Monday, April 13, 2015

Letter #90 - There Is ALWAYS Happiness Around Us

This week was wild, as it always is (I literally yawned when I typed that haha. I promise it was)

To start off... We set a baptismal date with Rosina!!!!!! She is being baptized on the 25th of April. This lady is amazing and I want to tell you why:

We had a funeral for a member this past week, and it was very humbling. The Spirit there was very strong and you could just feel the love in the room. It was interesting though, because as I was sitting there, I just felt, I knew, that this wasn't the end. I sat there as the talks were talked and the songs played, and there was a baby a couple rows ahead and I just had a testimony of that I really know that the Plan of Salvation is real. That we are here to experience, and learn and to grow, and to recieve a body. And also, to have joy. :)

At the end, we turned around because we were planning on having a lesson with Rosina, and she was sitting in the back in her wheelchair and just smiled at us. We went and talked to her and she told us that she didn't want to miss the lesson, so she came a little early, and someone let her in, so she took part of the funeral. She then just explained to us how she could feel the presence of her parents there and also the lady who the funeral was for, and how she felt as well that there wasn't a reason to feel sad, because she was in a good place. It was perfect, because we wanted to talk about the Plan of Salvation, so we just jumped right into it, and it was a fantastic lesson, on a couple benches in the chapel. At the end of the lesson, we talked a little bit more about our purpose and why we are here and she is so amazing, she literally just wants to help and serve everyone. And then she explained to us that she felt like SHE wasn't something special, and just wished she could give her life for the sake of others. We explained to her, that there is someone that already has done that, Jesus Christ, and that if we follow Him the best we can, that is enough. And we asked her to be baptized. :) She accepted and told us that she felt like she has been on a search, and has felt she finally has found it. The thing every missionary wants to hear, it was a miracle :)

Another miracle that happened was our appointment with Luis (from the Spanish branch). He is so amazing and luckily knows perfect German, so I can talk to him as well. But he is such a good guy with an amazing heart. We came to the lesson, not knowing exactly what to say, despite our preparations, so we were saying some faithful prayers. But as we asked him how he liked General Conference and what not, he said a friend emailed him a link of one of the talks from Elder Uchtdorf and about the experiment with the little kids and the marshmallows (one of my favorites). We were like...uh that wasn't this year... And he was like "doch!" and then looked it up and found out it wasn't, and then explained to us that is was EXACTLY what he needed, that he needed to be more patient and willing to follow and wait for an answer and it was a miracle :) We told him that that was God talking specifically to Him. And now that he KNOWS he can recieve personal revelation, that personal foundation of a testimony is going to come so quickly and easy. It was such a great answers to our prayers :)

Other than that, we had our first barbecue of the summer (almost here) with the young single adults which was sweet, had a wonderful time with an awesome member, Eduardo, in the spanish branch, and then did some service with those classy "helping hands" yellow t-shirts's (literally cleared out a forest and then burnt it and roasted some Leberkäse on it :))

OH AND THE BEST (not really.... everyday is the best :)) PART OF THE WEEK: GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!! Such a great time and got a lot of questions answered AND I SAW MY FEUCHT HOMIES!!!!! Samuel ran up to me and we hugged for about 5 min :) it was probably one of the most touching moments of my mission.

Life is great. I testify that missionary work makes people happy. You want happiness? Go bring someone closer to Christ. Then you will receive a joy you never have felt before.



Elder Mayne

P.S. SVU is official!! I'm all registared and ready to go kick it!

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