Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter #12 - Priesthood Power

Guten TAG alle Menschen!

It's been a great week, and I am feeling good. I'm little hungry right now but that's the missionary life, and there's no way to stop missionary hunger. But it's been a great week, and I will tell you all about it.

Tuesday: Just a great day. We had a lesson planned with Georg, but since he had work that morning, he couldn't meet. So we just did some more studying, well finished our normal study. And then we went to the Grassers, these Americans in our ward. I love these people. They are super sarcastic and make me feel like I am back at home, partly because I know exactly what they are saying to me :) They have a pumpkin patch, a big one too. We went and served in it for 4 hours. It was long, and ha, winter is starting to come in. But it was so fun to be just out there, in the boonies of Nuemarkt, and just serving and having fun. It was a great day. We came home after and went by on a referral from our bishop, but he wasn't home. So we went and set up an apppointment with our awesome neighbors below us for this Saturday and then we went and called potentials out of our phone, because we have 150 contacts and only know like 50 of them ha. We had some interesting phone calls, but it was a great day, and I love serving and helping members.

Wednesday: I honestly can't remember what we did in the morning, I am so sorry. I do usually have my planner, but we have new planners this week because of transfers!!! Crazy. I do know that we had basketball (of course) in the night, and that was awesome. The potential that we have a relationship with, Mario, offered to take us to this game up in Regensburg on Saturday, so obviously we said yes. It's a 50 minute drive up there, so perfect opportunity right? But that's Saturday, so we will get to that later. Other than that, I can imagine this day was good too :)

Donnerstag: Ah, my favorite day this week. So we had a companion exchange this week, so Elder Miller from Regensburg came down here, and I was supppose to hold down the fort as a new missionary. It was one of my favorite days on the mission honestly. We went and visited this less active in our ward, and I had the opportunity to give her a blessing. It was so amazing. I can testify of the power of the priesthood. I just felt God's love for her, which was amazing. I love helping people feel that. But then anyway, Elder Miller and I just clicked and were talking with everyone. My German is coming along people. :) When you're on your mission, you feel like you will never learn. But it just comes! You just have to be patient and honestly, open your mouth. That's all. Auf jedenfall, then we had sport abend, and there was no one that came! But then bishop and his family came and it was just a great time to play soccer, be humble, and just get closer to our bishop. So Thursday was great.

Friday: So this day was great too. Lot's of things happen, but when you just focus on the good things, it just makes life so much better right? But anywho, Elder Allen and I got back together, weird to say that, but once we did, we went straight off to an eating appointment with Sister Shultz, who is the sweetest lady. She has been a member for over a year, her whole family are non-members, and she is just so sweet and fantastic. Her family loves us. And we pray everyday that someday they will accept this gospel. But we taught about prayer and asked her how it helped her in the role of her conversion, and I think it was great, and I testified about how it is important to me and what role it is to me. Her husband is athesist, and the spirit was so strong, I know that he has to wonder if this is true. Ah I love feeling the Spirit, and I know that it's what God wants us to hear. :) It makes me happy. Ha I am in a good mood right now.

Saturday: Okay, best day. All that happened at the beginning of the week doesn't compare to what happened today. Remember Mario, the 11 year pro basketball player? So he picks us up to go to the game on Saturday, and he is wearing the 9s, if any of you know shoes, and he seriously is such a great guy. but so on the way back from the game (the team lost, es ist slim, but ah, whatevs) we talked about religion, and he is so awesome. He was so open. And he knows about us. We just taught about what we believe and learned what he believes. He is Protestant and said he knows God and Jesus. And he doesn't like how people force peoeple into religion. Ah I can't adequately explain the talk that we had with him. I can just testify, that this gospel is true. We support all religions, and we want to help everyone. I can testify that as a missionary, you need the spirit. I honestly don't remember all the questions I asked him, because the Spirit told me what to say to him and how to touch him, and we ended up making him think about why there are so many religions and we gave him a Book of Mormon and ah, it is just so fantastic to just actually have a talk and teach to people's needs. Something he said about us was we are just trying to help people find Jesus. If they just let us talk to them for 5 minutes, and think about what we said, then it could change their life. And I know that, because it has changed mine.

AH I love this gospel! I got to go. Good luck to you all this week and hey, reach out to someone this week and just ask them how their day is and try to imagine, what Christ thinks of this person. I love you all and wish you the best :)

Elder Mayne

AND I MOST OF ALL LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! You're great :) love you all

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