Monday, April 27, 2015

Letter #92 - Start Rolling Memory Reel Titled "Never Forget This"


She got baptized :)

(memory reel starts.... click click click)

Elder von Wallwitz and I pack everything up and head to the church at 1pm, two hours before the baptism. I'm wearing my favorite tie, he is looking great. I brought an extra shirt so I don't have to be soaked like last time, and everything is great. We show up there, realize we don't have any treats, which we were supposed to bring. We start praying that members will bring stuff. We walk into the church, go straight to the font, and start filling it up. I look inside of the font, and there is a massive fly just floating in the water. Ew. Luckily this isn't the first time. I go grab our makeshift dingsbumbs, which is perfect for the job. Next we go set up the chairs and start printing our programs. Brian, our ward mission leader, shows up and starts helping as well. Everything is set up, looking great. We start chatting, then I realize...I forgot my white pants. Elder von Wallwitz starts laughing. Brian says I should wear the grandpa airspace jumpsuits they have. No hesitation, I put that thing right on. Looks like a perfect fit. We stop panicking. We go out to the door and see that Rosina is there with her son. She is so happy, tells us she drank lots of water last night and today, so she can be clean outside and inside :)

We go show her the baptismal fount and she is so excited. Her son is excited for her as well and is a nice chap. We get closer to crunch time and lots of members are showing up, which is so great to see. We tell her that it's time to go get changed, and I head into the men's stall, she to the women's. As I'm changing, I get a little emotional and just pray that everything will go great. I express my gratitude to see someone following Jesus Christ, even one of my dear friends I care about so much. As I head out and wait for her, Elder von Wallwitz and I just can't even hold our excitement. There is just nothing better. She comes out and is just shining in her white dress. She says we are both white angels, just without the circle around our head (forgot what that is in english). We take a couple of pictures and then head into the full room of people to start the baptism program.

Everything goes great. The Spirit there is just a big warm feeling, like someone is just hugging the entire room there and just squeezing. Talea, an awesome girl in the ward, gives the talk on baptism, and then we procede to the baptism. I go in the water and help Rosina walk down the stairs. She holds on to me and then I say the words "Beauftragt von Jesus Christus, taufe ich dich in Namen des Vaters, und des Sohnes, und des Heilgen Geistes, Amen." And I dip her in. She goes forward, because of her back, and doesn't go completely under the first time. After she comes out, her face is just smiling and looks around like the world is completely new. I tell her we have to do it one more time, and she is more than willing. We do it again, and it's perfect. She comes out of the water and smiles again and says "nochmal?" One more time? :) I laugh and say no, it's perfect, and then she wants to take a picture in the font and I hold on to her tight.

We change and then continue with the baptism again, and she is just happy. You can tell she is just on top of the world. This is her day. The bishop speaks to her so nicely and the program ends, and luckily there was a lot of refreshments, and we just chat after and spirits are high and the feeling of being washed clean and the happiness is just all over the face of Rosina. What an amazing day.

Now Elder Bednar (throw in the other reel)

We are sitting in the chapel, waiting all quietly as we study and try to prepare ourselves best for him, and as the clock hits 10am, in walks President Stoddard and his wife, followed by Elder Bednar and his wife. Everyone is standing and you can just feel the Spirit in the room. President says a few words, someone says a prayer, and then he immediately turns the time over to Elder Bednar. Elder Bednar stands up and speaks and says he is grateful to be there and then says that first and foremost he brings his love from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and the Prophet and his counselors. I feel this feeling of love and gratitude for these men, and the thought that pops into my head: "These men are called and ordained of God." And I know it. Then Elder Bednar says, "I'm going to say a statement and then I want to know what your first thoughts are as I say this alright? I'm not here to talk about iPads." For about an hour and a half, we talked about that... And the conversation the entire lesson was guided by the Spirit. I just sat there amazed with the way he taught, by inviting the Spirit. I learned so many things I need to improve on, and how I can become better. Then of course, they talked about iPads later, and the things and the thoughts and the ideas they have compiled together was amazing. The things that I am learning now, are things I'm going to take home from my mission and also teach my kids. This meeting was absolutely spectacular. He gave a prophecy at the end and said that some of you, I will meet again personally, and you will talk about this meeting and the things you have learned. And I felt, that one day, that will happen. And I can't wait, to tell him the things that I've learned.

This week was amazing, and so spiritual. All I can say is, like my best bud Steph back home said this week "I just smile bigger now."

And to conclude, I just want to give a shout out to someone. I won't say their name, but one of my dear friends went home from their mission this week, and I just want them to know that I care about them a lot, I love them, and they should come talk to me. :) Because it doesn't matter how many times we fall, but how many times we wipe off the dust of what we are leaving behind and pick ourselves back up :)

Have a wonderful week. Love you all!!!

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