Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter #49 - We almost had burgers today...

So, maybe this P-Day is kinda not what we expected. My companion is smashing molasses and sugar together to make brown sugar; flies at a Döner Laden made our lunch extra quick; and our investigator, that is moving to Canada on Wednesday, just canceled the BBQ he wanted to have with us. BUT, what is an adventure, if there isn't any unexpected things? This week was FULL of them. It was one of the best, most learnable, and emotional weeks I have had on the mission. SO, to start the random things off:

Montag and Dienstag, we were staying in Jena for our P-Day. Then, we woke up SUPER early to catch a train to ride back to my home, Bavaria, and have our last Zoko with President Schwartz. What a crazy day. The Gera Elders, who are in the closest area to us, slept over with us. We were all packed into the Zone Leaders Apartment. The Zone leaders left a day early. So, we all slept in their apartment. :) It was quite the fun experience. :)

ZOKO! Zone Konference for those who don't know missionary terms... wow one of the best I have ever had in my life. I cannot describe my love for that man. HE IS AMAZING. That man, has literally, changed my life. As he was talking to us, I have to say, I cried a little. He is someone that inspires you to do good. Someone who is a leader, and makes those around him better. I honestly, don't think he would be the amazing man he is, if it wasn't for his dear sweet wife, Sister Schwartz. If you know her, you know she loves you. These two were, and still are, family to me. President Schwartz talked to me afterward, and made me promise to come back to Feucht after my mission. I then asked him if I could hug his wife, and well, I did. :) I will miss them. I am so very grateful for the eternal impact that they have had on my life. :)

After Zoko, we had to sleep in Gera. Our train was 40 minutes late, and there were no more trains to go to Werdau. :) So, we slept over and then came right back to Werdau in the morning, and met with Herr Dittert. What a man. He has leg problems and cannot walk properly. His house burnt down, and so he is left with nothing other than what the government gives him. He knows that the Lord is testing him. Satan is trying to pull him down under, but he says "uh uh." Direct quote. This guy has enormous faith. At first, he said he didn't want to come to church anymore, because he felt that he didn't belong. He said that everyone was well educated, looked good, and what not. But as the Spirit directs, we follow. We had one great meeting with him, and he wanted to come to church. We want to set a baptismal date this week, because we can really see the change in him. Herr Dittert is my boy, I'll tell ya.

Well this weekly is a little long, and I am about to make it even a tad bit longer. But, I will give the randoms this week to put a little excitement into this letter. So, hopefully your eyes aren't rolling shut and you're not about to fall asleep. SO!

Met with this awesome old member in our ward. His wife died a while ago, and he's lonely. He just wants another wife... with a car, so they can go visit places (his words).

'MERICA!!! Totally got to watch the soccer game this week. We got permission. It was kind of a boring game. But, America still is advancing to the next round. I wore some American socks, and I was cheering a little too loud. But, America pride doesn't, or can't, just go away. :)

I had some real Deutsche man time with our two old buddies that come to our English class, Peter and Gottfried. We went and got some fish, and had a good ol' time. :)

I love church. When I come to church looking for comfort and ask the question: "Who needs my help?" I always receive revelation. It just testifies how much the Lord loves us all.

This week was GREAT! Every week has its ups and downs. But whatever situation you are in, YOU choose to make the best of it. At Zoko, we sang, all of us missionaries, for President and his entire family. We sang, "We are as the army of Helaman. We have been taught in our youth. And we are NOW, the Lord's missionaries, to bring the world his truth." I had the biggest wave of emotion, that I cannot describe, come over me. This is His work. I know that I am here for the right, and true, reasons. I wanna leave with something my wonderful sister wrote to me this week:

I dunno about you, but Satan loves to make me feel afraid. Afraid that I’m a failure and that I stink compared to others (not literally… haha ;) ). I often struggle with fears of making mistakes. And that fear makes me scared to try. It makes me procrastinate and stress. It makes me not finish projects or follow through with assignments. I do all of this because I am so afraid of messing up and being a failure. But I want to testify that we are NEVER failures. Becoming perfect is an ETERNAL goal. I can’t ever be perfect right now. And I need to be okay with that. I need to let go of the "unrealistic expectations” I place on my self. 

So I want to testify that Jesus loves you perfectly right NOW. And He is not constantly judging us as harshly as we do. He sees potential and good in us. And He’s excited with each mistake we make, because it’s a chance to learn, repent, and grow! Mistakes are our greatest teacher. And we will learn for the rest of eternity. His atonement is what allows us to do that. So I want you to never get discouraged about your performance and just rely on Him. Ask for His grace to help you be stronger. Ask Him to help you keep trying. And be proud of the progress you’re making. :) 


Elder Mayne

 Bro. Klinger and me having a good time.

For some reason, the Relief Society always loves inviting the missionaries to their parties, ha.
It's hilarious.

 Watching the game with a bunch of drunks. :)

 Peter and Gottfried.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Well, you read it right. I am in the big bad East. Ok, it isn't bad. Everyone just talks about how hard it is, that everyone eats the same thing, they churn their own butter, and what not. False. I don't know about the butter thing. But everything else, is just like the same good ol' Germany. It is a total different feel though. It's weird to see the same type of house/apartment building 7 times in a row sometimes. But hey, adventure is out there right?? Well lets get down to it, the random deets:

1- Packing without a mom, is maybe the worst thing in the world. Then, having everyone stare at you because you look like you took your entire apartment with you as you sweat bullets trying to ride over cobblestone... is my life. :)
2- Riding Buses, was basically the week. :) I traveled for a total of 15 hours on Thursday. I have no idea what to say after, because I too was in shock of how long it really took.
3- I LOVE GERMAN FOOD. And there is always that lady in the ward, that is expecting the missionaries over. Then, really prepares a meal for about... the entire ward. :)
4- Our Branch President is a straight up hipster. I am so excited to party it missionary style with him. :)

Werdau is a great place. Super small. By bike, you can travel the length of the entire city in about 30 min... :) But, I Love it. Our first day there, we taught a very humble man, Herr Dittert. His house burnt down, and is now living here by the government. He has a problem with his leg, which doesn't let him walk correctly. We taught him the first lesson. He really was catching on, and understands a lot. We want to set a baptismal date with him soon. He is just a cool guy.

My first day in church was great. The members here are very friendly, and love the missionaries. Our Branch President is 33, and is a total Hipster: glasses, way he dresses, plays in a band... The list goes on. It is awesome, and i am excited to work with him. :) We then went to the Deetsch's home and had a HUGE meal. Followed by an interrogation by another member that was there, Brüder Schreiber. He loves the missionaries, and interviews them every time they come here. He writes it down in his red book. I am the first Indian. :) This area is great, and so far... I really have a feeling that miracles are going to happen. I am just so excited for, really, a new start, a new beginning, and just going into a new area and kickin' it. :)

As for my comp, Elder Lietsalmie is a great guy. :) He is from Finland. 22 years old. He only has this transfer, and the next, left to go on his mission. Crazy right? But he and I get a long really well. We both are pumped to be in Werdau. So, be bereit (ready) to see what comes next. :)

For all those that love me, and want to send me letters and what not... well, My address is:

Otto Strasse 18
08412 Werdau
Deutschland :)                             #pleasesendmeletters

And just so you all know, YOU are the decider of what you choose to do, what you choose to think, everyday. I love this poem. I am sure plenty of you have read it. But, it's something that I love. I want to share it with you all before I go. :) I love you all. I hope you have a great week!!!

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.

In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there was one only.

This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints, so I said to the Lord,

“You promised me Lord, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there has only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?”

The Lord replied, “The years when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you.”

Elder MAYNE !!!!!!!!!! :)

 My last meeting with the Websters in Erlangen.
Totally had a object lesson, and they loved it.

 Our hipster kitchen. :)

Me at my new desk selfiein' it up. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter #47 - And the changes begin...

Well, guess who is being transferred! I am being transferred to the big old east, in a tiny Stadt called Werdau. Super tiny, and it is bordering the Czech Republic. But hey, I am PUMPED!!! I really feel like there are going to be wonderful opportunities there. I am going to be able to experience so many miracles. So, I look forward to this wonderful future ahead.

As for the Randomness-es this week:

There is not a day that goes by, that I do not cook or make something delish.

I bought 2 flags to hang up in the apartment for the week. Since the world cup
is going on: Brazil and Germany.

The Asian buffet in the ghetto place we live, that I was looking forward to the entire time I have been here, was a total disappointment. We basically were on a double date... I'll explain later.

I love it when investigators bring referrals, make you cupcakes for your birthday, and then we give this new referral a Book of Mormon. :)

And I totally took out a brick wall. All I have to say

This week was just a roller coaster. We had so much fun. Then the whole world flipped after the transfer call. Things were super fun still. But, it's always hard to say goodbye. It's definitely weird when you know you are leaving an area and have to start packing. But, you still have 3 more days to try to cram visits in to all the people you love. Somehow you have to just leave the place your life has been for a solid 4 months oder so. It's something different, that's for sure. But this week was GREAT. We got to meet with the Websters. The lesson was really a surprise. We talked about the lesson that we gave them. It was great. Then one of them asked what she would have to do to be baptized...

*stunned face*

We were all like what? And it was so amazing, because she really does believe that God is there, and if there was an after life, she would want to be prepared for it. Anyway, we read all the questions to her, and it was just a really cool experience. It was especially cool since their Canada friend was there. She was just eating it up. Sadly, we didn't get an appointment with her. But, she took a Book of Mormon, and it was quite a miracle.

Now, off to the heavy duty stuff. We went to the Cutlers, and got to use a jackhammer to tear down a wall!! He is renovating his house, taking out a lot of walls and what not. So, lemme just say, I am a pro now. :) Ha. It was so fun. Sadly, I didn't get a chance to take a picture. But, the dust on my shoes proves it enough. :) It was a great time. To end the great time, we taught the second lesson. He found it very, very interesting, and loved it. We still have some work to do. It was great. Bruder Cutler said that he and his son have been talking about being baptized. They say that they are not ready now, but know they need to be. The Spirit will testify to them, and it's going to happen. I know it. :)

In the other news, ya, Asian Buffet, totally a fail. And my good buddy Adam and his girlfriend came with us. So, we were on a double date. But, we were.. just missionaries? Ha. Missionaries can never escape awkward situations. They have to happen. :) The Next day, we went to Bayreuth on a hike with the young single adults in the stake. Sure, the path was mostly rocks and gravel. But, it was pretty fun once we got to rocks that went super high and had steps. So technically, it wasn't climbing. :)

The call came the next day. I'm moving on to a new world, a new zone, a different dialect, and the list could go on and on. When you get comfortable in one spot for so long, there is no room for growth. I know that I am going to Werdau for a reason. I am going to be able to share all these awesome experiences with you. And through my actions, show that Christ lives. I am so excited that I get to be a missionary, because I have never been happier. Faith builds on the past, but never dwells in it. Forgive, and do what's harder than that, forget. There is nothing better than looking at what's ahead and saying, "Ya, there is a lot of work to do. But, there is incredible happiness that you find anywhere else." It's all about what you want to BE. And I wish all the best to everyone. I hope that when you have an obstacle in your path that could potentially decide your future, run at it. Just like Samuel ran at Goliath, because you cannot lose. The Lord is right next to you. :) Have a great week!!! #GehDeutschland #WeareAWESOME

Elder Mayne

 Got cupcakes from the Websters for my birthday.

 Me on the hike. :) Super high up.

 My flag that I left there. :) 

This is for momma. :) But, obviously for everyone.
Rode in the Audi R5 2014 with a member from Graphwöhr.
Super cool and super nice. :) Ha.

Bye-bye Erlangen!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter #46 - #Livelifetoitsfullest

Once a tweeter, always a tweeter. I will keep hashtags alive 'til the day I am not alive. :) What a week! :) Flew by like a bird. But i enjoyed it so much! The Randoms this week might make the best so far:

Lederhosen and Dirndls all over the place. This week is the BergKirchWeih and it's the second biggest carnival like thing for people here in Germany. Next to Oktoberfest. It is one amazing and hilarious time. Millions of people from all over are coming to visit it. :)

I ate my first WUNDERBAR candy bar, and maybe had a Red Bull. It was diet of course. Shout out to my boy Elder Günther. :)

Taught Sunday School, from the Old testament, about Hannah. We got called on Mittwoch and had no time basically, until Sunday morning, to prepare the lesson for the class. Lets just say that the Lord fills words in your mouth, and the Spirit works wonders. :)

THIS WEEK WAS MY BIRTHDAY!! Still a teenager. But hey, now I am officially older than the goldens (or greenies), that just came out. :) Ha. I am still so young, but hey, old in heart..... :)

The more and more I look back at all the things that have happened in my life, I am amazed. Starting from before my mission until now, I can honestly say that when I turn to the Lord and believe in the talents and abilities that He has given me, the more miracles and opportunities I see. I can use those experiences to serve and touch others. Life is a life of Learning. :)

This week, the highlight was obviously my Birthday. :) I went on a split this week with my Distrikt Leader Elder Brown, and we spent my birthday in basically, America. :) We were on the base in Villsek. It was a great time. On the day of my birthday, we painted this awesome member's house for about 5 hours because her husband is in the army, and they are being transferred to South Carolina in 3 weeks. It was an awesome time, and the member loved us so much. :) She also told me that I reminded her of her little brother, who is an Ambercombie and Fitch model. I mean it was weird, but I didn't complain. :)

We then taught this super old guy, he's 87. He was probably my favorite person that I have ever met. He was like the classic grandpa. He just spoke his mind and it was HILARIOUS. He found out it was my birthday, and made me ice cream. Nicest guy. His wife died several years ago. He totally reminds me of the guy from the movie "Up." But, I checked for Balloons and didn't see any. :) We taught him about prayer and the first lesson. He was loving it. An awesome, awesome fella. :)

On another note, when I came back to Erlangen, we had our Street Display!!!! Funny story. We didn't know that on the other side of the road, the Muslims were giving out Quarans. This road, was literally only 6 feet apart. So basically, it was a turf battle. No matter where you walked, you would either want a Quaran or a Book of Mormon. :) It was AWESOME. I love street displays. I think I talked to so many people, that you would think my mouth never stopped moving. And miracles proceeded. We handed out 31 Buche Mormon!!!! :) It was such a great time. By the time I got home after teaching, I probably couldn't move. But, it was so great.

There are two things that I have thought about this week. One, is something that I love, and that is written on the mirror in my bathroom. That is, "I fear no man." This week, I hashtagged to live life to its fullest. I really just feared no man. I talked when I felt I needed to talk. I used my talents. I like playing church hymns with my uke at the street display in front of hundreds of people. I fear no man, because I know the Lord is on my side. The second, is to just take a breather, think of the situation, and look at the positive. It works! I have seen that if I can take joy in other's accomplishments, and look to serve others, there is no happier time. Life is great. I know that I am a Son of God.

Peace my people. Let God be with you. :) Pray for the Germans that they don't drink too much beer. :)

Elder Mayne

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD AND A DAY EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

 Wunderbar :)

 My mango and an America flag for the b-day. :)

 And well, classic Germany. :)

 Our member Bruder Meisner. :)

 I love Deutsche brezen. :)

This is pig back meat. A real Fränkischen Schweiz essen. :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Letter #45 - Rainy days...

Well, here it goes. The new weekly letter system:

Random things that happened this week:
- Totally rained hardcore for 3 days straight.
- My shirt on Monday was a little too revealing. Luckily it was dark.
- I realized that when I get home, I am doing a bum trip. I'm renting a van/buying one, and getting the homies, and just going bum trippin'.
- Barbecues for Germans are like me calling my squirt gun an actual gun.
- I think that the view of missionaries here is those guys that run in white shirts and ties and always catch the bus right as it is about to leave. :)

This week was a solid week. Our investigators were super hard to meet with, so we just would bring over cookies instead. :) Hashtag missionaries don't give up. But on Tuesday, we had our Zone Training that was super fun. We left early to catch our appointment with the Cutlers. But apparently, they forgot about the appointment, so we ended up talking to him for about 2 hours. We talked about his life and he really appreciated it. Sure we were expecting to set a baptismal date with the family, but in the end, it still was a good time. :)

Mittwoch was just full of craziness. We were confused because we had so much to do. It then ended up being nothing, because Elder Cole's allergies were so bad. We had to figure out how to help him. But we ran to our train that night, to get to Nürnberg and go to institut. We had a good time, and got some good food. :) Ha. I think that the next day, I was sore because we were running so much.

On Thursday, it was rainy. When it is rainy, it puts me in a reflective kind of mood, and makes me think a lot. IDK why, but it makes me see the world in a different light. I know that sounds cheesy, and like a Disney pick up line. Oh well. :) We had a Barbecue with the Zinks. They invited Brüder Steinbrecher, and it was a great time. We got to talk to him, and we appreciated the support from the Zinks. Sure the food was.... good. :) Americans just know what it takes, you know?  Afterwards, since Lilia was sick, we went bei and dropped off some cookies, because that's just what we do. :) Love always is best shared with food.

Friday was just a blur, other than meeting with this sweet old lady named Schwester Berger, that reminds me of my Grandma Charlie. We had a great time meeting with her. :)

On Samstag, can you say TEMPLE!!!!!! What an amazing time. I love the temple, so so so much. I can try to compare it to anywhere I have been. But this place, can just take all your worries away and make you feel so close to your Heavenly Father. It is not like anything else, anywhere else. It is quite amazing. I love the bus ride there and back, because it is just a party bus of spirit. I totally brought my ukulele, and we were playing and singing. :) Ha. The temple. I will say this... I know without a doubt that every time that I am in there, there is something bigger than this life. That I know, death isn't the end.

What a great week it was. When I get a little sentimental, I think I start talking like Yoda. If you can imagine that I am a little green dude giving you advice, I think that the one thing that I would say is to deny yourself. Mosiah 3:19. We are here to learn how to become like God. We are learning how to cast out the natural man. Deny yourself, and find yourself, in the Lord. You all have a great week, and hey: #SUMMMMERTIME #HAGS #MISSIONSRULE

Elder Mayne

 Zone Training activity. I destroyed that pinata.

Shout out to Alyssa. :)

 Elder Cole and I did a photo shoot with lederhosen. :)

Maybe I eat alphabet soup, and have a spoon you get out of 
cereal box. :)

 Diet Coke and my new suit. Just for you mom. :)

 Sister Blackhurst and Sister Carlson!

My comp is crazy with guns. Ha.