Monday, February 23, 2015

Letter #83 - Transfer week and the realization of Change

This week is short and sweet, and a whole lot of in-between, so get ready for the next 3 minutes of greatness... :)

Tranfers happened: Elder Brown is leaving, got transferred to Bonn, and is a District Leader there. My new comp... is Elder von Wallwitz :) WE ARE SO PUMPED. Im super sad that Elder Brown is leaving, and also super excited that Elder von Wallwitz is coming. It's a crazy whirlwind of emotions. But hey, also great. :)

So this week, I was in my area... for like 2 days... Saturday and Sunday. I was on splits all during the week. And since elder brown is the designated driver for now, I went to other missionary's areas. :)

I got to serve with Elder Coombs in Mannheim, and then Elder Banks in Karlsruhe! They are both solid elders, and are just barely finishing their golden cycles. As I served with them, I was able to see how they were doing, how much of "Mission Life" they have ahead of them, and remember back on my good ol' days of being a golden. I just tried to remember who I was back then and who I am now. It was so FUN.

In one area, we had scheduled 4 hours of contacting. I was so excited. :) I was so EXHAUSTED by the time we were done, because I was just talking to everyone I saw. I remember when I was a golden and went on splits with leaders. The thought came to me that I just needed to give a great example to them, and I just was so HAPPY when I got rejected for like the 40th time. It felt great. We didn't find anyone. But, we handed out some stuff. The Spirit was strong, and I felt that I had pleased the Lord.

That's the biggest change I realized in me. Sure, my German has gotten better. Sure, I've become better at doing missionary things. But I realized the biggest change, has come from within - my heart. I have given my heart to the Lord, and He has made me something that I never imagined. I have learned from the Book of Mormon, that the Spirit only comes to those that have a willing heart. So, by having a willing heart that is open to CHANGE - we become something that the Lord wants us to become, He needs us to become. As we trust in Him, we trust that what He wants us to become is the best.

As for the area and investigators, I'll give a richtig [proper] update next week. This week remember, I love you all. Heidelberg is fantastic, and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Mucho lovo!!

Elder Mayne


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