Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter #59 - My Duty, My Honor

Well folks, this week, I have never felt like I have accomplished so much in my life. And no, I didn’t have a baptism; we only had one lesson, and no one showed up to church. But, you want to know why I feel so accomplished and I am so HAPPY? 

Well I'll tell you.

So this week I tried to focus on two things: 1. Speaking only German to my companion, and 2. Focusing on the little things;  just kinda "living in the moment" rather than worrying about all the things we had to do.  To report, the German thing lasted only 3 days. BUT, I realized I can speak really good German.  I know that I can totally improve, but I am better than I think.

Even though I realized just how blessed we are and how wonderful a mission is, it somehow even better, if that’s possible to imagine. 

We met with our friend Ralph and his wife on Monday and Tuesday, because they were packing up and going on their trip to AMERICA, NYC!! One of their friends, the one that I translate his emails for, flew out and was helping them get all ready for the trip. Their friend, her name is Karen, is a super cool lady who lives in New Jersey.  Karen does yard sales for a living, which is pretty cool.  It was SO COOL that Karen has previously met so many missionaries, and was given a Book of Mormon.  We talked to her for a while about our church, especially about Family History.  Karen loves Mormons. She then asked what our Church is all about and I was able to talk about Joseph Smith.  I was lucky enough that the spirit could tell me the first vision again in English.  It was a super cool experience and as we left, it felt like old friends having to say goodbye to each other. Luckily, Karen is coming back in 3 weeks and bringing peanut butter.  #Benefitsofamission

Mittwoch:  We found this really cool pond at a park that was super beautiful and decided we are going to do our studies there. WELL it was stinkin’ cold that morning, and all beautifully misty. So, I took that as an opportunity to wear my new coat and scarf (see pictures). What was really cool was that this lady comes walking by with her dog. We say “Guten Morgen” as she passes by us.  Then she pauses, and sits right next to Elder Shelley who was sitting on the bench across from me.  She asks "Why are sitting and reading a book in the cold?" Ha, ha, ha! Elder Shelley talked to her, for 40 minutes all by himself!!!!!

I almost came over, but I decided it would be a good experience for Elder Shelley, so I fed ducks.  I also took videos of the ducks and Elder Shelley.  After a little while, I finally came over and talked with this lady for a while.  She is TOTALLY interested in what we have!  Elder Shelley asked her for address and a phone number and she was like, why not? My Son is Boss and I am proud of him.

On the rest of the week, we had a lesson with Marcus, the 24 year old that is going to school in Zwickau. It was an ok lesson, but we realized that he doesn’t want to change too much. The spirit in the lesson was so incredibly strong. I knew, without a doubt, that the Spirit was testifying truth to what we were teaching. I shared a strong testimony – I was bold.  We asked Marcus to pray.  Marcus prayed, saying what he is thankful for.  I knew that he felt something that he hasn’t before, and that was a wonderful experience.

That experience made the rest of the week. I talked to so many people and I just gave them that chance, of whether they wanted to accept the gospel or not.  I felt that when I gave my testimony, the Holy Ghost was there. HE touched the hearts of those people. And I didn’t even know what I was saying sometimes. Everyone has their agency, and I gave them that option to choose. That’s all that matters. I love being bold. And I felt like, since I am testifying on the streets, why not in church too. I gave my testimony during Testimony Meeting about how the church in Werdau will grow. Significant changes will come, and when the Lord commands us to do something, he will provide a "mittel" or a way. This week, it all started with my reading in 1 Nephi 17:3. Never touched my heart so much until now.

OH, I almost forgot about what else made this week so great. I TOTALLY PLAYED BASKETBALL AGAINST GERMANS!! Ah, it was so fun. One of the players on my team, after a play, looked at me with this dumbfounded look and was like, “Where are you from again?” I flashed the badge.

This week I studied humility, and I KNOW that I am absolutely nothing. I know that none of my talents, strengths, characteristics, are my own. Rather, I have been wonderfully blessed by my Heavenly Father. And because of that knowledge, I have received so much strength. I bear testimony that He is there. Jesus is the Christ. And as we take upon His name, He blesses us. I came to know him, BECAUSE of my trials. And because of that, I am eternally grateful. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Mayne

Me feeding the ducks. :)

 Cool fields that we ride passed. I had to stop and take pics in them.

Our Distrikt activity. We played "500" with no hands, and Swedish fish. :)

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