Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter #28 - We all can grow in the Lord’s hands

Hallo! It’s already been a week and I cannot believe how fast the time flies here on a mission. I honestly, hate it ha. I wish it would go slower. But the lessons I am learning out here, the miracles that happen, and the wonderful gospel that I am able to share with people, is truly a blessingJ.

Super unexpected day. We felt, that the night before, what we had planned, it just wasn’t the right plan.  We just didn’t know what to do after we prayed several times. So we made some back up plans and just kept going throughout the day. We did a couple of Go- By’s in Neumarkt and then came home to eat lunch.  During lunch, Mario called! He called because the Basketball camp we were planning, wouldn’t be able to work out.  In Neumarkt, you can’t just rent a time in a gym, unless you are part of a club.
So we ended up talking to Mario for 30 min, about family. He was leaving work early and going to grab some medicine for his grandma that has Alzheimer’s. It was one of the best conversations I have had. - Ever. Mario, really is one of the nicest guys and I really do appreciate the impact he has had on my life. We are trying to meet with him, but Mario is in accounting and has taxes so he is busy till Easter. But I am just still strengthen the relationship and it’s been a miracle to see this.

We did a lot of good stuff today. Went again to do a couple of Go-bys in Neumarkt, and then we went with the sisters to print off pictures and get stuff for our Facebook walls that we are makingJ.  I’ll take more pictures when Ii finish it, but this wall is awesomeJ.  We then we went to basketball, and had another good talk with Mario, and obviously played some basketballJ.

Another unexpected day! This day was so great. So the sisters, are sick. And they asked for blessings. Since we are not allowed to go into their apartment, we went down to the keller of the apartment, pretty much with only a light bulb and it was freezing cold to give Sister Madsen and Sister Miller blessings. It was such a spiritual and an amazing experience.  To be able to have the power to act in God’s name, is such a blessing. Yes, sure it was in a musty, cold keller, but the spirit can testify anywhere and it was a great experience.

Ha-ha this day was not expected eitherJ.  This week was full of wonderful surprises. So today was Elder Wichtermann´s one year mark!  We celebrated by going to the Millers and doing service for themJ.  It was great to be with them again and it was funny, because they were getting a new mattress and were going to throw the old one out.  Well, we offered to take itJ.  So Elder Wichtermann got a new mattress for his one year markJ.  He was very happy about it.  We also got some antler’s (can’t spell) that we immediately hung up on our wall and made it a hat hanger.  Then, we went to our coordination meeting with the sisters at the Fahl’s and it was great. The sisters are great and you can tell, they just serve with their hearts, even when they are sick. We planned our street display on February 14th!  It’s going to be a blast and I am pumped about it.  Afterwards we went home, and had a whip cream eating contest after planning, to celebrate Elder Wichtermann’s one year mark.  I totally "whipped" him... ha!

Is it a surprise, if I say, it was a surprising day? Lame joke I know. But what a wonderful day!  We went to Catolina’s and had a great lesson on prayer. She is an awesome person and we get a long really well. We then went with the Reeder’s to an investigator that Brother Reeder knows, and who has been taking care of his dad. This guy’s name is Joseph and he lives in Ansbach, so he can’t be our investigator.  We were just there to translate for Brother Reeder. Joseph met with the missionaries before and then fell out. But this guy is super cool and humble, and he wants to start a döner laden in America, somewhere by Florida, so keep your eyes peeled. J  It was just nice to help this guy and talk to him and make him feel loved. We then went to lunch with the Reeder’s, because we hadn’t had lunch ha, and we had some good Pancette :) I love the Reeder’s and they are like my 3 or 4 grandparents.  I have too many. But Ihave gotten really close to them and love them :)

Nothing really happened here, just had a great spiritual Sunday with our awesome wardJ.  I have made an awesome friend, his name is Nils and is President’s grandson. He is debating whether or not to go on a mission or go into the Army. We are super close and get along well, because he knows I am real and just talk to him. This kid is awesome. I know that when he goes on a mission, he will bless so many lives. He and I are making plans to catch up and chill when he comes to America.

This week, I learned a lot, about how amazing this plan is. The more and more I learn and grow closer to Christ, the greater the Love I have for the people around me. I know I am very hard on myself and struggle with that every day whether or not I have done enough and if I am doing what I am supposed to. But I had a moment, where I said stop. Take a step back, and look at how much progress you have made and how much you have grown. Wow. Did that change my perspective! It is really amazing, the person I was before the mission, in the MTC, and from now. I have grown so much, because I really, put my will, into the Lord’s will.

I recently had a question in my mind that I couldn’t find the answer to. And it was why the Lord would want us to be perfect, like Him because, if we needed to use the Atonement, because we sin and we could never reach "perfect?" But I realized, after I conversed with the Reeder’s, that in Latin, "perfect" means "complete" And so, being perfect, doesn’t mean doing everything perfect and what not.
It means growing, and being that "complete" being, at the end of our life, to return to our Heavenly Father. We are never going to be amazing at everything. But the things we fail at, when we make mistakes and commit sin, we are learning to trust in the Lord, repent and become complete.
I am so incredibly blessed and I know, that I am a tool in the Lord’s hands. He trusts me, to help His children. And because I have trusted in Him, I have grown so much.
I am so grateful for, everything that has helped me grow and to take that next step into becoming "complete", just as Christ. This is my testimony, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! Love you all

Elder Mayne

THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY FOR BEING AWESOME. PLEASE SEND THIS TO ERRONE: ha hopefully you have been doing that? But love you and have a great week :)

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