Monday, December 16, 2013

Letter #21 - On the first day of Christmas... :)

Well hello family and friends.  Another week down and I am going towards 5 months of mission! That's just, crazy. But I would like you to know, I am doing everything I can to make the most of it, and the results are showing. :) I love this time of year. So, the täglich (daily) update...

Montag (Monday): Met with the coolest of guys, a referral from an older couple in our mission. His name is Chris, he is from Cleveland, Ohio and has been living in Deutschland for 15 years. He is just the chillest guy. We wanted to know about what he had been taught, and if he had a testimony.  He told us that he knows the Buch Mormon is true and knows that this gospel is true! Ha, so we told him to pray this week about a baptismal date for the 28th. He is looking for a better job and he and his ex-wife aren't agreeing with things.  So, he is super stressed right now, and wants to be fully committed to this gospel.  But, I think when he receives the Holy Ghost, he will know what to do and receive direction in his life. Pray for him alright?

Dienstag (Tuesday): So this day, was a great day. I gave a Thema, a talk, for Zone training. It was about personal revelation and how really, prayer, is a privilege with God.  If we just forget that and don't take advantage of it, really thinking and pondering what we want to say to our Heavenly Father, what it is that we are praying for, then maybe we should ask ourselves, "does it really mean something to you?" Then, we had planned to go to Regensburg, to meet a potential investigator, but some stupid American elder forgot the train ticket and so we had to get off the train.  So, we didn't have to pay (that was me) so we rescheduled and then we wondered why the Lord really wanted that to happen. Then, we actually ran into our neighbors and had a good talk with them, and are meeting this week. So, it was a blessing in disguise. :)

Mittwoch (Wednesday) und Donnerstag (Thursday): So these two days, we spent a lot of time at the Church. I wanted to decorate the Church with snowflakes and make it look all Christmas-y, and what not, for our members.  But, it was an epic fail. Ha, I figured out that our church is a lot bigger than I expected.  I imagined that we could decorate the entire Church, like in the movie "Elf."  But, it was not possible with the skills of me and Elder Wichtermann ( I had to teach him how to make a snowflake). Ha, but we really felt the love of the members and the love our ward mission leader, Chrissi. He invited us to a fußball indoor thing for our sport abend and we had Thomas, a non-member that is like 23 and really cool, come and play with us and it was really fun. These indoor things are all around Germany.

Freitag (Friday): Ah we finally got into our regular meetings with the wonderful Miller family. I love this couple. They are just so funny together.  Even though when we do service its only like 30 min, it's a service that we listen to all his stories and just spend time with them. We had a great talk about the Atonement and about Jesus Christ and what He did for us, and so it was a really great talk with him. I think that he reallly will come to Church soon.

Samstag (Saturday): Got a new investigator! We went down to Regensburg and met her. Her name is Daniela and is really interested in Church, and what not. She took a Book of Mormon and really says she is intrested in our Church. It'll be sweeet to see what happens!

So, I don't have too much time, zone p-day at the Christkind Markt. But, I just want to testify that the Word is true. This gospel is true, and our Heavenly Father hears our prayers. Really. He will always help our faith grow, if we ask in faith and really rely on Him. That is my prayer, for each of you to have conversations with our Father in Heaven this week. :) Love you all! TCHAO!!!!

Elder Mayne


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