Monday, March 10, 2014

Letter #33 - What a week... time flies when you're working hard. :)

This week was just FANTASTIC. Really it's because of the wonderful weather. The attitude has totally changed here in Germany because the weather changed. ;) Spring is here, and it brings many great things to be thankful about. It's beautiful here, and I am just happy all around. This week was a good week of missionary work and fun. :)

Went to the Nürnberg Castle and then played some ultimate frisbee. Sorry, I forgot my SD reader card at home today, so I can't post any pictures (dont hate). I promise they'll come and they're good. :) But the weather... :)

We had distrikt meeting at the Nürnberg chapel, and then I went on a split to Graffenwöhr with Elder Ellesworth! He's a great guy, and we had a great time together. Went and rode in a car for the first time!! Wahoo!! :) Ha, Graff is way tiny and its good that they have one. We also went on to the army base there and taught a lady whose husband is out right now and is coming home in 40 days. I have gained so much respect for those women, who have to take care of everything while there husband is deployed. Especially since she had three boys, all under the age of 10. Ha! It was quite the eye opener. Then we visited another American family, and it was super weird to be talking and teaching in English so much. But, it was also great. :)

Nothing special. Split back, went and ate food, did our media hour for the week, and then went to this sweet old couple's house and helped lift their couch up. :) They really appreciated us coming over, and it was nice to here all these cool stories of old Germany. :)

Zone Training! I love Zone Training. It's one of my favorite moments on my mission. Just because I get what I need from it every time, and feel reboosted and revived and ready to go for the transfer. It's a great time and I learned a lot. :) Then, because there was a distrikt leader meeting after, and Elder givens is the distrikt leader, we stayed there for a while. Then we went into the middle of Nürnberg and did a street display using family history and a chalk drawing on the ground. It's hard to write on cobblestone, but it was a cool experience. :)

Super cool day. Met some guys on the bus and invited them to our sport at night, and they came! In the morning we went to our church because the other elders had an appointment. Then as we were coming home, we saw our investigator Tom playing basketball outside! So naturally, we played with him. :) Then this random guy stopped by and asked to play with us too. Then we talked to him about Christ and what not. He was muslim and had no intrest. But, we left him with some good questions thath got him thinking. His wife is Christian. So, hopefully something comes out of it. :) After basketball, we met with Bruder Steinbrecher, who was excummunicated from the Church and wants to come back. We had a good talk with him. He really reminds me of Santa. Ha. :) We both have a feeling he could be baptized with his kid on Easter. So, we will see how that goes this next week. :)

Sonntag (nothing special happened on Saturday):
Had a GREAT day at church. I was totally nervous about my talk, because the guy called us yesterday at 10 pm to ask us to give a talk. But I trusted in the Lord, and got to talk about my family, which was awesome. :) The ward and their relationship with the Lord is really building, and it's wonderful. It's super exciting to see, and I just love church. It just gives me that extra spring in my step, to keep going one more week. :) Great day.

I LOVE LIFE. Honestly, I am so happy sitting on this little dinky computer at a sketchy internet laden. :) Missionary work is the work that will bless your life in more ways than doing anything else. It will make you more happy than anything else in the world. My parents got there jobs in Virginia, and I am super happy for them. I just want to say that, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!

This life is great, and I am loving working with Elder Givens. He is such a great example to me, and we work great together. The thing that I learned this week, is this: that Charity, for ALL men, is most desireable above all things. Most importantly, if we strive to be a disciple of Jesus Christ in everything we do, our life will be so much more amazing and easy.  Every relationship we have, whether it be friend, marriage, or whatever, will be strengthened through believing on Christ. This I know. Strive to be charitable this week. Read Moroni 7:45-48. And try this week, just to think of others. I love you all. Oh, and really quick, after mentioning being charitable:

Elder Mayne
Isar Strasse 4
91053 Erlangen

:) Have a great week my lovely family and friends. Love you all. I'll send pics next week!!!!

Elder Mayne

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