Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter #19 - Week... somethin'. :) Ha, first week of the new transfer that's all I know. :)

So really, this week was just crazy. I got a new comp, from the Swiss, and everyday, just brings new experiences, new challenges, and really seeing that God is mindful of all his children. It's awesome. :) But, I will start on Thursday, the transfer day, because well, that's when the crazy stuff started to happen:

Donnerstag: So got my new comp, Elder Wichtermann (I know how to spell it now :)) he is great. He is 22 years old, has been out for 10 months, and only eats meat. :) Ha, he is a great guy and I am looking forward to serving with him. Ha, but when we were coming home, our train ticket didn't work, because it was too early in the morning, and had to pay 40 euro each. Yikes! Great start right? Ha, and then we came home, went and did some finding, missed a train, had to run a mile (takes 12 min to walk to Banhof, got there in 5, yup thats right, in good shape), and then ya.. crazy day. Came home and unpacked and well, considering I remembered it was Thanksgiving at 8 oclock when we got home and since I was the only American, I had to celebrate it. So, I had a bowl of Corn Flakes with Peanut Butter and Nutella. mmmmm. Ha, that's what that picture is about. So not the best Thanksgiving ever. But hey, missionary life in Germany? :)

Freitag: Another interesting day. We had a lot of finding time, so we went around and talked to people in Feucht and tried to find new investigators. It was a hard day, because not a lot of people were outside, considering it was the coldest day so far here, but there isn't a whole lot of people here in Neaumarkt and Feucht. But, I never get my hopes down. I know the Lord is there, and he will help us and lead us to those people that need the gospel in their lives. It really is awesome, to meet all these people. I set a goal everyday, to make at least 20 people smile, and normally I reach it. It just makes me happy, to see someone smile everyday. :) It's the little things that we do, that make the big things come to pass. You may never know when something you did, those scriptures you studied, or that decision you made, might help that person. :) It's awesome! :)

Samstag: Ah such a good day. So, this was our jam session and pretty much the entire ward showed up! It was fantastic! The Grassers, brought a couple of their kids that don't come to church and then a family also! Ah, it was awesome! Then, the best part, so a guy that Elder Ludlow and I met on the street and talked to for an hour, came! He is going to come to our movie night on Thursday as well. It really is awesome, and he is the nicest guy ever. He is super, logical, and figuring out everything for himself. But, I think there is some potential in this guy. Then Elder Wichtermann, on his third day here, got to preform something with me and our Ward Mission Leader, ha. We did the Mahna-Mahnam song from Sesame street (watch it on YouTube). It was awesome. Then we danced with the Elder's Quorum group.  Then, I also sang ha, because one of the members made me since she has heard my voice. But, it was great and honestly one of the best nights here in Feucht.

I have really, felt my Saviors love when I have been here, especially for others. Every person I talk to, I imagine the Savior by their side, helping them along, watching what they do, and just really try to treat them the way He would. Really having that love for them. As I have done that, not only has my love increased for everyone, but also, I have felt my Saviors love for me. And as we listen to the people we talk to, with love, really having an interest in what they are saying, we will be able to say what they need to hear and be able to help them. We won't need to think of what to say, the words will come into our hearts. I also, have been reading Lehi´s dream, and one part stood out to me that I have shared and will share again. So every single person, no matter if they were righteous or not, had to pass through the smoke, that clouds which path to take. Not one person, not one, came to the tree and partook of the fruit, without holding fast to the iron rod. Not one. So how important is it, to hold fast to that rod, the Buch Mormon? We cannot take it lightly. Those people that do not have the rod to hold on to, we need to help them find it, and help them hang on also. I can promise of the divinity of the Book of Mormon, and that through this book, we will reach our full potential, and partake of eternal life. I love this work and this gospel. Love you all and I can testify, with all my heart, that our Savior loves each and everyone of you. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Mayne

I LOVE MY FAMILY AND ESPECIALLY MY OPA AND OMA (grandpa and grandma)!!!!! Family, have a great fantastic week. I love you all. Really find someone to feel and help feel Christ's love. Love you all!!!!! Happy birthday Alyssa. :)

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