Monday, December 8, 2014

Letter #72 - To all whom it may concern: Its almost Christmas. :)

I just figured out today that you can use these. Learning new things everyday I tell ya.


I want to start with a question that you're welcome to reply to, when you have an answer. This week I had the thought to study about fear, and what fear really is. In the bible dictionary, it talks about two types of fear: One, the fear of God, which mainly includes an awe and reverence of Him; and then it talks about the other. It uses the example of Adam, after he partook of the fruit. He hid himself from God because he had sinned, and feared Him. So, I had a question, and it was, Is being fearful a sin? It obviously isn't a huge overwhelming sin. But, think of the things that come from being afraid. Maybe you are scared to: get married, go on a mission, go to the temple, repent, and the list could go on for hours. So then, I thought more and more about it. I watched the bible video of when Peter walks on water, and read the story over again. As I read it, I took it very literally. I thought about Peter walking on the water, taking that leap of faith to come closer to Christ, and as he does, he successfully walks on the water. But then, he starts to fear, and starts to drown in the water, kind of like drowning in sin. Then, he turns towards Christ, and repents, and says "save me." Christ is immediately there to save Him. So, that's my personal study this week, and next week, and for a while. So, if you all want to enjoy, you're welcome to join me. :)

Isaiah 41:10 Read it :) its really good. One of my favorites

This week, I grew, a lot. Leider [unfortunately], I have a cold. It's going away now because of my wonderful hospital staff (the Ward and the Sisters). They all apparently know how to do it, so it's good. But this week, we were introduced into many cultures, especially espaƱola. :) I love the Spanish Branch in our area.  This week, we met with one of the members. We had a great time being enriched by the culture. We also attended the Branch Christmas Party, excuse me "Fiesta." Elder Brown was speaking with the tongue of angels. His Spanish is super good. I am... well... I learned how to say "Welcome to the party." :) It was so fun. Even though we didn't know how to communicate with our voices, we received a lot of smiles. It was such a blast.

This week sadly, Silvi has dropped off the radar. We went by, and no one was home. We finally got a text from her, on Thursday, that things have just been crazy for her, work, her grandchild, and everything. Hopefully she can make her baptism. If not, it will be hard, but ok. We also had a great lesson with Valentine, and he wants to get baptized as soon as possible. But, he lives sooo far away that it's hard for him to come to church. We will make it happen, and find a solution. I'm sure. :)

Other than those highlights, I just, love the people I work with. Elder Brown and I just love working together. I think that I have seen more miracles in this little time frame than anywhere else in my mission. The Sisters are so great. The ward is fantastic. The zone is doing wonderfully. It's literally a Christmas miracle. :) I haven't ever felt such a Christmas love for everyone before, until this Christmas. I honestly think it's because my mind is so focused on Christ, the first gift. :) I love my time here. I know I am suppose to be here. Those individuals that are struggling the most, might simply need that pat on the shoulder, that little bright ray of sunshine your smile brings. When you have that feeling to help or to say something nice, don't fight it. Just do it. Nike style. :) That's where the true spirit of Christmas comes from. :)

Have a wonderful week, :)

Elder Mayne

Love you ALL

Our Christmas tree is literally the best. :)

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