Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter #46 - #Livelifetoitsfullest

Once a tweeter, always a tweeter. I will keep hashtags alive 'til the day I am not alive. :) What a week! :) Flew by like a bird. But i enjoyed it so much! The Randoms this week might make the best so far:

Lederhosen and Dirndls all over the place. This week is the BergKirchWeih and it's the second biggest carnival like thing for people here in Germany. Next to Oktoberfest. It is one amazing and hilarious time. Millions of people from all over are coming to visit it. :)

I ate my first WUNDERBAR candy bar, and maybe had a Red Bull. It was diet of course. Shout out to my boy Elder G√ľnther. :)

Taught Sunday School, from the Old testament, about Hannah. We got called on Mittwoch and had no time basically, until Sunday morning, to prepare the lesson for the class. Lets just say that the Lord fills words in your mouth, and the Spirit works wonders. :)

THIS WEEK WAS MY BIRTHDAY!! Still a teenager. But hey, now I am officially older than the goldens (or greenies), that just came out. :) Ha. I am still so young, but hey, old in heart..... :)

The more and more I look back at all the things that have happened in my life, I am amazed. Starting from before my mission until now, I can honestly say that when I turn to the Lord and believe in the talents and abilities that He has given me, the more miracles and opportunities I see. I can use those experiences to serve and touch others. Life is a life of Learning. :)

This week, the highlight was obviously my Birthday. :) I went on a split this week with my Distrikt Leader Elder Brown, and we spent my birthday in basically, America. :) We were on the base in Villsek. It was a great time. On the day of my birthday, we painted this awesome member's house for about 5 hours because her husband is in the army, and they are being transferred to South Carolina in 3 weeks. It was an awesome time, and the member loved us so much. :) She also told me that I reminded her of her little brother, who is an Ambercombie and Fitch model. I mean it was weird, but I didn't complain. :)

We then taught this super old guy, he's 87. He was probably my favorite person that I have ever met. He was like the classic grandpa. He just spoke his mind and it was HILARIOUS. He found out it was my birthday, and made me ice cream. Nicest guy. His wife died several years ago. He totally reminds me of the guy from the movie "Up." But, I checked for Balloons and didn't see any. :) We taught him about prayer and the first lesson. He was loving it. An awesome, awesome fella. :)

On another note, when I came back to Erlangen, we had our Street Display!!!! Funny story. We didn't know that on the other side of the road, the Muslims were giving out Quarans. This road, was literally only 6 feet apart. So basically, it was a turf battle. No matter where you walked, you would either want a Quaran or a Book of Mormon. :) It was AWESOME. I love street displays. I think I talked to so many people, that you would think my mouth never stopped moving. And miracles proceeded. We handed out 31 Buche Mormon!!!! :) It was such a great time. By the time I got home after teaching, I probably couldn't move. But, it was so great.

There are two things that I have thought about this week. One, is something that I love, and that is written on the mirror in my bathroom. That is, "I fear no man." This week, I hashtagged to live life to its fullest. I really just feared no man. I talked when I felt I needed to talk. I used my talents. I like playing church hymns with my uke at the street display in front of hundreds of people. I fear no man, because I know the Lord is on my side. The second, is to just take a breather, think of the situation, and look at the positive. It works! I have seen that if I can take joy in other's accomplishments, and look to serve others, there is no happier time. Life is great. I know that I am a Son of God.

Peace my people. Let God be with you. :) Pray for the Germans that they don't drink too much beer. :)

Elder Mayne

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD AND A DAY EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

 Wunderbar :)

 My mango and an America flag for the b-day. :)

 And well, classic Germany. :)

 Our member Bruder Meisner. :)

 I love Deutsche brezen. :)

This is pig back meat. A real Fränkischen Schweiz essen. :)

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