Monday, January 20, 2014

Letter #26 - “Don’t believe in your doubts. Believe in your faith. Believe in yourself the way the Lord believes in you.” My wonderful Mother

SO this week, a solid, solid week. I just love this work, there is no other feeling I have for this or other words I could say. There are always challenges and sometimes really rough things, but if we preserver through them, with faith, the blessings that come from it are remarkable. But this week!!! ......

Ha a great missionary day. We got make some stop smoking cards that we are going to hand out to people, because lots of people here smoke. We went by on some Potential investigators.  I then went back up to Nürnberg because we were having another split :) ha.  Elder Ludlow and I had a great time teaching one of their investigators and then we met up with Elder Thompson, because there is a Nürnberg drit now ha, but it was fun to be around them and they always influence me to be a better missionary.

Ha all i remember, is we went to student dorms, which there is a lot here in Nürnberg, and doored out the apartments. It was a fun day, we had a lot of fun conversations and we got to testify of the truthfulness of the restoration and gave out 4 Buch Mormons. It was so fun though, because the looks we would get from kids my age, 3 guys, in black jackets and ties, taking a survey about the Bible ha. Its just fun, call me crazy. I love it how, there are so many different kinds of people and just how each and everyone has a different story and really, the only thing that ties them together, is their relationship with God and how He all wants us to return with Him. :)  After, we split back and then went to basketball and talked to Mario about life and a little about church again and it is great to have that relationship with him :)

I think the biggest thing that I have learned on my mission, is there is no way Ii can fully describe the things that go on here, in one email, with the time that I have. I wish I could describe the feelings that I have felt and all just the tiny little miracles that have happen and how blessed I know I am. That’s what a journal is for :) but you will have experiences on a mission that you’ll never have again as well as blessings. I know that this is His work and Glory. I have learned so much out here and I think that the best way I can show that to you is my love and happiness for you and my testimony. Just been reflecting :).
We went and taught Chris at Katholina’s house and talked about the Priesthood, We talked about how in chapter 17 of 3rd Nephi, the children are blessed because of the power of the Priesthood and how Christ cared, and loved each and every one of those kids. It was a powerful lesson. Afterwards, we went to a `Chili’s because the ehepaars (senior missionary couple) wanted us to come with Chris.
Fact: Germans do not know Mexican food - sorry but true.  Chris is an awesome guy and he is making some progress, he just needs to trust in the Lord and take a leap of faith.

Ah Zone training, I love these opportunities to learn from our leaders and I just feel the spirit very strongly. Zone training just brings you together closer as a zone.  I learned I can be a tool not only bringing nonmember people closer to Christ, but members as well.  I get little small promptings to just simply compliment someone or help someone out I know that if I do them, that person´s burden or challenge will lightened. And I am glad that the Lord can count on me to do that. And then after, we went to former investigator, now investigator, Jackson. Instead of a lesson, we had a family discussion because the daughter wanted to go outside with friends that night. We talked a lot about what we believe and how the church and its standards are kept and it was a great time :)

We went to the Millers today and ah, such sad news :( Sister Miller´s sister in law passed away during the week and it was so sad to hear. We hope she is ok and we are doing everything we can to help her know that she´ll see her again. Again how grateful we are for this gospel.

SUCH A GOOD DAY!!! Our investigator, Sasan, the Persian guy, came to church! We gave him a Persian Buch Mormon and you should have seen his face.  This guy started reading it right as it got into his hand. We taught him again and set a soft baptismal date with him, but the one problem, is it’s hard for him to understand, basically anything, especially Church language. So pray for him too. Later, we had a potluck after church and just had a great time with the members, especially my good buddy Nils, the bishop´s sohn. We also went to the Ackermann’s and had an Ackermann Rat. It was really one of the best experiences on my mission. Words cannot describe the Love i have for these people out here. I am so just, blessed.

This is His work and Ii know it is true. It can bring happiness to each and every person, if they do the little things.  Reading and pray about the Book of Mormon, asking if it is true, and just living the principles of this gospel. "Don’t believe in your doubts.  Believe in your faith.  Believe in yourself the way that the Lord believes in you." This is an example of how blessed I am to have wonderful parents and influences in my life. Believe He is there. In this every changing world, we are scared what lies ahead. But this gospel, is always rooted in the ground. We will stand tall, rooted in the gospel, when Satan tries to stop us.
I love you all and thank you for all your support :) Love you all and I want you all to know, you can always talk to me or if you need anything, just shoot me an email. Or write too :) have a great week!!!

Love Elder Mayne

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