Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter #47 - And the changes begin...

Well, guess who is being transferred! I am being transferred to the big old east, in a tiny Stadt called Werdau. Super tiny, and it is bordering the Czech Republic. But hey, I am PUMPED!!! I really feel like there are going to be wonderful opportunities there. I am going to be able to experience so many miracles. So, I look forward to this wonderful future ahead.

As for the Randomness-es this week:

There is not a day that goes by, that I do not cook or make something delish.

I bought 2 flags to hang up in the apartment for the week. Since the world cup
is going on: Brazil and Germany.

The Asian buffet in the ghetto place we live, that I was looking forward to the entire time I have been here, was a total disappointment. We basically were on a double date... I'll explain later.

I love it when investigators bring referrals, make you cupcakes for your birthday, and then we give this new referral a Book of Mormon. :)

And I totally took out a brick wall. All I have to say

This week was just a roller coaster. We had so much fun. Then the whole world flipped after the transfer call. Things were super fun still. But, it's always hard to say goodbye. It's definitely weird when you know you are leaving an area and have to start packing. But, you still have 3 more days to try to cram visits in to all the people you love. Somehow you have to just leave the place your life has been for a solid 4 months oder so. It's something different, that's for sure. But this week was GREAT. We got to meet with the Websters. The lesson was really a surprise. We talked about the lesson that we gave them. It was great. Then one of them asked what she would have to do to be baptized...

*stunned face*

We were all like what? And it was so amazing, because she really does believe that God is there, and if there was an after life, she would want to be prepared for it. Anyway, we read all the questions to her, and it was just a really cool experience. It was especially cool since their Canada friend was there. She was just eating it up. Sadly, we didn't get an appointment with her. But, she took a Book of Mormon, and it was quite a miracle.

Now, off to the heavy duty stuff. We went to the Cutlers, and got to use a jackhammer to tear down a wall!! He is renovating his house, taking out a lot of walls and what not. So, lemme just say, I am a pro now. :) Ha. It was so fun. Sadly, I didn't get a chance to take a picture. But, the dust on my shoes proves it enough. :) It was a great time. To end the great time, we taught the second lesson. He found it very, very interesting, and loved it. We still have some work to do. It was great. Bruder Cutler said that he and his son have been talking about being baptized. They say that they are not ready now, but know they need to be. The Spirit will testify to them, and it's going to happen. I know it. :)

In the other news, ya, Asian Buffet, totally a fail. And my good buddy Adam and his girlfriend came with us. So, we were on a double date. But, we were.. just missionaries? Ha. Missionaries can never escape awkward situations. They have to happen. :) The Next day, we went to Bayreuth on a hike with the young single adults in the stake. Sure, the path was mostly rocks and gravel. But, it was pretty fun once we got to rocks that went super high and had steps. So technically, it wasn't climbing. :)

The call came the next day. I'm moving on to a new world, a new zone, a different dialect, and the list could go on and on. When you get comfortable in one spot for so long, there is no room for growth. I know that I am going to Werdau for a reason. I am going to be able to share all these awesome experiences with you. And through my actions, show that Christ lives. I am so excited that I get to be a missionary, because I have never been happier. Faith builds on the past, but never dwells in it. Forgive, and do what's harder than that, forget. There is nothing better than looking at what's ahead and saying, "Ya, there is a lot of work to do. But, there is incredible happiness that you find anywhere else." It's all about what you want to BE. And I wish all the best to everyone. I hope that when you have an obstacle in your path that could potentially decide your future, run at it. Just like Samuel ran at Goliath, because you cannot lose. The Lord is right next to you. :) Have a great week!!! #GehDeutschland #WeareAWESOME

Elder Mayne

 Got cupcakes from the Websters for my birthday.

 Me on the hike. :) Super high up.

 My flag that I left there. :) 

This is for momma. :) But, obviously for everyone.
Rode in the Audi R5 2014 with a member from Graphwöhr.
Super cool and super nice. :) Ha.

Bye-bye Erlangen!

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