Nothing can fully explain the lessons that I learn here out in the mission field.

The rest of the week... we were in Frankfurt for 2 days having Zone Conference and Mission Leadership Council. Then, we went to Düsseldorf to drive some Elders home because they missed their bus.

Something that I learned from these meetings, other than ALL the things that I have to improve on (I have a lot to change), was just how important it is to do the little things. Sticking to the little things, no matter what, will ALWAYS help you stay on the path of righteousness and help you become the Lords handiworker.

I have learned a lot about being the Lord's disciple. I am going to be real. It's been hard, being out here, and trying my hardest. On a mission, you are constantly in the line of fire of real life. Your weaknesses are pointed out to you, and you really see what you need to work on. But then, you also see what your desires are, what you love, and what you really want to do with your life. As I get this wonderful opportunity to be in a constant review of myself, I think of the Lord. I think of how He was born in the most humble circumstances, loved every person He came into contact with, and layed down His life for all, so that they can live with Him. I love the Lord with all my heart. I know I have felt His power, His divine help, come true in my life. He is the reason, I have chance to change, to start over. He is the reason I wake up at 6:30am everyday and try my best to live like He does and tell others about my Savior. He is my Savior, He is Christmas. I know I am never alone. I am going to work till my ears ring and I am worthy to bow down at His feet and say thank you for the opportunity to become like Him. I know my Savior lives and I testify that I am on the race of my life, to become like Him. I wish this for all that I love, and for all those I come in contact with. I say this humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Merry Christmas to my wonderful friends and family. I give my heart to you. :)

Love with a heart that has grown 3 times as big. :) Maybe even more.

Elder Mayne

Monday, December 15, 2014


I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I can sing all I want, talk about Christ all I want, eat chocolate all I want, and spread joy EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Literally, the best time of the year.

I just love the times and memories that happen every single day. The greatest thing that is happening right now, is all the miracles our Zone is seeing. A couple Elders had a baptism in a ward that hasn't had a baptism in months. Everyone is finding people ready to accept this gospel, and most importantly, they feel happy and successful. What would you wish for more? :) I am taking in every minute, and moment, of this last Christmas I have here in Germany, and it's been some of the best times of my life. So, I'll take you into one specific memory that happened on Sunday that best describes my life at the moment...

Sacrament Meeting: The Sister's investigator, Fay, was just confirmed and is holding hands with the Sisters on the bench. Right next to Fay is her brother that came to church for the first time, and we just taught him about the restoration. One of the less-active members and one of our good friends, Andreas, has been coming back to church ever since I have been in this area. He is sitting on the stand, and is blessing the Sacrament for the first time in a while. Then, there's me, who got asked as we walked in to the meeting to translate for the only English speakers. I am sitting there in my seat with the microphone, talking quietly. It was so hard. They were reading out of the scriptures, and I couldn't find them fast enough. So, my interpretation of the Stripling Warriors may have been a little simple. :) I just thought to myself: "Wow. I never knew what to expect when I said I would go out on a mission." These experience have honestly changed my life in ways I couldn't ever have imagined. This is the best time of my life. :)

Why, you ask?? Other than: meeting with some Spanish members, eating squid, making an amazing 40 calls in one day (in like 3 hours), ANNNNND we set a baptismal date!!! Wahoo!! His name is Jacob, and he is from Ghana. TOTALLY legit guy. He is the greatest.  A member brought him last week to church. He is only 21. He just wants to follow Christ. We met with him the first time, and we remembered as we got there that we didn't bring an English Book of Mormon with us. So, we were about to go ask if we can go look in our car, and then the door bell rings. Jacob answers the door. We just see a hand reach out and give him HIS Book of Mormon. Jacob says thanks, and closes the door. It was the sketchiest, but most awesome thing ever! He lives in a refugee apartment, which is basically just a downgrade from college dorms. It was so cool. He just LOVES Christ. He understood perfectly why there needed to be a restoration, why he needed the gospel, and just how he can find out the truth. Really awesome guy.

To top the week off, literally everyday is an adventure (God knows my motto). I wish I could tell ya all the details. But, I just want to give a shout out to the Von Rauchtaubts in our ward. They are a cute young couple that put on one of the most amazing Ward Christmas Parties EVER. It was sooo cool. We got to help our Ward Mission Leader become Santa (pictures included). A lot of non-members attended. We also created a DVD that is fantastic, and it's all thanks to Elder Brown's awesome 'techy' skills. :)

Gosh, I couldn't be happier. Life isn't easy. The fight and struggle is real. BUT, we know that the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear :) (I know sister, that quote was just for you). I LOVE people. I love seeing the smile on their faces. I love hearing the old lady in the store say, "Dankeschön [Thank-you]" because we moved our cart over so she could walk by with her walker. LIFE is FULL of opportunities to love, to serve, and to make an impact. So go share this gift of love, people. :)

Elder Mayne out.

 Us at the party with Schwester Herr hiding her face :)

Our ward mission leader and our attempt at making his beard white. :) 
PS: He and his wife are the SICKEST. If you get a chance, call them up. 
Idk their number, but they are in Idaho for the Christmas break. :)
Brian and Jesse McDermott (Hopefully they don't think its creepy. Blame it on me ;))

Pfefferkuchenhaus [Gingerbread House]

Monday, December 8, 2014

Letter #72 - To all whom it may concern: Its almost Christmas. :)

I just figured out today that you can use these. Learning new things everyday I tell ya.


I want to start with a question that you're welcome to reply to, when you have an answer. This week I had the thought to study about fear, and what fear really is. In the bible dictionary, it talks about two types of fear: One, the fear of God, which mainly includes an awe and reverence of Him; and then it talks about the other. It uses the example of Adam, after he partook of the fruit. He hid himself from God because he had sinned, and feared Him. So, I had a question, and it was, Is being fearful a sin? It obviously isn't a huge overwhelming sin. But, think of the things that come from being afraid. Maybe you are scared to: get married, go on a mission, go to the temple, repent, and the list could go on for hours. So then, I thought more and more about it. I watched the bible video of when Peter walks on water, and read the story over again. As I read it, I took it very literally. I thought about Peter walking on the water, taking that leap of faith to come closer to Christ, and as he does, he successfully walks on the water. But then, he starts to fear, and starts to drown in the water, kind of like drowning in sin. Then, he turns towards Christ, and repents, and says "save me." Christ is immediately there to save Him. So, that's my personal study this week, and next week, and for a while. So, if you all want to enjoy, you're welcome to join me. :)

Isaiah 41:10 Read it :) its really good. One of my favorites

This week, I grew, a lot. Leider [unfortunately], I have a cold. It's going away now because of my wonderful hospital staff (the Ward and the Sisters). They all apparently know how to do it, so it's good. But this week, we were introduced into many cultures, especially española. :) I love the Spanish Branch in our area.  This week, we met with one of the members. We had a great time being enriched by the culture. We also attended the Branch Christmas Party, excuse me "Fiesta." Elder Brown was speaking with the tongue of angels. His Spanish is super good. I am... well... I learned how to say "Welcome to the party." :) It was so fun. Even though we didn't know how to communicate with our voices, we received a lot of smiles. It was such a blast.

This week sadly, Silvi has dropped off the radar. We went by, and no one was home. We finally got a text from her, on Thursday, that things have just been crazy for her, work, her grandchild, and everything. Hopefully she can make her baptism. If not, it will be hard, but ok. We also had a great lesson with Valentine, and he wants to get baptized as soon as possible. But, he lives sooo far away that it's hard for him to come to church. We will make it happen, and find a solution. I'm sure. :)

Other than those highlights, I just, love the people I work with. Elder Brown and I just love working together. I think that I have seen more miracles in this little time frame than anywhere else in my mission. The Sisters are so great. The ward is fantastic. The zone is doing wonderfully. It's literally a Christmas miracle. :) I haven't ever felt such a Christmas love for everyone before, until this Christmas. I honestly think it's because my mind is so focused on Christ, the first gift. :) I love my time here. I know I am suppose to be here. Those individuals that are struggling the most, might simply need that pat on the shoulder, that little bright ray of sunshine your smile brings. When you have that feeling to help or to say something nice, don't fight it. Just do it. Nike style. :) That's where the true spirit of Christmas comes from. :)

Have a wonderful week, :)

Elder Mayne

Love you ALL

Our Christmas tree is literally the best. :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter #71 - Love all around! Where is Love? The LOVE? The LOOOVE? Where is the Love? *Black Eyed Peas Copyright*

This week was just a blast. A blast of emotion, hard work, fun, drama, all coming together. It would definitely knock you off your feet, that is for sure. But this week, I learned a lot. On Dienstag, we met with the Stake President's wife. We had a wondeful feast with her, shared the Christmas spirit, and showed the new video that the church has come out with (WATCH THAT. It's so great. I've already seen it in 5 languages and I don't even KNOW how many times). Then, we got to have a quick lesson with Silvi. It's great to see her progressing toward her baptism on the 20th. You just look in her eyes and you can tell she wants it. :) Love it.

We then had a wonderful late night of making stuffing and planning for Zone Training the next day. :) Oh the stress and anticipation. Love it. :)

Mittwoch [Wednesday], Zone Training happened. It wasn't as good as the last one, as we didn't have too much time to prepare. But, it was a great time with the Zone. Oh, I just LOVE Christmas time as a missionary. We got the whole Zone excited for it, and are super excited to see the miracles that are going to happen. I then went on a split with Elder Schmidt, in Mannheim. He is German, has been here for awhile, and I love him. What a fantastic Elder who works hard. We had a great time talking in German. It feels GREAT when you're where you are suppose to be, and the spirit testifies to you that you are doing what you're suppose to be doing. Love it. :)

Actually, I want to pause from the weekly bericht [report] and just give some station identification for the Spirit. The Spirit testified so strongly, that I am here where I am suppose to be. This week was hard. A lot of negativity, appointments falling through, being yelled at in your face, and the rejections. But, I was walking along a path, in this beautiful Heidelberg altstadt [old town]. It was cloudy and looking like it was going to rain. I was thinking about what I was doing, running to the church, grabbing a box of Book of Mormons, running it out to someone in our Zone (because they needed it badly), and just being absolutely pooped. I was dead tired. No energy. I felt like I needed a rest. But then, the Spirit came into my heart. It testified so strongly that what I am doing, is needed. That the Savior of the World gave it ALL, and so must I. I love it.

Anyway, back to the story. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Ha. It went crazy. We had an appointment with a member, which fell through because they got sick. They are actually from Utah. The dad taught American Heritage. He is the tightest guy in the world. So last minute, we had a makeshift Thanksgiving party with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife. It was AWESOME. Then, we had Ward Council with the Spanish Branch (No idea what went down other than we are now teaching Spanish people German :)). We then had another feast at Institut. :) LOVE IT!

Well, the highlight of the week, was I got to go on a split with Elder Emery. We had a blast. We were at a street display in Mannheim, then went to Heidelberg and played basketball with some members (Bruder Taylor, American Heritage). It was FUN!!! All the stress just went swoosh as I played. Ha. We had a good time playing. :) I remember playing against Elder Emery now. Let's just say, I am really excited for college ball. :) We had a great split. Then, we all met up at a members house that night, with a TON of people, for a massive thanksgiving feast. HUGE. SO MUCH FOOD. And the best part is, we taught 3 people the 1st lesson, gave 3 copies of the Book of Mormon out, and got a new investigator. It was sooo COOL. Loved it. :)

The Sisters had a baptism on Sunday!!! It was a crazy day. Fay slept through a bunch of alarms, and had to get a ride to church. That's just the really watered down version of all that happened. But, it was such a legit great time. :) She gave her testimony at the end. You could just see the way the Gospel has blessed her life already. Fay is literally like a sister to us. It's great. Love it. :)

I decided to add "Love it!" to the end of all my paragraphs today because this week, I had the thought: the more we love, the more effort we put in to whatever we want to accomplish, the greater the joy or the disappointment will be. I know, all missionary work has to come from the heart. You can't go out finding, teaching, and baptizing to just get stats. You won't stay disciplined, and you won't stay diligent. But when you put your whole heart into this work, you see the many wonderful blessings. The capacity for you to love overwhelms you and lifts you up, and helps you to soar. :) Love you all, and I am excited for this wonderful time of year. :)

Mit großem liebe [with great love],


Welcome to Heidelberg :)