Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter #17 - God Prepares Us

This week went by insanely fast and i cannot believe, i am coming up on my 3rd transfer already and my 4th month out and wow... it needs to slow down! ha but this week was a good week.

Tuesday: Sweet day. This week, I have been studying SO HARD and honestly, I love study time so much. It's where I learn so much about this gospel and then I go out there and apply what I learn. I have grown so close to my Savior, and I couldn't be any happier. We had distrikt meeting this day, and it was a solid distrikt meeting. Ha and then we came back and prepared a little bit, because our boy Sven called us and wanted help on an English project. So we helped him on that and talked to him a little bit about the Book of Mormon and the concerns he had. He is so excited to read it and said he will every day and will pray and come to church and ah, he is just prepared, and I love this kid. I hope I'm not transfered before we leave him :( OH! but fun story, we decided to take the short cut to the house, because they say that through the forest is the shortest way and only takes them 10 min instead of 30 min. Well, it took an hour and half. My Indian skills failed me. and German forests are cold. Ha I felt like Hansel and Gretel. It was great :)

Mittwoch: Ah good finding day. We had great study time as usual, and then went to the Rathouses at Neumarkt and Feucht, so we could make plans to hang up posters and do a hot choco stand and music and what not, so we wouldn't have to drag a piano up there and totally not play it, because we wouldn't do that. But we accomplished a lot and got so much done, and we are preparing for some sweet stuff.....right before transfers. Laying down all the fondation and then BOOM transfered ha. Hopefully not. After that we had basketball and layed it down with Mario. Found out he is still reading the Buch Mormon, but we told him we need to meet and one of us may be gone soon, so we need to meet (guilt trip works for missionaries) so hopefully everything works out, and we get an appointment with him this week :)

Donnerstag: Good day. We finally got a termin (meeting) with our ward mission leader. We told him all that was going on and actually, we have a jam session for our ward on the 30th of Novemember and it is going to be BIG. But also super fun, and we are planning to invite pretty much anyone that walks and talks and eats food ha. But this day, I really wrote down what I was grateful for and there is so much that the Lord has blessed me, YOU, with! It's such an amazing blessing, to be here on this earth :)

Fritag: Ah such a good day. So we planned on doing a finding activity with the sisters and it was so AWESOME. I gave 2 Buch of Mormons to people and just talked to people by myself, and I could actually understand them. It was a huge boost of confindence. And then Sister Fahl, in the ward, that is so awesome, we called her up to come and help us. At first she was scared and then just gave out a bunch of stuff and you could just see the happiness on her face. It was great to have a member there and to experience the joy that comes from missionary work. Another amazing experience, the sisters accidently brought a Buch Mormon in Romanian to this street preach and ha we talked to this homeless guy, that actually didn't speak English or Deutsch, but Romanian!!!! So we gave him the book and he started reading it right away. Ah the Lord prepares, it's so true.

Samstag: Great day with the Miller family. We didn't do too much service for him because he told us all these stories about himself, and it was just great to have a relationship with this man and to just be part of his life. We taught about the atonement and found out that he really still believes in this gospel, just isn't ready to make those steps yet. He said,"I know the church is true, I know God is there, I know Jesus Christ is there, I just am not ready yet." I know he will be ready someday, and I know that Christ is ever waiting for him to knock.

This week, was a great week, as they all were. It's amazing how so many things are going on in the world, and it seems like everyone's standards are changing and there just is so much bad in the world. But there is always something to lean on. And it's this gospel. It never changes, it always is built upon the seed, the seed of faith in Christ. If we strive, to always remember that God really does love us! and that he has a plan for each individual, and that our purpose here is to learn the eternal perspective and learn what is important and grow, we will be happy. I love my family. I have seen the supreme importance of family while I've been out here. I want to say, be thankful for your family. And I cannot believe, that I will be able to have a family of my own. How grateful I am for that promise. And how grateful I am for the amazing example I have of my parents and my sister and brother. I love this gospel. I love my Lord. And I am grateful, for everything that he has given me. I promise that as we put family first and really see what the Lord has given us, we will be blessed and be happier. I say that in the name of the Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Elder Mayne :)
MY FAM IS AWESOME. It's been a great week, and as always, I love hearing from ihr (you all) have a great week and a fun time at Micheal Buble pssh. Ha but send it to everyone ya? I love you all so much :) CIAO!

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