Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter #31 - ERLANGEN!!!!

Guten Morgen my wonderful family and friends!!! This week has been crazy and it seems like a month has really gone by, from Saturday and the baptism, to now. It's been so great though. My new comp is Elder Givens and he is from Richmond, Virginia and we work great together. :) I love it here in Erlangen. But the sad part, it is expensive to use the internet, soooo... not a lot of time to write crazy good weekly letters. But, I will try my hardest. :) But I HAVE A REAL SHOWER. Ha, I will start from Wednesday this last week and we´ll go from there:

Such a hard day. Had to pack forever, and then went to basketball, and talked to Mario forever. He is such a great guy, and he really is one of the greatest examples to me. I didn't get to get a picture with him, but he gave me his basketball, which I took gladly. :) I gave him mine, that is beaten up and ratty. He said he'll send me a picture of where he is going to put it in his house. :) I am so glad I got to meet him, and I just am so glad, that I can use one of my talents to bring others closer to Christ. :)

I JUST LOVED THIS WARD SO MUCH AND I HATE GOODBYES. That's the constant thought I had the entire week. :)

Transfer day! Met my new comp, Elder Givens and he is just AWESOME! Oh, and I am super excited to work in Erlangen. It's so beautiful, the apartment is wonderful, there's a university here, so a lot of young folks, and I am just ready to work. :)

We had Sport night at our church, WHICH HAS A BASKETBALL HOOP!! Ha, it was so so cool. And our investigator, Tom showed up. He's a cool kid, who loves basketball and naturally the Lakers, because thats the only team they know out here. We had one of the best lessons with him, and he said that he will start reading the Buch Mormon. He said he has never read a book before!! So we´ll see how that goes. :)

We had Stake Conference meetings, and a Priesthood session (or so we thought). It was actually Priesthood Leadership Meeting. So, we were with all of the Bishops and Counselors and it was awkward. Luckily President Schwartz was there, and told us to stay. :) Then, we had our Stake Conference meeting, and the entire Feucht Ward was there, and ah, I became trunky of my old area. :) All the members there were so nice, and all of us were happy to see eachother. :) It was a great time and President Schwartz spoke some powerful words which were great.

Once in a life time experience. There was a broadcast, only for Germany, Österreich (Austria) and the Swiss, and it was broadcasted from Salt Lake City. Elder Bednar spoke, IN GERMAN, and Richard D. Hales, and a couple others. It was such an amazing experience, and I soaked up all that I could from the experience. It really ah, was so inspiring and to see Elder Bednar, talk in German, and be so grateful for his experience on HIS mission in Germany, was amazing to see.

I LOVE Erlangen. It's such a beautiful part of Germany, and I am glad I am staying in Bayern (Bavaria). Something I learned this week, was just, our potential. And how Satan will tell us, and do EVERYTHING he can, to tell us we came from somewhere else, that we are alone, this church isn't true, we don't have a testimony, or whatever. But, we are NOT alone, and we can ALWAYS win against him. He will always be there. But we, have the things, the tools, to protect us. I know that he is my enemy, and has brought me down so many times. So many times have I questioned my testimony of this Gospel, if it's really true, and if I really am worthy to be here. But then I remember, the way the Lord has shown me His love. Remember those experiences he testified of His love to you. Satan will tear you down so much, and Christ will always uplift us. Do the things that will help you have a testimony. If you feel like you do not, do the things that will get it back! Read the Book of Mormon, and ask if it is true. He is always there, helping us. I have understood, all that I can accomplish, BECAUSE I have given myself to Him. I am nothing without God. Read Alma chapter 26. It is the best missionary chapter ever. I love it. But don't give up. Don't give up on yourself, or your testimony. We are never alone. And for that, I am eternally grateful and I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Mayne

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! My english is terrible now, ha. But let me know if i can do anything ok?? LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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