Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter #60 - #ApostleBesuch

That’s right. I saw an Apostle, Quorum of the 12, Elder Ballard, in the flesh. It was a really great experience, and he knows how to speak his mind, that is for sure. BUT that was on Friday. So much happened before that.

Monntag:  Monday, we all went to Jena and had a good time with the Gera and Jena Elders. We went and climbed this gigantic mountain, which, no matter how good of shape you are in, the wonderful humidity makes you bathe in your sweat like none other. It was super fun and running down the mountain was even more fun. 

Dienstag:  We met with good old Bruder Klinger. I love that man. Actually, he was having his 88th birthday, so if you all want to give a shout out to him, he would love that. We actually stopped by and give him some bananas, his request.   Also, after doing some contacting, we met with the older missionary couple, Sister and Elder Seelos, for our cleaning check. Elder Seelos brought his computer and we were able to do some family history work which was REALLY cool.  I totally felt that I am going to do family history for the rest of my life.

Mittwoch:  AH MITTWOCH. What a great day. We met with Katherine, our new investigator and she is AMAZING. She is a real lady. She is open to what is out there, and wants to find the truth. She really likes us, and is glad that she found real people.  She is excited to learn what we have to teach, and to find the truth for herself. We had a great talk with her and her grandson who is 6 years old. It was hilarious, because at the beginning he was so nervous around us, and then at the end, gave us hugs as we left.  It was a great time, and I am PUMPED to see her progress, and to see what happens. 

Donnerstag:   My goal was to get two MASSIVE smiles from two people: Elder Checketts’ and Barbara, a lady from our English class. We had to cancel our English class because we had to go to Gera to sleep over for the Conference the next day.  Barbara was really looking forward to our class, so we went and brought her brownies.  She really appreciated it. (One down).  At Gera ward, they were having their ward game night. So, we planned a surprise birthday party for Elder Checketts, and that was just hilarious. Made a poster, hung streamers, cake, ice cream, games, and the whole shebang. It was great! We had a great time hanging at the Gera Elder's apartment, and having fun.

FREITAG:  We had a ROADTRIP! It was so NICE not traveling to Frankfurt by train for once, and going in the Car. Elder Checketts’ and I jammed out to some gospel music, and had some real conversation. We basically did everything a road trip entails, just missionary style, while our goldens sat in the back, and fell asleep. We got to Frankfurt early and had a WONDERFUL time chatting with all the missionaries, all 250 of them. I LOVE so many people in the mission. Love my best friends. AND then (dramatic roll)... Elder Ballard!!! He was great. He didn’t have any notes, and he just spoke his mind. He was like the grandpa that has no filter, but in a good way. But all joking aside, right as he walked in, I felt in my heart and thought, Elder Ballard, he is called of God. This is one of the many amazing leaders God has called to raise up His kingdom. It was great. He just spoke with so much confidence.  Something I loved, was that they have asked so many people, whether converts to the church or people who didn’t join, what was the biggest, most influential part of the conversion? And above all, it was the missionaries. WE make the biggest impact, and we helped them, "feel" something. Another thing, I loved, was Elder Ballard said, “I can bet you now, right now, give me two of you and we can go on those streets and I will find you an investigator in one hour." I loved it. He invoked so much confidence and said that attitude, is really key in life. Attitude is the thing that we need, to make this life wonderful. Those who have a wonderful attitude, impact the lives of others. 

Well, after the spiritual feasting, we got home late on the train. By home, I mean in Erfurt where we slept over with the elders. Erfurt is so beautiful. One of my favorite cities so far. Then the next day, we traveled, studied, and spent time talking to people. Train time is talking time. If there is no one on the train that wants to talk, well then it is extra sleep time.

Sunday:  Really quick, Sunday met with the best family ever, the Bauerfeinds.  They have cutest kids, they are the cutest couple, cutest apartment. I feel really weird using the word “cute” so many times, but it’s the best word to use to describe meeting with the Bauerfeind family.

AS for my quick spiritual thought, I want to testify of the Love of Christ. That HIS Love, is perfect. We are not perfect. But for us to change, it needs to start with us in recognizing that, even though we are not perfect, that we don’t have to dwell on what we cannot do. We are not all the similar.  We are all extremely different individuals. I testify, that when we change our thoughts and actions, to become more like Christ, as the scriptures call it "praying continually," we will be happier.  We will accomplish more than we ever have accomplished.  Those dreary and sad days will seem like they are just "cute" little humps that are fun because we make it fun. The person we talk to the most every day, is ourselves, in our head. The more we succumb to the negative thoughts in our lives, the more we slowly succumb into that trap and hole Satan has put there for us, the barrier we have made for ourselves. Stop it. Wake up every morning and say "Today is going to be a great day."  Look to see how many times God says to you, "I love you." Because He does.  Have a great week! And know that, WE ARE AWESOME!!!

Love you all with all the soul I got as an Indian brown Missionary. :)

Elder Mayne

 Our road trip to Frankfurt with our goldens sleeping.

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