Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter #69 - You ready for this? Carls Benz made the first car, not Henry Ford... #mindblown

I found that out yesterday. That is so crazy. Mind and childhood just turned around. No, I'm kidding. But this week was absolutely AWESOME!! So crazy. I wish I could include every tiny detail. But, due to my lack of proper training in the keyboard department, and me trying to share love all the time, it doesn't work. :) But lemme tell you why this week was so great:

Well, we were running around all over the place. It was raining. We had to help at the church for some service. Then, we went to a less active member appointment. After that, we met with a part member family. The member, Bru. Rheinhardt, loves the gospel. His wife, just wants to know more. We asked them in advance what they would like to hear specifically, and they wanted to know about the Priesthood. Well, that's a heavy subject for sure. But, we taught with the spirit and it was such an intense lesson. He said that he would come to the baptism that the sisters were having, and then pray about his decision about baptism. Really, really, awesome. :) THEN we had a member appointment. But, we didn't know about it, and so right as we got out, we found out we totally missed it. I accidentally wrote it on the wrong week. #stupid. Haha. But it was ok, because we got to give Sis. Godwin a blessing, and make soup for her because she had been throwing up all day. Annnnd to top it all off, President called during the day to tell us that he was coming to our Zone Training the next day. So, we were kinda freaking out. We ended up doing a lot of last minute planning that night, and maybe/maybe not staying up really late. This week was definitely not for sleep. That is for sure. :)

FIRST ZONE TRAINING!!!! It went so great. What we planned out, went so smoothly. The Spirit was able to testify to so many of the missionaries, and tell them the truth. It was so great to see, and hear, and to just be there. It was totally nerve racking. I just kept thinking about how much I love these missionaries. I was able to express my feelings and love. It was ah, what an uplifting experience. I then went on a split with Elder Von Wallwitz. I LOVE MY BRAZILIAN BROTHA! We had such a fun time. We went and taught a less active, and had a good time with the Sisters. We got home late, and had what we like to call "pillow talk." It's where we just talk about life, mission life, and just everything. Kind of like women do, but Elder style. It was so fun. Love that guy, and I am glad that we are out here serving the Lord together.

What a day for miracles. We all met at Ludwigshafen (can't spell) as a Distrikt, and had a Distrikt finding time for 4 hours. And guess what?? We found 4 new investigators for the Speyer Elders and Sisters, and we placed overall 23 copies of the Book of Mormon. Haha. It was SOOO fun. We would just talk to everyone. We would start approaching someone, and they would hold up their Book of Mormon or a card to say that they have already been talked to. :) It was so great to see everyone just have no fear, even the Goldens. They would just go up to someone, get totally rejected, and then just go on to the next person. I LOVE FAITH AND AWESOMENESS.

Ha. What a surprising day. We had an awesome day planned, and then we get a call from the APs. They said we have to do a CCM report, which is a quota that the Zone Leaders have to do. We gather all the numbers of the zone, and get information on investigators and what not... 7 hours. Barf. Ha. It was sooo long, and we were struggling because we had never done it. Boy, when we got outta there, we ran. Haha. We were running around the church screaming. :)

Samstag und Sonntag:
Let just say, love rules all. I LOVE PEOPLE. But, this is gonna be quick: we got in a car wreck, no damage to anything or anyone; met with a wonderful convert who cooks amazing; had a street display; stopped a robbery from happening, and  caught the guy; and then finally came home and had to clean forever because of a cleaning check on Monday. Haha. That's the watered down version. Sunday, I just want to give a shout out to Jessie and Brian McDummert. I love this couple. They are in our ward, and he is our Ward Mission Leader. They literally have had such a big impact in my life, in the tiny little time that I have known them. Then I give a shout out to our new investigator, Valentine, who has committed to be baptized on Dec 20th. :) Despite how busy life gets, the Spirit and I have a wonderful connection, because I make time for him. I put what God wants me to put first in my life, first. I just want to leave with my testimony, with the scriptures from Markus 9:22 and 23:

    22 And ofttimes it hath cast him into the fire, and into the waters, to destroy him: but if thou
    canst do any thing, have compassion on us, and help us.

    23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

These are some of the most moving scriptures for me. I know He lives, and He can heal. LOVE YOU ALL!

Elder Mayne

The police and I became good friends. #SKETCHY :)

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