Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Letter #4

Well Guten tag miene freundens und familien, (that's way wrong, but I don't care, my typing is terrible today :))

Wow has this week been a crazy week of events. But it honestly may have been my favorite week in the MTC. And well, I will tell you why...

On Donnerstag (Thursday), meine Miterbiter and I went to the doctor in Provo. We went off MTC campus... rebel life maybe? Ha no, anyway, we went off campus to the doctor because Elder Shively had an infection, which turned out to be in the inside of his cheek and was filled with puss. Ya I had to see that and yes it was disgusting. But anyway, when we were going there, it was so weird because it was the real world frankly. While I was reading PMG at the doctor's office, I was reading the section about finding people and to talk to everyone. And it was kind of a blessing because I could do that right then. So while I was in the waiting room, I talked with a little boy, Steve, and his mom, while watching "Tangled" (gasp). I just learned so much about them and I honestly ended up loving them in those 20 min. and I just thought, I am a representive of Jesus Christ. I am able to act in his name and act as he did. So it was a fantastic opportunity and if I felt love for a Mormon family in Provo that I talked to for 20 minutes, how great it will be to serve the people in Frankfurt. So that was a pretty cool experience.

On Friday, I had my first TRC. It's where they have volunteers, that are members, just talk to you in German. Some are from Deutschland. And it's basically like home teaching. Wow, it was an amazing experience. I understood honestly, like 88 percent of what they were saying and I felt words go into my mouth that I thought I had forgotten. It's amazing how the Lord works and the Spirit. I bore my testimony both times we went, but the second person we taught was amazing. She is from Germany, served a mish in Hawaii (yes) and spoke Russian (what?) but when I bore my testimony, I just started bawling. And she started to cry too. It was such a touching experience, and I felt so close to my Savior. I found a new love for teaching. And getting to know people. I love love love love love love looooooove it :)

This is a special shoutout to my Young Mens teacher Bro Bird. Thank you so much, so much for helping me. I honestly, would not have been as prepared, not as excited, not have such a love, and not have such a closer and deeper love for my Savior if it weren't for you. So thank you for that. I honestly have been working so hard on my mish, and I can already see the blessings. Now stop getting teary eyed and go work on your shot, so you maybe might have a chance in beating me in PIG :)

I had the most amazing experience in my class today. My teacher taught us about the restoration. I have never had such an amazing lesson about that. It sounded like he has been wanting to say that for a while. But wow, I learned so much about just why the Lord calls prohphets, his Atonement, and the Plan of Salvation, and how amazing it all is. God loves his children, so he gives us prophets, which are men called of God, to act in God's name, to lead His church, and to exercise His power, the priesthood. The priesthood is God's power, to access Jesus Christ's Atonement and use it. God has always has given us prophets, since Adam, and Moses, and Abraham. But the people were never ready for the word. They rejected what they had to say and killed them off...... Ok so that's a little teaser. I have learned so much. I wish I recorded that lesson and just could give it to you. I learned so much and I love, I love this gospel.

The next day, ironically, I was able to use God's priesthood power and give my first blessing. It was such an amazing experience. A sister in my district, Sister McMurray, was sick and needed one. So she asked me to give her one. Ha by golly, I was nervous. But wow, the power that I felt and just to be able to use God's power — that was truly amazing. Christ atoned for our sins, our sicknesses and illnesses, and so when I exercised my priesthood, I was able to access his atonement, and give a blessing. It was amazing. Thanks dad for always setting a great example of having faith to give blessings and just being worthy of the priesthood :)

My favorite part of the MTC is the devotionals. Last night we had Elder Richard G. Scott come and speak to us. WOW. That man is amazing. He was so powerful. He talked about beten (prayer) and having and using the faith you have. He used the same points I think when he spoke about the same topic in general conference sometime. So I recommend you look it up. The most amazing part of his talk was when he paused, and said, "If you are all wondering why I am so emotional tonight, I have a reason, and I think I ought to tell you." His wife has been gone for sometime and he said that he feels that we have been lucky enough to have her in our presence tonight. That was so amazing. Because the entire time, it just was so reverent and the spirit was so strong, even before he said that, so I had been wondering why. It was amazing.

The other night, I was given the opportunity to grow closer to my Savior. I felt the impression to pray to him, while I was trying to sleep. I got on my knees and prayed for 2 hours. Longest I have ever prayed. But I just poured out my entire soul to my Heavenly Father, and I knew he was listening. How great did it feel. I recommend to just take time, go to a quiet place, get on your knees, and humble yourself before the Lord, aloud. He is there, he does listen, and he loves us. A little boy of 14 years of age, had that same faith, in 1820, and God answered him. God is the same today, yesterday, and forever. I testify that this is true :)

On Sunday, we watched "Character of Christ," a talk by Elder Bednar that he gave to the MTC on Christmas morning, when it was Sunday. Please go watch it, however you can get a hold of it. It is one of the most amazing talks i have ever heard. It honestly, has changed my life and how i act. Please go do that, and do what he says. You will be blessed and see the changes in your life.

I'm at my halfway point of the MTC! I couldn't be more excited. I just want to get out there. Elder Childs and Elder Gunther leave this next week, and I envy them. But I wish them luck and love them :)

I will write more when i have time, but this is all I have for today. Write me personally! I love dearelders. Makes my day/week. Love the artistic envelope i got from Emily Orton. It was sweet. But I ought to go, but I love you all, and I know that the Lord loves you! 

Love you all! Love you mom :)
Tchuß  i  Buß  i  Papa!

Elder Mayne

I searched for a while online and finally found a link to the talk Adam mentioned. I hope it's the right one! It's the only one I could find since the talks given in the MTC usually aren't published. If you'd like to read it, go ahead :) 

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