Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Letter #6 - Last Week in MTC

This week went by soooo fast, and yet so slow. There's a saying for missionaries: "The days are the longest, but the weeks are the fastest." It's so true. This week just came and went. It's hard because the MTC is the same exact schedule for 5 weeks. But hey, I'm on my last one, so its all good :)

So I'll start with Sunday. I have become great friends with Elder Ellis, who is from highland and went to Lone Peak High School and ironically, we are both district leaders. We basically were with each other the entire day because of meetings and such, but it was great. Elder Shively and I blessed the sacrament (auf duetch of course) and then guess what, I was called on to give a talk. Ha ya lucky me right? Nah it was great, and I did it all in german. The spirit was sehr strong and I saw a lot of people crying, so that's always a good thing :) I read a poem, "He's Been There Before," by Elder Whittle. I edited it a little to make it a little more personal, but I recommend reading it. It's great.

I must say, I have seen so many blessing come to me while I have been here, learning a new langauge. One of my favorite things is to go to TRC. I am sure I have mentioned it before, but I can fully understand what people are saying, full blooded germans! like what? ha That honestly makes me so happy and gives me hope that I will be able to fully speak it someday :)

There's oppostion in all things :) ha Monday was trrrrble. It was so hard, rained all day so my body ached (everyone makes fun of me because I can tell when it is going to rain or not by the way my body feels. I have been right every time. These are things you notice when you're in a classroom for 12 hours. And its my indian blood. Thanks mom :]) Auf Jeden Fall, it was just a hard day and just hard to fully believe that I could get through it. And then one of my favorite days, Tuesday, came along. It was starting to be a hard day too, but then the devotional came, and it was just great. Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke, and I love him. He is just really relatable, and he is called of God :) Anyway, he talked about love and sacrifice. He talked about the Savior and just how, that his sacrifice is the ultimate sacrifice. He didn't say this, but I wrote "Love is Sacrifice" How true is that statement? Love is sacrifice. We love the things we sacrifice for, and we sacrifice for the things we love. Our Heavenly Father sent His perfect son, a Son of God, to a desolate place, to take upon all the burdens of men, that are no way close to perfect, just so we could have a way to return to Him again. How amazing is that? The ultimate sacrifice was the Only Begotten Son. Unser Savior, our Erloser, Jesus Christ. That truth has so much power. And my favorite part was at the end of his talk, he said "I am his witness." The Spirit was just so powerful and so strong. I loved it.

After the devotional, it was pouring rain, and there was lighting, so they kept us inside for a little and sang hymns. It was great. When we got back outside, it was still pouring, so if anyone knows me, I was having the time of my life :)

So I have 6 DAYS LEFT AND THEN I'LL BE IN FRANKFURT!!! haha no I'm not excited at all ;) Ok yes, I cannot contain myself. Sure it's scary, and I'll be in a total different climate, in a different country, currency, oh ya and language, but hey, I could not be more excited to bring people unto salvation :) So this is the time to write me letters, because I won't have a lot of time to write emails :) but I am acting as the Lord's servant, bringing people unto salvation. Gosh I am excited. And I know I can do it, but only with the Lord. Alma 26 will forever be one of the best GO get em scriptures. I love Alma 37 also. I love 3rd Nephi 27 too. I just love the scriptures. Ich Liebe! ha but I love you all, thanks for all your support and love and appreciation and friendship and whatever else. "When I am weak, I know I am strong; because that is when the Lord gives me His hand" I love life. I love this gospel. Wish me luck! :)

Elder Mayne

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