Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter #13 - Haircut

Ah Hallo wieder Familie und Fruende!

This week was a solid week. Lots of ups and downs, but as always, I tend to look at the ups so it's all good :) but this week, was one I probably will remember forever, and I will tell you why :)

Montag: So..... I cut my hair. Yes, I did mother. Haha but hey, I think it looks decent, and it was a lot better than spending 9 Euro on a crappy haircut. So pictures are included. Be warned, it may not be missionary appropriate :) ha but I had hair all over my back and man, it is HARD to cut the back of your head by yourself. Elder Allen wasn't down to do if for me :)

Dienstag: Ah this day was hard. We met with Georg, but it wasn't the greatest lesson. He has been struggling with his problems and the commandments, especially the Word of Wisdom, so it's been hard on him. We kinda felt like we didn't address the right things for him. We met with him this P-day, because he told us he didn't want to meet anymore on Sunday (getting ahead), but he is happy now and feels like we honestly care about him, which we do. I just want the best for him, and I care about that guy so much. I know that if he makes his baptismal date, and goes through with it, his life will be so much happier. Just want the best for this guy. So I am praying hard :)

Mittwoch: Ah so this week, we did a lot of contacting. We haven't seen any success come out of it YET, but we have made people's days and touched their hearts, and that is all that matters. Honestly. And so this day we did train contacting, as we did yesterday, because that's the only time people will talk to us, because they can't leave their seats haha :) but so we did that and also got my visa so I wasn't an illegal Native American here in Germany :) Then we had basketball and talked to Mario, about Buch of Mormon reading. He said he has been reading it! He said it is different and interesting, and said he will keep reading, but doesnt know what he thinks yet. We are playing with him again tonight, so hopefully we will be able to set an appointment up and talk to him about it :) But hey, he's been reading! Ha it's awesome :) best way to find the truth of this gospel is that buch.

Donnerstag: Gosh, this day was one that I will never forget. Nothing amazing happened, nothing special, just simply, carving a pumpkin to bring to a family that has been going through hard times in our ward, and seeing their faces when we came. Ah, it was awesome. If you can understand what it says in the picture, it says Wir (heart) euch, so we love you all. And man, that thing was heavy. Ha and they live about 30-45 min away, so like a 2 mile walk. But gosh, it was worth it. Even while we were passing by people on the street, and seeing their faces, smiling because two guys in suits are struggling carrying pumpkins on a hill, was awesome. Ah, I loved it. That's what this work is all about everyone. It's making people feel loved. Is making them remember the love they felt before this world began. It's an amazing opportnuity to do that and to touch peoples lives the way that I have. It makes me so happy, and I am so lucky to be out here, doing what Christ did.

Fritag: ha so this day was intresting and went by pretty dang fast. We had zone training, again, ha but it always recharges our batteries and makes us better everytime, which is exactly what I need. Then we went to serve a member in our ward, which was to get a chicken coup he bought from a neighbor and move it to his house. It was really easy, and there wasn't too much to do, so I felt like the only reason that they called us there was to watch us chase around chickens and try to catch them. Man, those things are annoying ha. But it was good, and I got to practice my German with this ward member and get to know him better, which was great :)

During study this day, I had a thought, and I want to apologize to everyone. I am sorry for the past. In my sophomore year, I had a terrible experience, and I was rocked to my core, and I was deeply hurt and hurt others that were close to me as well. I was selfish. I closed out the people that loved me the most, that cared the most about me and only thought why me, why this. And I missed out on the opportunity to help people and change others' lives, rather than just wishing mine was different. So I want to apologize to all of you that had to endure or go through that with me, or for others that I hurt along the way. I know that through that trial I have become better. And I am gratefol for that. But I know that I could have helped so many others as well, and for that, I apologize and testify of the Atonement of Christ, that helps all men, to change and become clean, and more like him. For that, I am forever eternally grateful.

Sonntag: We served the Millers :) They are so awesome. I love them! They are like 3rd set of grandparents. After that, we went to our neighbors' for tea (fruit tea) and cake. Annnnnd taught a first lesson. THESE PEOPLE ARE SO PREPARED. We had an awesome lesson, and the Spirit was so strong. We have another appointment next week. I love these people, and I will tell you more about what happens to them next week. Their names are Thomas and Tania, and they are 25 each and have an annoying dog named Kimi. But I love them :)

I love you all so much. I must, ah, go play basketball ;) ha but I just want to testify this gospel is true. And I have never, never felt more love and joy than I do now. And it's because the more we study this gospel and Christ and his teachings, and LIVE them, the happier we will be. I can veri├čung that. And I am so grateful for it. Bis dan! Ciao!



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