Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter #27 - Service Service Service Service Service.... You get the Picture :)

So this week, is going to be a little different format. As for the numbers and significant events in the days this week, nothing too special happened. But, thats not what Missionary Work is about. It's about the people, and just really helping people become closer to Christ and being not only a disciple of Christ, but also, a servant. :)

So this week, we met with none of our investigators. Sasan is in Frankfurt at the moment. We had a meeting with our bishop when we had basketball so we couldn't see Mario. And we are meeting with the Jackson today. Thomas and Tanja, had a couple of couches that they didn't want anymore, so obviously, we said thank you and took them up 4 flights of stairs to replace our legit 60+ year old couches in our apartment :) So, we didn't really have a lot of opportunities to teach the gospel, but we got to really, live this gospel - and that means, SERVICE. I love service. Just like Ammon, how did he first get to the heart of the King and preach to him the gospel? He went and did service. :)

This week, I had a hard week. I was feeling not successful at all and felt like the world was coming down upon me and I felt that I was just wasting the Lord's time. The reason I felt like that, is because I was thinking of MYSELF. Why me? Why this? Blah blah blah. There's no reason I should have been thinking that. And when I stopped and went to go help others, my entire outlook changed. We helped one of the families in our ward move and it was just an awesome time. They are moving closer to us, so we don't have to take a train for 20 min to get to their house. :) But, it was so fun, because all the members were there and you could just feel the Love. :) Ha. I also decided that when I get back, they are going to call me as an Elder´s Quorum President, because I love helping people move, and thats pretty much their Job. But, it was so fun and I realized that this work, doesn't just include bringing others to Christ.  It also includes the people who already know Him, and helping them become closer to Him.

We had a meeting with our Bishop this week and he said to try to visit a member everyday this week and do service for them. And we are going to. :) Because believe it, that is missionary work! Just helping someone out or making their burden a little easier. And I really have developed a strong testimony of that. And then after the move, we went over to the Biller Family's house and had Raclette and it was sooo good!!! And they invited over a less active, Sister Symmunk, who I gave a blessing to before! She is awesome, and we are going to meet with her this week with the sisters. We got to watch the video called "Mountains to Climb," one of my favorite Mormon Messages. I was able to testify of Christ. And the spirit, was so strong, you could cut it with a knife! It was amazing, just to feel Christ´s love and the love that I have for Him, and also to testify of His Love for them and they could feel that (if you follow ha).

Then on Sunday, it SNOWED! Ha, I was feeling it in my bones and body the day before, and I knew a big storm was coming (American Indian problems). It was so fun to play in the snow a little bit and see how happy the kids were. Then I had the thought, what if it snows tomorrow? So we stole (just borrowed) a snow shovel from the church and took it home. Then last night, I asked Heavenly Father, if we could have more opportunities to serve and to give us more snow. Haha and guess what? It snowed like a foot today (thank you mom for the boots :)) Ha and so I was so happy to go out there, like a little kid and just go shovel walkways and what not. That just shows that He really is there. And He wants the best for us.

I listened to a talk by Elder Erying this week and he talks about when Joseph Smith is in Liberty Jail and asks God, "Where is the pavilion that covers thy hiding place?" And then the Lord answers, as we all know in D&C 121:7, "My Son, peace be unto thy Soul, thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment." The Lord is always there, but sometimes, we put our own spiritual pavilion, that stands in the way of God and his help. I know this to be true and he is always there to help us. Und ich sage dass in namen Jesus Christi Amen.

Love Elder Mayne

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! thanks for everything. Have a great week

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