Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter #7 - First Week in Germany

Guten Tag friends and Familie :)

Holy crap I'm in Germany. Weird. I'll start from the beginnning. So I got off the plane, into the quietest airport EVER. And then we met the kindest people in the world (next to mom and dad of course :]) President Schwartz and his wife. They are the kindest people, and President Schwartz is definitely a hugger. But anywho, we went and took trains to the mission home. First train experience.

So that first day, we had an assignment to visit someone and teach a lesson. So I went with Elder Smith, from Riverton, that's been here for 6 months, and we went and taught this family. The dad knew German, the wife knew Spanish, and well, I know english haha. But it was awesome and they were super kind.

Germany is beautiful. The cobble stone walks, the huge Bahnhof or train station, the food, the new money, the people, the constant smoke smell, everything is just crazy and awesome. I love it here. But I have no clue what anyone is saying or what is going on haha. But I am trying my hardest. I then had a little interview with President Schwartz. He is so loving and kind, and I am just looking forward to getting to know him and just learning to be more kind like him. So after that little meeting and really my first experience in Germany, we went to a Holiday Inn, haha and me and my buddy Elder Nelson slept from 7 to when we were supposed to wake up the next morning. They said that we would need that sleep and boy, were they right! Jet lag is still a killer haha. But we woke up and had a fantastic breakfast in the hotel, the bread and jelly was so awesome. Even though it was a continental breakfast, it was amazing. Especially after the MTC food.

We had a conference meeting, and this was where we are going to meeting our new companion and our new zone. So.... (drum roll please...) My new companion is Elder Allen. He is from Maeser Prep in Provo and has gone to byu for a year. Funny thing though, he has only been here for 3 months, so he doesn't know a lot about the culture or the language, so we are just bright and new to the world in Germany. Unser assignment is in Feucht, a countryside town that is just beautiful. It's literal translation is "moist" in English haha but it's the best. It takes 3 hours to travel there from Frankfurt on a train, but worth the trip.

Our first day, we met some of the ward and went to Sport. It's basically a night where the ward and missionaries play in from of the Church, and invite whoever wants to come. It's a great place for people to meet members of the Church and learn more about us. I met Sister Ackkerman, and she is the best ward member ever. I met some more people, our ward mission leader, Chrisy, he likes to be called, but all the rest didn't speak German so I had no clue what was going on haha. We then came back to the apartment officially and got settled in. Our apartment is pretty nice, just chill and great. It has a balcony but other than that, nothing special ha.

The days go by here are like a blur. Because we ride trains so much, so we have a lot of opportunity to talk to people. We met two peole that were fantastic and wanted to learn more. One was a muslim guy named Ahmen and the other a girl that was very into philosophy. They both spoke English so that's how Elder Allen and I talked to them. But intresting experience, while I was sitting watching Elder Allen talk to some people, I went and talked to this sweet lady and of course I had to pull out my dictionary, but hey, I talked to someone, in German! Highlight of the day.

Then Friday and Saturday came. Hardest days of Elder Allen's mission and mine too. We just had absoutely no success. It was so hard. Like wow, it was SO hard. I'm sick too. I think I might have strep, and all the smoke in the air just kills me. So my energy is really low. Anyway, we had talked to so many people, we walked so much, just tried our hardest, and nothing. So it was super hard to have faith and hope these last couple days. But then Sunday came and I met the best ward ever. We have the best ward. They are so strong and faithful and just loving. I don't know what they are saying to me, but I do my best to smile and listen to them. I gave my testimony and I felt like I butchered every word, but Elder Allen said that was the best he has heard me speak ha. But I love the ward, and I love being here.

We have two investigators at the moment, and I don't really know anything about them. But this upcoming week, I'll let you know more about the people we meet and how everyone is progressing As usual, I want to leave with a thought. Read the talk by Elder Bednar about the enabling power of the atonement. It's such an amazing talk.

I'm sorry I'm not my usual spunky self, and I don't have a lot of energy. I have been sick for a week now and I feel terrible at the moment. but I'm doing my best to get through it and be better. I honestly love Germany. I will be better at writing letters and being more thoughtful with all of you ha. I just need more energy haha. But I will keep you updated! Oh and if you want to mail me letters or packages, which is toooootally ok with me, you have to send it to me to my direct address, or else I wont get it until the zone conference like every 3 or 6 weeks. So here is my address: 52 Regensburger Strasse 92318 Neumarkt i. d. opf Deutschland

Love you all and pray for me :) I'll talk to you all later. I miss all of you!

Elder Mayne

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