Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter #22 - FROH WEIHNACHTEN!!! (Merry Christmas!!!)

Liebe Familie und verruckt Leute (Dear family and crazy people) :),
Haha friends, it's been a good week and I think I will cover what happened this week quickly. But, that's because I wanna spend a little more on the weekly preach, that's what I am calling it. This week was a pretty awesome. It was a check off my bucket list of life and missionary life list kind of week (if you caught all of that). It's crazy how fast time flies and Christmas is here - its awesome! :)

Auf jeden fal, Montag (Definitely false, Monday): Great p-day, spent more time in the Weihnachts Markt (Christmas Market) again. Ha got some sweet pics, TONS of people. But hey, its the Christmas spirit and I love it. Ha, I swear we never have a full p-day, but we came home at 3:00, so we could get to an appointment at a members at 5:00 (takes a while). It was the Ackermanns and it was so great to always be around them and their wonderful spirit. The Children are crazy and super energetic, and when you give them chocolate, it doesn't make it better. But, it was good. :) Ha I love this family, and I had to do 80 pushups, part of the lesson (don't ask).

Dienstag (Tuesday): Ah so buckle up. So we had Zone Conference and it was awesome. I know pretty much all the people in my Zone now and I am great friends with a lot of them. It was just a grand old time. Elder Linsey, one of the APs, is from AF and we are pretty tight. Gotta chat a little bit. But it is always good to see President and to feel his love. :) Then, after Zone Conference, we went to The Nürnberg Christkind Markt (Christ child Market) and we sang as our whole zone! So many people watched us and some even sang with us! It was a remarkable experience and I know a lot of people felt the true Christmas spirit. It was great. :)

Mittwoch (Wednesday): Ah, a good day. So we had a lesson with our wonderful investigator Chris. He really is the nicest guy. He is struggling right now in life, and just needs some direction. The Ehepaars (senior missionary couple) were with us. We talked about temples, because the member that comes with us, is preparing for the temple. We talked about eternal families and how we can be with our family together forever. He really thought that was interesting and since families are important to him, it hit him well. He doesn't feel like he is ready to commit to baptism, just yet. But, he is getting there. I know he will. I am so excited for him. It'll help his life so much.

Donnerstag (Thursday): Ha, a fun day. We went down to Ansbach, to do a street display with the Ansback Elders (Elder Bishop, from AF, and Elder Sandbacken), the Nürnberg Elders, and the Feucht Sisters. Four of us sang in a quartet and we handed out DVDs and hot coco.  It was just a fun day.  It was incredible to make people smile and just share the Christmas spirit. :)

Freitag (Friday): Ooh hard day. So we got to meet with the Vincents, my faves, and that was good. Ha, the kids were super wild and Brüder Vincent had his sister over. It was just a family feeling and really a great lesson as well, about Christ. Ha, but then, i was kinda letting things get to me. Not too much success, not feeling like i am really helping anybody, and just feeling like I am wasting the Lord's time. So I got down on my knees and prayed. Right then, Sister Biller called us and said she had some extra food and invited us over.  It was great, to feel their love and just have a good talk with them. She is really a lovely lady and really cares about the missionaries.  I think she knows when I am in need of some love, so she comes to the rescue. :) We then gave some brownies I made to our neighbors, and invited them to church. She was super loving and sick, but she (Tanja our neighbor) said that she would try to come. She didn't make it, but its ok. :)

Samstag (Saturday): Crazy day. So, we went to the Millers and had a great time there. Right as we got home, Mario called and invited us to come play ball with him. So, we had to change and then go back to the train station. Ha, and it was great talking with him. He is very open to us now and we even spent a lot of time talking about family and (ha) shoes, Jordan's, so it was a great talk. He said he wants to see us this week, and what not, during Christmas, so it'll be great. Then we went over to the Fahl family and coordinated with the sisters and got some sweet ideas for the new year. It'll be great.

Sonntag (Sunday): Just a great day. We spent the time handing out gifts and treats to all the members, then we had lunch with Brüder Bopp.  We then went home and did some weekly planning.

I just want to say, this year, this Christmas, I have never felt closer to, and never needed my Savior Jesus Christ more than now. I know He lives. His Atonement, is there for us to use, to repent and be forgiven of our weaknesses. But, that is not enough. We need to know that the Atonement is for good men and women, who want to become better. Nothing we can do, by our own sheer grit, whether it is getting better at a talent, or to grow, is going to change that. We will never really reach our full potential, if we don't use the enabling power of the Atonement. Read the talk by Elder Bednar, that talks about this subject. This gospel is not just to give us direction in our life, and help us to fight off the devil and his temptations, it is to help us grow, and to become more like Him. He walked the loneliest journey a man has ever made, so that we will not have to. He is our Lord. He is our Savior. He will help us grow, and help us become true daughters and sons of God, if we use the power of the Atonement. Let us remember Him, let us let Him help us through what ever circumstances.  He can help our lives, in ways we could never imagine. Of this I testify and am eternally grateful, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. FROH WEIHNACHTEN UND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

Love Elder Mayne

I AM SEEING MY FAMILY IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )::)):))::::)::)::):::):):):):):):: love you guys :)

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