Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter #49 - We almost had burgers today...

So, maybe this P-Day is kinda not what we expected. My companion is smashing molasses and sugar together to make brown sugar; flies at a Döner Laden made our lunch extra quick; and our investigator, that is moving to Canada on Wednesday, just canceled the BBQ he wanted to have with us. BUT, what is an adventure, if there isn't any unexpected things? This week was FULL of them. It was one of the best, most learnable, and emotional weeks I have had on the mission. SO, to start the random things off:

Montag and Dienstag, we were staying in Jena for our P-Day. Then, we woke up SUPER early to catch a train to ride back to my home, Bavaria, and have our last Zoko with President Schwartz. What a crazy day. The Gera Elders, who are in the closest area to us, slept over with us. We were all packed into the Zone Leaders Apartment. The Zone leaders left a day early. So, we all slept in their apartment. :) It was quite the fun experience. :)

ZOKO! Zone Konference for those who don't know missionary terms... wow one of the best I have ever had in my life. I cannot describe my love for that man. HE IS AMAZING. That man, has literally, changed my life. As he was talking to us, I have to say, I cried a little. He is someone that inspires you to do good. Someone who is a leader, and makes those around him better. I honestly, don't think he would be the amazing man he is, if it wasn't for his dear sweet wife, Sister Schwartz. If you know her, you know she loves you. These two were, and still are, family to me. President Schwartz talked to me afterward, and made me promise to come back to Feucht after my mission. I then asked him if I could hug his wife, and well, I did. :) I will miss them. I am so very grateful for the eternal impact that they have had on my life. :)

After Zoko, we had to sleep in Gera. Our train was 40 minutes late, and there were no more trains to go to Werdau. :) So, we slept over and then came right back to Werdau in the morning, and met with Herr Dittert. What a man. He has leg problems and cannot walk properly. His house burnt down, and so he is left with nothing other than what the government gives him. He knows that the Lord is testing him. Satan is trying to pull him down under, but he says "uh uh." Direct quote. This guy has enormous faith. At first, he said he didn't want to come to church anymore, because he felt that he didn't belong. He said that everyone was well educated, looked good, and what not. But as the Spirit directs, we follow. We had one great meeting with him, and he wanted to come to church. We want to set a baptismal date this week, because we can really see the change in him. Herr Dittert is my boy, I'll tell ya.

Well this weekly is a little long, and I am about to make it even a tad bit longer. But, I will give the randoms this week to put a little excitement into this letter. So, hopefully your eyes aren't rolling shut and you're not about to fall asleep. SO!

Met with this awesome old member in our ward. His wife died a while ago, and he's lonely. He just wants another wife... with a car, so they can go visit places (his words).

'MERICA!!! Totally got to watch the soccer game this week. We got permission. It was kind of a boring game. But, America still is advancing to the next round. I wore some American socks, and I was cheering a little too loud. But, America pride doesn't, or can't, just go away. :)

I had some real Deutsche man time with our two old buddies that come to our English class, Peter and Gottfried. We went and got some fish, and had a good ol' time. :)

I love church. When I come to church looking for comfort and ask the question: "Who needs my help?" I always receive revelation. It just testifies how much the Lord loves us all.

This week was GREAT! Every week has its ups and downs. But whatever situation you are in, YOU choose to make the best of it. At Zoko, we sang, all of us missionaries, for President and his entire family. We sang, "We are as the army of Helaman. We have been taught in our youth. And we are NOW, the Lord's missionaries, to bring the world his truth." I had the biggest wave of emotion, that I cannot describe, come over me. This is His work. I know that I am here for the right, and true, reasons. I wanna leave with something my wonderful sister wrote to me this week:

I dunno about you, but Satan loves to make me feel afraid. Afraid that I’m a failure and that I stink compared to others (not literally… haha ;) ). I often struggle with fears of making mistakes. And that fear makes me scared to try. It makes me procrastinate and stress. It makes me not finish projects or follow through with assignments. I do all of this because I am so afraid of messing up and being a failure. But I want to testify that we are NEVER failures. Becoming perfect is an ETERNAL goal. I can’t ever be perfect right now. And I need to be okay with that. I need to let go of the "unrealistic expectations” I place on my self. 

So I want to testify that Jesus loves you perfectly right NOW. And He is not constantly judging us as harshly as we do. He sees potential and good in us. And He’s excited with each mistake we make, because it’s a chance to learn, repent, and grow! Mistakes are our greatest teacher. And we will learn for the rest of eternity. His atonement is what allows us to do that. So I want you to never get discouraged about your performance and just rely on Him. Ask for His grace to help you be stronger. Ask Him to help you keep trying. And be proud of the progress you’re making. :) 


Elder Mayne

 Bro. Klinger and me having a good time.

For some reason, the Relief Society always loves inviting the missionaries to their parties, ha.
It's hilarious.

 Watching the game with a bunch of drunks. :)

 Peter and Gottfried.

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