Friday, July 26, 2013

First Letter in the MTC

Guten Tag Meine Familia,

It's been quite an interesting tag (day). I am like a little rabbit jumping around with no idea what I'm doing. It's safe to say though: I could not be more excited to be here. When I first was being shown around, up to my room, my companion showed up the exact same time. Elder Shively (still can't spell it) is one funny guy. He rides horses, reads, ha still discovering what girls are. :) But, he's a great kid and we mix well.

But, when I was getting shown around, right before the classroom, I was greeted; excuse me tackled by two running elders by the name of Gunther and Childs. :) I could've cried I was so happy. But, they were off to dinner, so they obviously didn't stay too long. But, I went to my classroom and loved it. My teachers are great. Sure, they talked in German the entire time, but it was amazing to experience and it feels like I understand more than I have ever before already even on my first day.

We then had an orientation that was alright, trying to keep awake. But, then din din came along and it was schmeck gut. I sat by Parker, excuse me, Elder Judd and his companion and it was great to talk to him. Also saw Elder Line. :) It’s just like a homie–gathering here at the MTC. The coolest part of the day I think, was when we came into our classroom, not knowing what to expect, and all of the missionaries, 50 or 60, were supposed to teach one investigator and we did this process 3 times with different people. The very first and second times, it was so FRUSTRATING because everyone was raising their hands, spouting off words and scripture and doctrine that would scare anyone away, even me. But the third time, the teacher asked me and Elder Shively to knock on the “door” and start off the conversation. I immediately felt the spirit as he started talking to us and Doug Simpson, the investigator, could feel it too. I think the reason it was so much better was because I asked him questions and I wanted to know more about his life that was why I was so frustrated with the previous ones, because no one was asking the investigators questions and just spouting knowledge.

I could not express my excitement this is definitely a new stage in life and a lot to take in. But, I know I am supposed to be here and this is the Lord’s work. I love you all and miss you terribly, but thanks for helping me get here and dealing with my terrible handwriting. :)

Elder Mayne

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