Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013 - Got a Letter in the Mail!

Hallo Mutti und Vater und Katze und Alyssa und Brady,

Hi family :) I'm so very sorry for having so little zeit to talk to you. I miss you terribly. But hey, this is how I'll make it up to you today :)

So Mom and Alyssa, don't ever come to Nuremberg, or Germany in general. You will want to shop, shop, shop. The places here are amazing. So after walking around trying to find a good place to buy a coat for my companion, we went to the CNA, which is like better than H&M and like, just 50 times better than any American store. I had to contain myself so bad. I bought two ties and some gloves. But gosh, Dad and I and Brady would look so fly if we shopped there. It's pretty cheap, some stuff. they have a sale going on soon, where you can get a European suit for only 39 Euros, so like 52 bucks. It's such a classy place. I'd throw/sell all my clothes and just by some there.

So that was my great P-day today. And I thought of you guys a lot. Missing being someone's shopping buddy :) But here's something that you'll be really proud of me: I am a cleaner, mom! I like cleaning! Hopefully you were holding on to something when I said that haha :) We/I deep-cleaned our kitchen. I cleaned the stove, oven, took out/threw out stuff in the fridge and cleaned it, and then I cleaned the "pantry" and shelves we have to put food on. I love cooking and buying food. The bread words. So fricking good.

To answer some of you questions, my interview with President was really good. He loves me a lot, I can tell. We just didn't have a lot of time to talk, but he is a wonderful man. With my investigators, one of them is Nick. Awesome kid, comes to church, loves how he feels. He comes to Sport Abend, but he doesn't like to have sit down lessons. He speaks English, so we already are tight. But he is awesome because he doesn't drink, do drugs or have sex, but is 18, and that's rare in Deutschland. So we are working with him and helping him.

Georg is an interesting man. Super smiley, but I don't know what he is saying, and he is kinda quiet. He comes to church and has had baptism dates set, but he can't stop smoking. So the atonement is going to be my lesson, first lesson with him on Samstag. I'm excited!

With Jergen, I hope that he reads the Book of Mormon. He is evangelical, loves his family, and knows a lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ. But he thinks that if you love God, you are okay and that's all you need. But I know that we will teach him, and the Holy Ghost will tell him what's up :) I really think he is prepared. So pray for Jergen.

And the last, Jesse. He's tight, he's from Ghana and loves, loves, loves the Bible. We taught about the priesthood to him, but he thinks it's the light of Christ. So we are going to teach more about that, what the Priesthood is. I feel like he just needs to hear something that will touch his heart, and it'll show him this is the true gospel. I also had a dream that he was in white, being baptized. Ya, so I'm hoping, I can be worthy and listen to the Holy Ghost and teach what he needs.

The other problem I'm having is contacting. It feels like there's something better that we can be spending our time with. And we never get anywhere. I feel like we need more help from the members. We need to find people through the members. Watch the Hastening the Work videos on It's so good! In one of them, the bishop set a ward goal that they would get a certain amount of baptisms and four reactivations. And they had so much success! We would like to encourage something like this with our ward and it's members. So I'd love some suggestions from you guys :)

I've updated you on the life of Elder Mayne Tomorrow we have "golden trainer meeting," which is in Frankfurt. I'm super excited, even though it takes 3 hours to get there.

Thanks for being an awesome family. Dad and Brady, thanks for being such wonderful examples of loving husbands, mission-goers, and just worthy priesthood holders. Mom and Alyssa, thank you for being worthy, loving daughters of God and having such such strong testimonies. Thank you for being a wonderful example also. People here don't treat women good at all. Women are looked at as objects. And it makes me mad everyday. You know I respected women before, but now, I just want every daughter of God to know he loves them, and she is worth something. Because it's true! Sorry I'm getting on my little soap box right now. But I love you so much. You mean so much to me. Think about you everyday, not because I'm homesick, but you keep me motivated. And my family is awesome, and I want everyone to have that. Love you all so much. Read the Book of Mormon every day. Pray with your heart to the Lord, he will listen. And mom, stay strong :) You are doing so well. i'll be home before you know it. Keep going to the temple. I miss it already. Love you all. Remember that. Send me letters, send me whatever. And till next time, Hurrah for Israel! :)

Elder Mayne

P.S. Pray for me? Winter is supposed to start in a week...

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