Monday, August 18, 2014

Letter #56 - The greatest examples we have, are those with faith and a vision.

I honestly don't know why that is the title this week. I love being a missionary, and I just sang that tune in my head. So, I just thought it sounded good. :) As the weeks go by, they seem to be on a plane or a sports car, and just FLY by. It's incredible how time can fly so amazingly fast. This week, I'll talk about the special things that I really loved, and the miracles that stuck out.

Which I do every week, but hey, THIS week, was cool. :)

So I am formulating this opinion that everyone in Germany, in the month of August and end of July, decides to go on vacation. They probably all get together and decide this. But sufficieth to say, sooooo many people are gone during these two months, and it hasn't been the easiest to get lessons. But, that doesn't get my hope down. Miracles proceed ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and it's a wonderful experience to be right in the middle of them.

This week I was able to go on a split with Elder Taylor, the other Golden in Gera. What a smart kid! He already has really good German. He has the grammar down for the most part, and that is impressive in and of itself. We had the chance to go to a member's house, Schwester Barthel, and have lunch with her and her best bud Bruder Kosak. They have been friends since the 40's (they're old :)). I love These two members with all my heart. We had a great lunch. Then, as we started our spiritual thought, the conversation changed. It ended up with them telling us stories of the DDR, and then their conversion stories. They told us about how they survived, and how they would meet illegally in order to have church, and things like that. My heart was just blown away. These two had such amazing faith! To be baptized in a cave, knowing that if you were caught, you would have been killed. But, they wanted to do it because they wanted to follow Christ. It was so astounding to hear the stories from these two, if I may call them, Pioneers.

On Mittwoch we had a great District Meeting. The Zone Leaders were there, and the Senior couple. We went around the circle, and everyone told us why they were serving. Really cool to hear everyone's story. I love being surrounded by such amazing people.

Donnerstag was really great. I was just on fire that day. I was just talking to everyone, and everyone wanted to talk to me (I mean this in a two person context of course :)). I was just Walking around Werdau smiling at people, and wondering who needed a little sunshine in their life today. We had some fantastic talks with some great people. Then, we had the impression to brings some cookies to one of our investigators. We have tried to get back in contact with him, but it has been awhile. So we stopped by, but no one was home. So, we just went on throughout the day. Then at English class, he showed up (Georg). He said that they came home from vacation today. It was about an hour in between when we showed up, and he got home. Ha. It was so cool! We talked to him for a little, and sadly, he has another week of vacation planned. But it was great timing, and glad we acted on that prompting.

Saturday, the miracle, was my mom teaching me how to throw together a party, and Student Council teaching me how to do one. :) Ha. It was Elder Taylor's birthday. So, we made cake, set up the apartment, and made a party. I'm Elder Mayne, and I like to party. :) It was great to see the surprise on that kid's face.

Sonntag, as usual, was fantastic. What made it great though, was Elder Shelley giving a talk. He totally ROCKED it. We got the invitation on Tuesday, and we prepared for it throughout the entire week. It was absolutely awesome. He did great, and I must say, I was a proud father. :) This week was absolutely awesome.

The thing that stood out to me this week, was I read a lot of "Our Heritage." I must say that the ball baby, that runs in my family, came out. I was crying at parts of reading about the beginnings of the Church. I wish I was there, standing in that building, with those 30 men who declared that this church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, would reach nations and be in avaliable to everyone in their own language. I cannot believe, the amazing faith that These Saints had. They gave up everything they owned. They were kicked out and thrown out. They were willing to sacrifice every piece of land, clothing, and wealth, to follow a Prophet of God. They were willing to follow the way Christ has shown. Can we follow their examples? Do we have that kind of faith? Do we believe in our future, and have a vision for ourselves? I know that I cannot muster the gratitude in words, for the Saints who walked and established Zion. But I can show it in deed, in doing my best to live this Gospel, and in sharing it with others. That's why I am out here. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love with my HERZ,

Elder Mayne

 Good old Werdau (One of the pretty places :)).

 The b-day party with a s/o to Elder Checketts.

Us being fly with a bow tie so we don't get food on it. :)

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