Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter #34 - What a week :)

I think there is a remote control that controls a missionary's life out here, and it is on stuck on forward 2X. Because life goes by way too fast here in Erlangen. Ha. I wish I could slow it down, but I can't. All I can do to counteract it is to enjoy the moments that come, and make the most of them. :) Ha. Here is the weekly "deets" for you all:

Ha. I love Montags now because our Zone gets together, and just does something. So this week we played ultimate Frisbee again, and soccer. I'll confess, I bought a uke quite a while ago, and have been playing it ever since. So, I bring it and just serenade everyone. ;) I have learned a lot of songs, and love playing it. I just sat there with some of the other missionaries, just playing and talking. It is just the dream. :)  SO, great day. At Spiel Abend, someone brought a non-member friend, which was cool. We got to talk to her a little bit, and develop a relationship. :) It was great!

Oooh good day. Elder Ellis and I wanted to go biking for our morgen sport. So, we went biking at 6:30, and caught a beautiful sunrise. It was so gorgeous (pictures will follow). Then, we had Distrikt Meeting. After, I went on a split with Elder Reikies, who is from Berlin! I had a good time with him, and he is super funny. We visited a member, the Rühlinghofs, and I love this cute old couple. It took a while to find them, because I have only been here for 3 weeks and Erlangen is huge. But ha, thank the Lord for GPS. :) We then met with Tom. He doesn't want to join the Church right now, because of the Law of Chastity. We don't think he is ready right now. He is an awesome kid, just young and caught up in the world. But, we know he´ll be ready someday. :)

Good day! We split back, and then had a good study and talk. Elder Givens is a great guy, and really cares about the people in our Distrikt. He is a great example to me. Ha. It's funny how much you miss your companion after only being a day away from him. Ha. I laugh at myself a lot. That's something I have learned on the mission. :) Anyway, we then visited with a member, and shared a great thought with them. They are super nice. They have some family issues, and we hope that everything will end up okay. Their name is the Araes. They are super super cool. Like, the entire family is in the ward, 4 generations. It's funny. :)

What an interesting day. Ha. We had a "Weiß tag" (white tag?). So, every missionary knows what those are. It's where we have nothing planned for the next day. so obviously, we did finding. :) We were going to go to the student apartments. But, for some reason, my bike chain came off, and we had to fix it. Then, we rode past these guys planning basketball and I thought, "hey, opportunity, maybe we should go." So, we turned around, and played with them. We met a cool guy named Lukas! He invited us to play where a lot of other people play. He was interested in what we were doing, and gave us his phone number. It was a pretty cool experience, even though we fulfilled all the missionary stereotypes (ha): biking with helmets, white shirts, basketball, broke down bike (ha), etc. It was all worth it. :) I loved this day.

Wonderful day. Did weekly planning. Then went to Sport. Adam Pobanz, a member in the ward that is 16 showed up, and we had a great time with him. Ha. He added me on Instagram and Twitter, which was unexpected. Ha. He posted something which was funny. He is an awesome kid, from Utah. His family is just great. We hopefully will be meeting them soon. Then, we had an activity with the YM in the ward, and we made sushi! Ha! It was awesome to meet the other young men and build some good relationships with them. They're all great guys.
Nothing too special here, although the weather was terrible. Ha. We did some stuff that needed to be done. Then went to the church with the Elders, because Elder Stout and I are singing in a quartet for our Zone Conference this week. So, that was fun. Elder Stout is a wiz at musik, and I loved learning from him.

Ha, such a weird day. Church was fantastic as usual. I always learn so much, and feel the spirit strongly when I am there. It was a homecoming talk for a Sister in our ward, who served in Richmond Virginia! Her name is Sister Männchen. It was interesting to see the outcome or the "end," so to say, after a mission. Ha. But then we had dinner with them and a lot of others, so basically like a gemeinde essen (community meal). We saw a bunch of the photos from her mission, and it was just weird to see America again. Ha. It was a great time, and she said she wants to help us out. So, it's exciting to have her back. :)

This week, I learned so much about myself, and about my own wants and wishes. As a missionary, and as a member, the Lord will put people in your path that need your help, that need your testimony. As long as we are prepared, and "treasure up the words of Christ," He will keep putting people in our path, because he trusts us. He knows he can count on us. I have been reading recently in Alma, chapters 20-29, and I LOVE them. Of Course I love them because they are about missionary work. I just love how much it applies to me right now. As for those of you that are preparing for a mission or have just received your mission call, really read those chapters. When you're on your mission, you're going to have hard times. But, you can remember, what you need to remember, is that there is so many things backing you up. :) People, family, and friends are praying for you everyday. You will be set apart by the power and authority that Christ himself had on this earth. You are worthy of every blessing it says in the scriptures, as long you make YOURSELF worthy. :) I love the talk, "Come what may and love it" (Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin).  My mom sent it to me this week, which I thought was ironic. :) But I recommend watching it. It's on the Mormon Channel. :) Another one that I like is "Increase in Faith," by Patricia P. Pinegar. Really good. I'm excited for this week! We set a goal for 11 new investigators, so we'll see what happens. :) Love you all!!

Elder Mayne

LOVE YOU FAMILY! Crazy stuff that's happening, but I love you all. :) Have a great week!

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