Monday, July 7, 2014

Letter #50 - AMERICA OH AMERICA!!!!

So the real question is, does little America exist in Germany? Well it did for a day in Werdau, that is for sure. Listening to Mo Tab sing all American songs. Eating burgers, watermelon, mac and cheese, ALL on paper plates. THEN teaching English, aka making them read a paragraph about the revolution. Then, having a quiz about America while eating nachos and cookies... I'd say Werdau did a pretty good job in celebrating America's Birthday, that is for sure. :) As for the weekly randoms:

Splits are some of the greatest times. Went to Gera and worked with Elder Brown from Texas. Then, went to the ward's weekly Gemeinde Abend (Community Evening). I totally beat some old ladies in Rummikub (I think that is how you spell it). Then, they ganged up on me. Ha. I learned my lesson.

I met the sweetest old lady, actually two of them, this week. Not suprising, they are both best friends. :) They are so amazing. I could listen to stories about the DDR for hours. :)

I may or may not have an ingrown toenail. Ha. Don't freak out mom. It's getting better already. So, no need to worry. :)

Our new mission President, President Stoddard, is SO AWESOME! We haven't formally introduced ourselves yet. Think of the classic old grandpa who knows how to love, and is just excited to be in Germany, and that's him. :)

The only thing that stands in between me and talking to people on the street, is if they have a bomb suit on and a big bazooka or something. Even then, I might ask them why. Ha. What am I trying to say? I love talking to everyone.

This week wasn't anything special. But, actually a great week. We got our new Mission Pres, President Stoddard, and he is a great man. He loves the people here in Germany, served a mission here long ago, and he is that grandpa you just want to have.

I want to share a story from a lady in our ward. She was behind the Berlin wall, you know, and a member still. And if you were a member, you weren't allowed to have any jobs. So, she and her husband just survived in a little apartment with their 4 kids, and grew a garden in the back. Then, her husband got called as the 2nd Counselor in the Branch Presidency. So, in order for him to get called, he had to go to the temple... But, they were behind the wall. Sooo, to make the long story short, the church somehow got permission to fly them to Salt Lake City, go into the Salt Lake Temple, and then come back.

How cool is that???? I am so grateful to be surrounded by members, and amazing children of God. Because of their faith, they kept going and didn't give up. I am so grateful to be living in this time, and be serving in the work of the Lord. WE ARE ISRAEL. ISRAEL, ISRAEL, God is calling. And when we answer this call, we will experience the most happy times ever in our lives. :) Have a great week. I want everyone to... go give an older person some help this week, and ask them for a story. :) Love you all. Have an AWESOME week. :)

Elder Mayne

 Me and my boi Elder Checketts after eating.
Not getting our ties all messy. Classy, eh?

This awesome lady I told you about.
Every missionary that has been to her house has taken a picture outside her door.
But, not with her. :)

 We were in Zwickau, in the Berlin mission, traveling home.

Oh and PS, I totally had to shower in the dark this week. So, thanks mom for sending me that light up light saber. Ha. Construction sucks sometimes. :)

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