Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter #10 - Basketball

Hallo Leute of not Deutschland!

Ha I'm funny. So this week was awesome. We didn't have too much going on, but the week started out good because well, um, I played basketball! Ya. But also had an awesome, spiritual experience from it as well. Knew those things were always connected.

So we got invited to this practice for a men's league, 25 to not as old. They play and if they win enough games, they get up to the professional league. The first guy we met, his name is Mario. Coolest guy, lived in the states for a while, knows perfect English, talks like a black guy, and played professionally for 11 years. We instantly became friends. It was awesome. And he gave us his phone number so in case we need anything, we can call him. we did! He invited us to a game that the team is playing at, but we can't go because it's during General Conference, so we got to tell him what that was. It was awesome. They have respect for me, because well, I played pretty good and now they want me on their team. Ha so we'll talk to President about that.We met another guy, named Alex, and super nice too. It's nice to use a talent to find people :)

The next day, we had a member lesson with my favorite members in the ward: the Vincents. They are such happy, nice people. They have two little kids, Sophie and James, and Sophie was running around the house because she was so excited we were there. They speak English, so that was a plus. They are just the chillest, lovable family you could have. Our goal for our lesson, was a talk by President Uchtdorf on hope. The Spirit was super strong and we told them to use hope and believe that through the Lord's help, we can do anything. And it was awesome. I love teaching people and feeling the Spirit, and talking by the Spirit, and also helping people feel the Spirit. It's a wonderful feeling.

The next day, we met with Sister Biller, it was her birthday, and we went and talked to her. She is turning 93, lives on the 3rd level of an apartment, and lives by herself. Awesome lady. I could only understand a little of what she was saying, but she had such a strong testimony and such a strong Spirit, you can't help but feel Gods love for her.

Donnerstag (Thursday) we met with the Millers, a less active and his non-member wife. He is American and she is Deutsch. Hilarious people. She cackles like a witch and he is super big boned and sarcastic and served in the army. We went and served them, learned how to use a bunch of new power tools and just got to make their day better. So fun. Haha and then... they gave us Reeses, salt and vinegar chips, Mountain Dew, peanut butter, Oreos, and just so much food!! Haha it was hard carrying it home, but it was well worth it. :)

We experience a lot of stuff on the street. Elder Allen doesn't notice because he is staring at the ground and singing songs but haha it's funny when people walk by you, don't even look at you, just the name tag, and scoff or most of time, when their smoking, spit smoke in our face. And well, I just smile and say hello. It's hard being a missionary, but hey, I am here being a representative of the Lord, so what else matters? What would he do?

Friday, great day also. Just got to study for the full hours finally, because we haven't since we have been so busy, but I just have learned so much and honestly have never had such a strong testimony until now. I know my Savior knows us. And I think, I thought about this, priesthood blessings are given one at a time. Not as a group, as a individual. So do you think that the atonement, that the Savior personally said that blessing for each and everyone of us? Think of him praying personally for you and bleeding for you and feeling everything that you have and will ever feel. And thanks to my fellow Elder Judd, he gave me the talk that I love so much by elder holland. It's called "Missionary Work and the Atonement." It's about missionary work, but we are all missionaries right? It's an amazing talk.

Saturday and Sunday just always seem to be the best days. We had to set up for a baptism for some fellow elders in our district, and they were baptizing Ding, who is Chinese, they met 10 days ago, and is going back to China in 3 days. It was an amazing experience to see his face when he got out of the water and the gratitude. Makes me think of my own baptism and how I want to help someone feel like that. It was great :) Sunday we had church, and then we went to this American's house in Seubersdorf and it's so beautiful. They have a kid, Christopher, who's 12 years old and is a ball full of energy. It was great to just testify of missionary work and the importance of it. I love entering in members' homes. You just feel their love.

The best part of the week, other than basketball, was going to this non-members apartment right below us, who invited us over for dinner and just talked and had such a great time. It was awesome to feel their love. We have another appointment with them next week so I think they are so ready. Their names are Thomas and Tania. He quick smoking because he felt like he needed to. Ha so... I think they are ready. It's going to be amazing, and we are going to preach to them :)

My commitment this week is to simply watch Conference with a question in mind. I know that it will be answered. Those men are called of God and are doing what I am doing to members: praying for you and teaching you by the power of the Holy Ghost to know what you need. I have been excited for weeks. Conference starts at 18 uhr, 6 o'clock here on Saturday, and then we watch the rest of it, 8 hours on Sunday.

I am so excited. New experiences everyday. I know this is the Lord's work. I know he loves you and he is there for you. Love you all.

Elder Mayne

P.S. hey and guess what family... I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE THE BEST THINGS EVER IN MY LIFE.

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