Monday, January 6, 2014

Letter #24 - Good ol’ Feucht and Neumarket, We are staying together….

Another Crazy Schnell week has passed and my, oh my, I have been here in Germany for 4 months... Time neeeeeeds to slow down. But I am making every moment count and it’s been a great holiday season :).  SO…..

Ha, this day was New Year’s Eve right??? That’s how eventful it was. We had to be home by 6 PM in our apartment, because its dark at 5 PM and people start getting crazy.  So the way we celebrated, we cooked some pizza, cleaned the apartment and updated the Area book.  My comp, Elder W, went to bed at 9:45. WAHOO!!! Party!!  But I woke up at 12 AM, not on my own account, because there was fireworks nonstop for about an hour. Drunk people and fireworks end up making, a crazy time. But ha, it was a sight to see, especially am morgen :)

We decided we were going to try to see how many drunk people we would see that day. 14 in an hour. The streets were covered with glass and so many fireworks and wow, Europeans know how to party apparently. But we had distrikt meeting to start off the New Year and it was great to be with this awesome distrikt we have.

So it was a hard, hard day. We had to take a train to Ansbach and then we would meet the Apars (senior missionary couple), the Reeders, to have a termine with Katholina.  I just felt like I was failing the Lord. I felt like the worst missionary. We have trouble working together because we see the work very different opinions.  I see it as not as something to get done, but rather have the opportunity to share Christ’s love for them. The meeting that we had was great. Katholina is a recent convert and she is friends with our investigator Chris. Chris had a night shift so he couldn't come this night. I really love Katholina. She has an amazing spirit about her and she is so willing, to strengthen her testimony. Her family hates Mormons and that’s been hard for her, but she is awesome and we taught about having faith in Christ. There was such a strong spirit there. After the appointment, Elder Wichtermann and I talked and worked out some stuff so we could still have the spirit with us. It’s been a challenge no doubt, but I have learned that the Lord loves us all so perfectly. As a representative of Him, I need to act like that, with everyone I come in contact with, including my companion.  I love him and want the best for him. And I will try to be the best example for him.

Ah the Millers. A fantastic day to have a visit with the Millers. We did some good service and the Sisters came with us.  It was the first time sisters have been over to the Miller family. But it was so good to see them and feel their spirit. The pictures I am going to send, ha is me using a power tool... that I forgot the name of. But it was really fun and kind of dangerous :)   Sister Millers, the sister in law, is home from the hospital and doing better.  She wants to come to church, and so this month, they said that they would come to church!! Ah it is so very exciting. But I love this family so much and Brother Miller has taught me how to build a lot of stuff.  I want to try that off my mission, do my own home improvements :) so fam, watch out! But we took pictures because we didn't know if I would be leaving or not. Transfer calls are tomorrow.....

So I am staying. Ha obviously from the title, we are staying here in good ol' Feucht with Elder Wichtermann. I love the transfer calls, but it’s really nerve racking and crazy.  You are so excited and it’s amazing to think that 270 missionaries are listening in one call. But I am excited to stay here. My ´Golden` buddy that has served here in Feucht, Sister Lyons, is transferred and a really good buddy I have made, Elder Miller, serving in Regensburg, is transferred too.  That makes me the only one in our Distrikt that has been here the longest.  I am grateful for this opportunity to make Feucht even better, share my love with these people and save some souls here down in Feucht :)

This week, was such a learning week. It was definitely hard. But I know, more than anything that the Lord, oh He is so mindful of us. I have been reading a talk that I read before, but this talk, needs to be read by every missionary because it’s a real, life changer. It’s called the Fourth Missionary. It talks about 4 missionaries, and what becomes out of them because of how they serve. It is a very spiritual talk. But the one thing that really struck me the most, was one quote about Change:
The Purpose and Central BLESSING of this life is CHANGE: It is to be changed to be more like Christ. It is to incorporate into your character, the qualities of His Character. It is to move from one degree of intelligence and capacity to the next, and from there till next, until you see God face to face and know Him as He knows YOU.

I know this to be true. He talks about how we need to ask ourselves, what do we want to become? Not an occupation, not who we are going to marry or what car we are going to have, but who do we want or see ourselves becoming? As emotional, as spiritually? How will it be to be around us? What will be our strengths? Our weaknesses? How will our testimony be?? I want you to take some time and just think about that for a little.

I know life is hard.  I know that there are challenges and trials that we may not understand or feel like there is no end or that you feel like that you cannot go any further. But you can. Sometimes we may feel like David fighting Goliath. But we need to remember, HE WON. And just like our Savior, He completed that trip and made it back to His Father, and fulfilled his purpose here on this earth. You cannot do it alone. And you don’t have to make this change alone to become a better person. Use the Power of the atonement. Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Elder Mayne

LOVE YOU FAMILY!!!!!! ha been thinking about you a lot and thanks for your warm hearts and thanks for talking to me a lot and taking time to write me. Have a great week, send it to people. Including non-members. :)

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