Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Letter #89 - Der Tag Unsere Befreiung (The Day of Our Liberation)

Happy Easter everyone!! Hope you had an Easter filled with chocolate, Jesus, Prophets, and Peeps (oh my). This Easter for me in Germany was a special one and I wanted it to be, since it's the last one, so I am so glad I took the time to prepare.

This week all led up to a marvelous weekend. The highlight was going on a split with the Golden Elder Klingler. He is a great elder and is serving in Speyer, and so he came up with me and Elder von Wallwitz went back to his old area.


The Week started off barfy (ha.. ha...) because Elder von Wallwitz literally was barfing all over the place. We had a sweet P-day planned to go hang out with the awesome Jesse McDeezy (a member in the ward from America), but as we were doing emails, Elder VW felt sick. When we were getting ready to go, he said he really didn't feel good, so we decided to stay home. He threw up, had some major chills, and didn't feel well at all. So I went into "Doctor Mayne" mode and started doing all that I could, cleaned everything, and washed my hands and stuff a billion times so I wouldn't get sick :) Momma taught me well, nah? He felt like that for a couple of days, and luckily we still got to have a couple of appointments, but other than that I filled my time with lots of study and catchin up on journal writing. :)

Back to the split though. I love golden splits. I love goldens personably. They are so willing and try their very hardest, espcially at the language. But this split was arguably one of my favorite days of the transfer. I really got to see, the progress I have made, and also the amount of time that the Lord has put into me, to make me the missionary I have become. We first contacted two referrals. We met this kid named Michael who is 17 and wants to know the truth. And we taught him the first discussion and set an appointment. After we had a nice comp study, we then taught a great investigator Abbe and basically called him to repentence, and the Spirit was amazingly strong and powerful. At institute, one of the sweetest moments of my day occured. We were talking to these Spanish-speaking people (me in broken Spanish, them in broken German) and ended up taking pics together and are now Facebook friends. Wahoo :)

There is always food after institute, so we were about to eat when one of the members in the ward comes up to me and says that there is this lady in a wheelchair who is here to get a Bible. And I was like, ok we will find one, and does she know about the Book of Mormon? He just smiles and shrugs his shoulders and says "not yet" :) So I grab a Bible and Book of Mormon, and I meet this lady. This lady, Rosina, is a wonderful, wonderful lady. I couldn't talk to her for some reason while standing, so I just knelt right next to her and taught her the first discussion right in the hallway as people are running back and forth and it just felt like we were alone, in a little bubble, feeling the Spirit and truth. She has gone through so much in her life, and she is so positive. She just wants to become the best person she can, and she believes Christ is that example for her. She wants to go out everyday in her wheelchair, and just smile at people and make them happy, and that's her honest desire. It was such a sweet experience, and the Spirit there in that little moment, was so strong. I felt that true Christlike love in that moment, and I can't forget it :)

Now as to the wonderful spiritual feast that I partook of on Saturday, lemme tell you right before that, of our street display right AND transfer calls that happened. WELL, Im staying here in Heidelberg :) And with my good old pal Elder VW. So that means that I'll be here until I'm in the grave, which I'm very very happy about. BUT GUESS WHAT...WE ARE GETTING IPADS!! Elder Bednar is coming for an entire day seminar on the 24th of April and will introduce us to the "Digital Age" of missionary work. Amazing nah? Ive been waiting for this since like, my 2nd transfer and FINALLY the day has come. Pretty funny actually, because (just remembering) we had Zone training this Mittwoch, and we pulled an April Fool's prank and told everyone we are getting iPads.... haha so April Fool's joke still on!!! :)

Anyway, we had our street display where we were planning on having a projector, speakers, and the whole shibang playing "Because He Lives" in the middle of the Hauptstra├če and everyone would watch it.... haha so the only day that it didn't stop raining was Saturday... And our prayers were heard later. But ya know, I didn't give up trying. Elder von Wallwitz and I were like, "Heavenly Father, we planned this far in advance, we prepared everything we could, and we are going to go out there in faith, and do thy work." And that's what we did! And let me tell you, I don't think I've gotten so badly rejected before. So many people said, "No, I don't believe in Jesus," and just so much negativity. But I kept going. I can literally tell you I talked to so many people, and over 200 "no's" (not "unsuccesses") came to me. And so by the time we packed up everything, we were about to leave, Elder VW and I and a member, (I'll talk about him in a minute), we said we'd talk to a couple more people before we had to leave. Well, the very next person I talk to is a Muslim guy that actually wants to become Christian and learn about Jesus, and takes my card with such gratitude. Wow. I can tell you that was worth all the no's plus about a thousand more. It was a great way of Heavenly Father showing me His appreciation, and my faith in Him growing.

As for conference, it was a miracle filled time. It literally felt like every single talk had little bits and pieces that were specifically for me and to define my character and what I need to improve on. I love Genreal Conference and compare it literally to Christmas because that's what it feels like :) But we had about 7 investigators come to different sessions and it was great, because Elder VW and I would look at each other and just be like, "That investigator needed to hear that," and it happened over and over. Ah, I love conference. Also, President Frost, who is in the stake Presidency, is such an amazing man. He and his family are so wonderful, so happy, and so in touch with the Gospel. You can see what their prorities are and what is first, which is God, and then you see, that everything falls into place when you do that :)

And a quick shout out to Elders Hawker, Boyd from my mission, and Sister Gilmour, one of my besties, for all completin' the Mish and serving awesomely and wonderfully. Love you all :) Keep going and we will be partying together soon ;)

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! Have a great week filled with awesomeness, love, and God's guidence.

Elder Mayne

Zone pics :) the homies (elder nelson) and street display prep: car full to the max

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