Monday, July 14, 2014


Well yes, I am part of the country that just won the World Cup. Yes, I am pretending that I know a lot about soccer. Yes, I do love it now. And yes, WEEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, my FRIENDS!


This week was sooooo great. So many miracles. So many things that happened. If I could summarize this week into one sentence, it would be: When you are led by the spirit, the action you take, makes wonders happen.

There is a specific experience that I would like to talk about that happened to me this week. We met with a member this week, and prayed with him. We prayed that we would find someone as we went dooring in the area. So we went dooring, saw some hilarious klingel [doorbell] names, and didn't have any really big success... Until the last apartment. We had an English course in 10 min, and so we really didn't have any time. But, we just decided to do this last one. As we knocked on the door, this little tiny lady opened it. She looked to be around 80. We started talking to her. She told us that her husband died about 4 months ago. Then, she just started to cry so hard and told us to come in. We were just there to comfort her. She didn't take a Book of Mormon. But, we told her that she will see him again. She is a daughter of God. Christ knows exactly what she is going through right now. She really appreciated that we came. She told us that we could come anytime. Sure, no numbers showed up from this experience. But I knew, without a doubt, coming out of this experience, that I was a Disciple of Christ. I was here in Werdau, to be in her home at that moment in time. I know that I am His Son. Through my experiences, I am able to share His love with others, and comfort them. How blessed of an experience that was. :)

As for the rest of the week... the rand-y's

-Fireworks, cars honking, people screaming, horns blowing, DOES wake you up at 1 in the morning when a country wins the World Cup.
-Had a wonderful time celebrating the pioneers here in Germany with our ward this Samstag. SUPER fun, and I got to sing which pretty cool too. :)
- Gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting. I went a little bit over my 10 mins. The Lord really does put the words in your mouth. :) Ha and then,
-I LOVE OLD LADIES. Maybe that sounds creepy. But, eh... Ha. I could listen to all they have to say all day long. A lot of them gave me compliments on Sunday after my talk. And for some reason, all of them talked about me being a good husband and father... Ha... Uh... ya.
-Germany won
-Germany won
-Germany won
-OH YA! Met with our Branch Pres this week and his fam. They are such HIPSTERS! Loved their apartment. The kids are the cutest two little girls in the whole wide world. Love this fam. :)
-We have an investigator, Rolf, who is an antique dealer and loves America. We help him translate emails, teach him the Gospel, and marvel at all the stuff he has. Ha.
-Dazu [for this purpose], I had my first peppermint Oreo this week. EVER.

There is only one way we will be able to live with our Heavenly Father. That is through our obedience. As we are obedient, we find the most happiness. Even if the short term disobedience seems like the most fun. I LOVE GERMANY. I love my mission. I love my family. I LOVE THE GOSPEL.

Servus [goodbye].
Have a great week ya'll. :) Machts gut [so long].

Elder Mayne

 This was on our last p-day while hiking.

 And well... I held Mein Kampf [My Fight]. Written by your author, Adolf Hitler. :)

The field is white. :)

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