Monday, February 10, 2014


Ok so, I have not enough words to describe my love for missionary work and the things that happen. I have never had such a happy week, in my entire life. This week was an absolute blessing and has changed me forever. So with that said...

I bought Lederhosen :) Ha, thats all i am saying. ;)

Rough but great day. We had a great time at Gemigo, or missionary corrolation meeting, for the first time in a while with our ward mission leader, and it was awesome!! We are planning some great stuff for this ward. But then we had a Termine with Sasan, that fell through, which stunk. So we had to go do some other things that were needed. Sasan is so cool, just can't understand us too well. Pray for him, ya?

Totally random day. So Elder Ludlow called, because his comps were going up to MLC in Frankfurt, so he would have no comps for the day. So, we went to Nürnberg for the day and were his comps, ha. It was hard though, my German, I just was so down and couldn't talk to anyone. We went dooring at some student donheims and it was awesome, met some sweet people and gave out a lot of buch mormons.

Ha, so this is when things, just changed. We went to the Frenzel's and had some more Spätzle and it  was so good. She taught us how to make it and it was awesome. :) Ha and then, we came to the church, because we were going to cook lasagna, catch a train, and then drop it off at the Ackermanns. Ha so we get off the bus, and then I forget that I left my camera. I was on the verge of tears. I was just like, ok, I don't care, lets just go do this and then catch the bus after. So, we went to the Ackermann's and doorbell ditched them. Ha, I felt good afterward, then waiting at the bus stop was killer. But, I kept praying that it would still be there. And then I felt like basically, I had to earn it. There was one person that was waiting at the bus stop, an 18 yr old kid, with headphones and smoking. Ha, and I was like, I gotta go talk to him. So, I went and had a great convo with him. Cool kid that was visiting his grandma and is going to school in Nürnberg. Got talking about families and respect and what not... We talked all the way till the bus came. It was the same bus and we talked to the driver, and he had my camera!!!! Ah. It was such a blessing and we got a text von Sister Ackermann, saying she was super stressed that day and had no clue what she was going to cook for the kids and then we banged on the door. :) It was great that we got to help her.

Ah, zone training. I started fasting after the Frenzels, so i could have a great experience here. I loved it. I learned so much and I felt, so important to the Lord. I knew that he Loved me, and that I have a purpose here on earth. Ha, we watched one of my favorite mormon messages, trunkiest one too ha, Earthly Father, Heavenly Father. I LOVE this one, ha. I just had some amazing thoughts and insights. And ha, at zone training we had a fun activity that I will show some pictures of later. It involves doughnuts.

Ha but so, right after, we went to Gunzenhausen to have a meeting with Chris and Catalina. I had two doughnuts to eat, that I could have ate on the way. I was starving. But I thought "Father, I am turning over my natural man, my natural desires, and giving myself to you. Please, let some miracle happen." And wow, what a miracle did happen! We watched "The Restoration" dvd for our lesson and asked what does that make us want to do. Chris started talking about how he has been inviting friends to church and how he just knows, how can it not be true? His testimony was so strong and so, we asked him, how does he feel about baptism? He said, I want to be baptized!!! We are having it this upcoming Saturday!! Oh wow, everyone was just, stunned! And the Reeder's, the ehepaars, that have been teaching Chris, were so happy and it is so nice to see that he will be baptized, because they are going home in 3 weeks, ha. Ah, such an amazing blessing and believe me, those doughnuts tasted so good afterwards. :)

I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE AGAIN!!!! Ah, this experience was such a blessing. This will be my preachy moment combined. I just learned, in this temple moment, how much the Lord, really does know me. I know I slip up sometimes and I am just like Adam, in the garden of eden, when the Lord asks, Adam, Adam, where art Thou? And Heavenly Father knew where he was, but he was making Adam, choose to act, choose to come closer to Him. I love Adam and how obedient he was to the Lord. Satan was right with him, in his presence all the time, as a real person! But not once, did he even take a second to consider breaking His Father's commandments, for Satan. He loved his wife so much also, and ah, I just had so many thoughts in the temple, that really, really brought me closer to my purpose of life. One thought that I had, that was so overwhelming that I couldn't help, but just cry, was the Savior's love for each one of us. I have never felt such an amazing feeling, in these two days. Friday night, I just prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for what has happened and I asked for a hug. I felt his love so strongly, I still cannot comprehend the feeelings I felt - and that I have been feeling, for every person I talk to.

I love my parents and their words of advice that go along exactly with the feelings I have had this week. I have lost my self in HIS service, and I have found myself. I have served Him with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I am ordained, to do this work. He walks with me, every single day. For that, words cannot express my eternal gratitude. :) For those who are going to serve missions or who are members that are doing missionary work, just serve. You will feel the Lord's presence, and His love. Of this, i testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Ask me questions if you need anything. Love you all :)

Elder Mayne

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Family have a great week in DC; and friends, I love you all. :)

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