Monday, October 28, 2013

Letter #14 - Helping Hands

Well hallo wieder famille und fruende :)

It's been a great week, and as usual a learning week. But that's every week! Ha and gosh, it's been great, and I can just see how amazing this work and how amazing God's plan is for all of us. I love it :)

Tuesday: Good solid day :) had our first distrikt versammung mit our new distrikt leader and that was good to finally get to know him. His name is Elder Ludlow, and he actually went to American Fork like 3 years ago! But it's good to have some more Cavemen blood :) Distrikt meeting was really good, and I love our distrikt. Then we met with the familie Fahls :) ah I love this familie. They are so happy, and they love the gospel. They have 2 missionaries out right now, and one is done with his mission on November 29, so hopefully I get to meet him. But this familie is so great and always willing to do missionary work. We watched Elder Holland's testimony on the Book of Mormon, and how powerful that is and then we went around and gave our testimonies about it. And wow, even as a missionary, hearing people's testimonies is so great and strengthens mine :) I love this gospel :)

Mittwoch: Ah this day, was so...not eventful, until we were coming back from the church after unsuccessfully attempting to open the door to the computer, because it was closed :) but when we were coming back, we met a guy on the train that we have talked to before and is super nice and we offered a Buch Mormon to him. He was so suprised that we were just giving them out and was way happy about it. We have his phone number, and he said he is really going to read it, so that was awesome. :) Then we had an austuasch with nurnberg, so Elder Baker came down to Feucht with me. We went straight to basketball :) ha and I played one of the best times there, if you would like to know. But I talked to Mario, and he STILL is reading the Buch Mormon. I asked if we can meet this next week and he said yes! Ha but then I also got another person's number that is our age that comes to basketball and speaks in broken up english. So I say it was a great day :)

Thursday: Hardest day ever. So Elder Baker was still here, and I was supposed to run the show. And we had 3 hours of contacting, so we went train contacting. Then I remembered that I forgot my wallet and so we had to miss our first train and get the next one. When we got on there, only 2 people were on there! 2! and both had head phones in and so no one would talk to us. And then I was struggling a little bit, thinking too much about myself and what not, and then we went to Sport, and wow, it was what I needed. The Ackkerman family and all their kids were there, and I just played with them forever. And then a part member family showed up and we got to meet and talk with them and it made my day a whole lot better. I honestly think when you have a hard day, go to the scriptures. They teach you everything. And I'll tell you later why :)

Friday: Elder allen and I were reunited and back together and it felt, so good haha. We went and served our wonderful 3rd Grandpa, Bro. Miller. The best part was we found out he still has a testimony! It's great. This next week, we are going over and painting for him, which I am super excited about ha. I love serving people. I love forgetting myself and seeing people's faces when they see something, a burden, that they had is taken off their shoulders. Ah it's great. Honestly, after reading what I wrote, that's not the same Elder Mayne you know huh? Ha I have changed a lot :) But for the better :) After that, we even did some more service and moved another chicken coup for a member in our ward. We moved it to his house, but we didn't take it down because it's dark here at like 5 o'clock and we couldn't do it in the dark ha. So that leads into...

Saturday! So guess what? More service!!! Ha and we also had the opportunity to do Mormon Helping Hands, as a stake, and so we went on the streets in the areas and picked up trash. Honestly, they could have told me to do anything, as long as I got to wear one of those vests. :) Afterwards we went to the members house and served some more and put the massive chicken coup where it was suppposed to go. Then we taught the Vincents, the best family in the ward that I love so much :) their kids are super cute too, so that's a bonus :)

This week, wasn't super eventful. But I personally, learned a lot. I learned that, why, why do we think of ourselves? we are here to serve the Lord, and we are here, on this Earth, to live and serve our God with all our heart, might, mind and strength. I have learned to forget myself, like President Hinckley. Whenever I was mad at myself, or at other people, or just frustrated, I would think, 'Alright, go serve them.' You won't have those feelings anymore. And when you do that, it is so true. I can promise, with all my heart, the more we think about our Savior, Jesus Christus, and his character and honestly try to become like that, we will not only change our lives, but the lives of others. And i want all of you, to read ether 12. it is the best chapter in the buch mormon, in my opinion. even took pictures of it. but if you ponder what it says in there, and honestly, try to trust in the Lord and his will for just this week, you will see the difference it will make in your life. I love this gospel, and I love being a missionary. It's all going by so quickly, and it seems like sometimes I haven't accomplished anything. But just like Ammon in chapter 26 of Alma, they looked back at the things that they accomplished, and it doesn't talk about baptisms, Buch Mormons, whatever. They turned the heart of the people, and helped them find God. And that's what this missionary work is. So that is why I am so happy people. It's because I boast in the strength of My Lord, My God, and his son, our Savior, Jesus Christus. Through them, all things all possible.

Elder Mayne

I LOVE YOU FAMILY!!!!! Gosh I love you guys. Can't wait to get home and shower you all with my testimony and love and what not :) ha but please send this to everyone and whoever else you think would benefit from it and love to hear from me. :) but I love you guys and can't wait to see what this week holds! love you!

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