Monday, March 2, 2015

Letter #84 - Walking on the road to FAITH

The new transfer arrived, and I got shipped a Brazilian named Elder von Wallwitz. :) And oh boy, are we super excited.

This week has been amazing. We feel SO GOOD about what lays before us, and we know we can accomplish so much. The Lord is hastening His work. To give an example, I'll tell you what our day was like on Sunday...

First, on Saturday night, we fast, finish weekly planning, and make a bunch of calls to see if people can come to church. We called the Familie Singer, who is a wonderful family that is Catholic but really open to our church, and they said that they would try to come. We show up to Church, and we are going around, introducing the members to Elder VW (his name is long :))and it was just a great time. And, Elder VW can speak Spanish. :) So, the members of the Spanish branch and their faces, were absolutely priceless when they saw him at the door. It was so great. :) We talked to the President of the Branch, and then went and sat in the Spanish Sunday School class. I felt like a golden again. :) Then we got asked to give our testimonies in Sacrament! I was like, oh shoot... I literally know nothing in Spanish. Haha. But, I was all for it. I thought, it'll be an adventure. We then went back to our German Ward and sat in Sacrament Meeting. Then, just as it is about to start, the whole Singer family came walking in! I was beaming. :) We went over and sat by them and talked. Elder VW gave his testimony, and we left together to go over to the Spanish Sacrament and give our testimonies there.  Someone translated for me, and then we ran back to our German Ward, talked to the members/investigators, and ran back to Spanish Branch to do the same. Everyone was just SO HAPPY and it was so much work, but so much fun. Both wards are just ready to do work, and we are just here to help and guide them along. It was just a miracle Sunday.

I came home absolutely pooped. I woke up Sunday morning feeling just so achy. My body was telling me it's going to rain, and the seasons are changing. :) Ha. Then, well (mom don't freak) we were helping an awesome family in the ward move, and I went to bed with my elbow hurting and I didn't know why.  I looked at it in the shower the next day, and my entire elbow was red and it had this white puss thing on it... I think I got bit by a spider. It hurt the entire day and it was terrible. So I come home, wanting to eat right away. But Elder VW was better than me, and wanted to set transfer goals. We had an awesome day, the spirit was strong, and we really needed to set goals first. So while at first I was like "my stomach needs FOOD," I decided that he was right, and I said "ok, lets do it." We prayed and pondered... We want 10 baptisms this transfer. You look at all the success that anyone has had, and that just hasn't happened before. But, we are not looking towards what has happened in the past. We are looking towards the future. We know the Lord is ready. We just need to make ourselves ready, and be willing to call upon His power. It's not going to be easy. But it will be worth it. We were driving home, and these were the words I was screaming in the car. It's our motto this transfer :)

Can't stop!

Won't stop!


With the Lord as my arm, His strength, it's absolutely true. And that was so true, when I drove for the first time this week on the AUTOBAHN!!! I did so good. Elder VW was freaking, but I did so good. I had to give myself a little pump up talk at first, but it went great. :)

The Lord is there. We visited a Spanish member, and talked to him about hope. How hope will conquer any feelings of doubt, loneliness, or despair. The gospel can changes our lives, when we desire it. :)


Elder Mayne

 Our first pic together (WE'RE NOT FAT).

 MLC with Elder Melanson (another homie).

On that basketball grind. :)

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