Monday, February 17, 2014

Letter #30 - Goooooooooodbye Feucht, my Heim :(

Oh man oh man, did this week end my time here in Feucht with a BANG. It was one of the most stressful, rewarding, awesomest, faith testing, spiritualest weeks of my life. :) I am being transfered to Erlangen, which is not so far, still in the same stake as Feucht and the same Zone. So, I won't be too far from my "home". But let's start with Wednesday, because thats when the exciting things happened.

So, on Monday and Tuesday, we started preparing for our street display that was on Friday, Valentines day, and by golly there was a lot to prepare for. But on Mittwoch, we did all that we could to prepare and then we had to catch a train, to go to Nürnberg. But, I couldn't find my planner and I needed it tonight. Ha, and so we spent 10 min looking for it, but with no avail. So normally, walking to Banhof takes about 12 min. So... we had 5 min to schaf (catch?) our train, and I got there in 4, and held the door for Elder Wichtermann because he got there in 5, ha. But, it was a miracle. Then, when we got to Nürnberg, our train to Ansbach, is on the very last gleiß (stop?), and we arrive at Banhof 3 minutes before the other train leaves, and we are on gleiß 1. So I had to RUN again, ha all the way down, and made the train with 30 sec to spare. And we were splitting, and Elder Ludlow was with me, going to Ansbach, because we were having the baptismal interview for Chris! When we show up, we find out Chris´s ex-wife showed up at his house, right as he was walking out, wanting to sign papers and what not. Satan knew how to hit him hard. So, we weren't able to have the interview, but we scheduled one for Friday and prayed really hard that it would go through.

Then, Elder Ludlow and I came home, had a really good talk on the train about life. Btw, I love this guy, he is my brother. Then we met up at the church in Nürnberg, because it was institute night. Then, Elder Wichtermann went on a split with our Zone leader Elder Williamson, and the Nürnberg elders had to leave (this may be hard to follow, just know it was crazy). So, we ended up sleeping over at the Zone leaders, becasue we would've been super late if we came all the way home. But, it was a great sleepover and I love Elder Allen and Williamson and they are great examples.

So it was a bad move, to sleepover. Ha, because we had to go home first, before distrikt meeting in Nürnberg, to go grab stuff for our suprise birthday party that we had planned. Then, we had to come back to Nürnberg, and then go to Feucht. So you could say we were pretty stressed. We remembered, after the fact, that we couldn't ride on the trains before 9 oclock with our ticket, so we got a ticket and will have to pay for it when it comes in the mail. So, that didn't help the day. We went to distrikt meeting, then went to Feucht, to our Church, in the pouring rain, and set up the birthday party for the Ackermanns and it was sooo worth it. The Ackermanns have been going through just a hard time, and so I wanted to help them out a little bit. The party was great, the kids were crazy, but it was super fun. :) It was amazing that we were able to do all this in one day. Then we came home, and remembered that we had to do everything for our street display tomorrow. So, Elder Wichtermann went to bed. Ha, and I ended up... staying up later than the average missionary should and finished most of the things that we needed to do. Fun stuff. :)

Street display! Gosh it was crazy. But, crazy good. We handed out hearts and candy and Buch Mormons and love. It made so many people happy and we got some potential investigators from it! It was so awesome! Then, I went on another split (I'll save the details, ha. Crazy) with Elder Ludlow, to Ansbach, to have our second attempt at an interview with Chris. Everything went through and he passed! The Reeders were SO NICE that they bought us Popeyes chicken, off the American military base there. My goodness, was I in heaven! Nothin' like good old 'merican food. :) Then, since we got home late again, we slept over at the Nürnberg elders apartment. Luckily, I had a toothbrush this time. :)

TRANSFER CALLS!! Crazy. Going to Erlangen and serving with Elder Givens. I am super excited and he is a cool dude, so it'll be fun. But, we shouldnt have slept over again, because we had to go back home, grab stuff for the baptism, and then come back. Ha, it was crazy. But we made it to the church, and made a program, and then had Chris´s baptism. Wow! It was an amazing experience. I was expecting the spirit to be super strong, and it was. When he got out of the water, I came around the font and hugged him and asked him how he felt. He said he felt that the weight on his shoulders was gone, that he can finally feel, happy. AH... it was soooo COOL! Then, he bore his testimony at the end and it was so powerful. I think, that I was more happy, that he just ended up making this decision, rather then it was his taufe (baptism). I think the journey and the relationship there, is what makes the baptism, so special. I am so grateful that the Lord trusted me in helping Chris make this choice. He is going to change many lives, because he changed his own. :)

Hardest day ever. I had to say goodbye to all the people I loved, made relationships with, and really showed I loved them. The Feucht ward will always be my home, no matter where I am or where I go. I love the people there. I gave a talk about faith, and was a ball baby. The people in this ward, I just love them so much. They have really changed my life. It's amazing to see, how we have grown together. A lot of people expressed their love for me, and they gave me a lot of presents. The kids especially liked my talk. It made me feel loved and that I actually did something here. But just like a movie moment, I just looked into the chapel and closed the chapel doors. I was in my own little world, and thought about how wonderful this place has been. I am so grateful for the Gemeinde (Ward) Feucht. :) Thank you.

After that, we went over to the Ackermanns and had a going away party. Man, that was hard. The Ackermanns, are the missionares' favorite family. But I think, they mean more to me then just that. They are my friends, and my examples. They really have impacted my life, and I love them just as I do my own family. They are amazing people and I am SO blessed for the time I have had with them. They are amazing. :)

This week, I just have a couple quotes because this letter is super long, ha. :) President Monson said, ( I used these in my talk) "We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." Then, "The future is as bright as your faith." :)

Thank you all for your examples and the wonderful impact you have made in my life. It really, has made me change and become better. Have a great week you all!! Ciao!

Elder Mayne

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