Monday, December 15, 2014


I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I can sing all I want, talk about Christ all I want, eat chocolate all I want, and spread joy EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Literally, the best time of the year.

I just love the times and memories that happen every single day. The greatest thing that is happening right now, is all the miracles our Zone is seeing. A couple Elders had a baptism in a ward that hasn't had a baptism in months. Everyone is finding people ready to accept this gospel, and most importantly, they feel happy and successful. What would you wish for more? :) I am taking in every minute, and moment, of this last Christmas I have here in Germany, and it's been some of the best times of my life. So, I'll take you into one specific memory that happened on Sunday that best describes my life at the moment...

Sacrament Meeting: The Sister's investigator, Fay, was just confirmed and is holding hands with the Sisters on the bench. Right next to Fay is her brother that came to church for the first time, and we just taught him about the restoration. One of the less-active members and one of our good friends, Andreas, has been coming back to church ever since I have been in this area. He is sitting on the stand, and is blessing the Sacrament for the first time in a while. Then, there's me, who got asked as we walked in to the meeting to translate for the only English speakers. I am sitting there in my seat with the microphone, talking quietly. It was so hard. They were reading out of the scriptures, and I couldn't find them fast enough. So, my interpretation of the Stripling Warriors may have been a little simple. :) I just thought to myself: "Wow. I never knew what to expect when I said I would go out on a mission." These experience have honestly changed my life in ways I couldn't ever have imagined. This is the best time of my life. :)

Why, you ask?? Other than: meeting with some Spanish members, eating squid, making an amazing 40 calls in one day (in like 3 hours), ANNNNND we set a baptismal date!!! Wahoo!! His name is Jacob, and he is from Ghana. TOTALLY legit guy. He is the greatest.  A member brought him last week to church. He is only 21. He just wants to follow Christ. We met with him the first time, and we remembered as we got there that we didn't bring an English Book of Mormon with us. So, we were about to go ask if we can go look in our car, and then the door bell rings. Jacob answers the door. We just see a hand reach out and give him HIS Book of Mormon. Jacob says thanks, and closes the door. It was the sketchiest, but most awesome thing ever! He lives in a refugee apartment, which is basically just a downgrade from college dorms. It was so cool. He just LOVES Christ. He understood perfectly why there needed to be a restoration, why he needed the gospel, and just how he can find out the truth. Really awesome guy.

To top the week off, literally everyday is an adventure (God knows my motto). I wish I could tell ya all the details. But, I just want to give a shout out to the Von Rauchtaubts in our ward. They are a cute young couple that put on one of the most amazing Ward Christmas Parties EVER. It was sooo cool. We got to help our Ward Mission Leader become Santa (pictures included). A lot of non-members attended. We also created a DVD that is fantastic, and it's all thanks to Elder Brown's awesome 'techy' skills. :)

Gosh, I couldn't be happier. Life isn't easy. The fight and struggle is real. BUT, we know that the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear :) (I know sister, that quote was just for you). I LOVE people. I love seeing the smile on their faces. I love hearing the old lady in the store say, "Dankeschön [Thank-you]" because we moved our cart over so she could walk by with her walker. LIFE is FULL of opportunities to love, to serve, and to make an impact. So go share this gift of love, people. :)

Elder Mayne out.

 Us at the party with Schwester Herr hiding her face :)

Our ward mission leader and our attempt at making his beard white. :) 
PS: He and his wife are the SICKEST. If you get a chance, call them up. 
Idk their number, but they are in Idaho for the Christmas break. :)
Brian and Jesse McDermott (Hopefully they don't think its creepy. Blame it on me ;))

Pfefferkuchenhaus [Gingerbread House]

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