Monday, March 24, 2014

Letter #35 - Adventure is Out there!!!

What a week. This week was just filled with surprises and adventures, and lions, and tigers and bears (oh my). Bad joke, but we are going to the Zoo today. So, I am excited. Ha. But this week, I LOVED it. I saw so many miracles, and I am just so glad to be out here experiencing them. Lets get started:

What a great day. We went and visited some members, the American Pobanz family. They are awesome. It was there anniversary, so we dropped something by. Then, we went to the church to set up some tables for the Sister's Conference that they were having on Saturday for all the Sisters in the Pfahl. Then, we split with the other Erlangen Elders, and went to Basketball in a Halle. We met our potential, Lukas, and we had a great time. We met some other people, and got some phone numbers from them too. :) I love using my talents to help people come closer to the Gospel. It makes me happy. :)

SO GOOD. So, we had Zone Conference. We woke up at 5:30 to get to the Nürnberg church which was, ha, fun you could say. :) It was so great. My personal preparation really came through. Elder Dyches (spelled his name wrong last week, sorry) was super cool to hear. He talked about teaching people and not lessons. His wife was super sweet and she gave us her motto, "Do the hard thing." :) I took that to heart. It's amazing, I just know that man is called of God. :) But anyway, after the conference and some good food, we went on a split. I went with Elder Jackson back to Erlangen. But wait, ha, so another Elder, that served in Erlangen as his first area, still hadn't gotten his visa and had to stay overnight with us in Erlangen. So, he was on a split with us too. Ha. We had a great time when we came back, found some cool potentials and it was super fun. Then ended the night with some nice Rokelllte. :)

Right off the bat this day was weird. Ha. At 8:00am, Elder Anderson (the elder that needed his visa. PS, he's Indian and Mauri. Its glad to see some of my blood here in Germany - ha) met a potential that they found while he was serving here. Her name is Lisa and she is super cool. They had a really tight relationship with her, but not so much about the Gospel. So, it'll take some time to build that relationship. After that, we had a meeting with a member from the ward, Brüder Kummel, who in my opinion, is just the man. He is an awesome dude who is going through a hard time right now. We hope we can help him. Then after, we played some more basketball with our potential Lukas again, and it was a beautiful day. It was so fun to play. We had a really good talk with him. We think he has a lot of potential. So, we are excited. :) Then, we had our Ward Council Meeting and it was the best one yet. We really are building up the trust and love of the ward again, which is awesome. :)

Split back, which ha was weird because it was a three day split, basically. But Elder Jackson is such a great guy. He has gone through a lot of things. But, he has such a solid testimony, and he is a great example to me. On this day, ha, I'll keep the things short. We were supposed to go to Rothenburg, because we were helping the Ansbach Elders on a joint teach. Mainly because they couldn't find anyone else. Ha. But we didn't know how to spell it, and wrote "Rotenbürg." So, we went in a totally different direction. We found out, after riding in the Zug (train) for 2 hours. Luckily we got off, because the ticket checker guy helped us out. He also made fun of us. :) Ha. Elder Givens switched ties with him, which made memories. We then came home. On the way home, to Erlangen, this lady sat next to us and asked if we were Deutsche Bahn people. We said no, and long story short, she was the nicest lady ever. Her son picked us up, and took us home. She wants to meet with us, and took a Buch Mormon. It was such a blessing. Ha, this day was just fantastic. :)

Fun Day. :) We helped do dishes at the Sisters Conference, and I saw all my favorite people from the old Feucht ward. :) Then, we went to the Auras, and they are super nice. I got a good haircut. :)

I love this work so much. I'm sorry this one is so long. But, it could be so much longer. You'll have to look at my journal entry sometime. I wish I could honestly write all the miracles and blessings that come day-by-day. But if I were able to put all of them into words, ha, I would run out of paper. The Lord has blessed me so much. I have especially seen that this week. It made me think of the word REMEMBER. I think that it is one of the most important words in all of the scriptures. We will learn so much in this life. We will have experiences that are so amazing. But if we do not remember them, what is the point? A lot of people have questions about the church and what not. Of things like what others did, and why this, and why that. But I say who cares? We don't need to question, or base our testimony off of what man did. Think back to the times when the Holy Ghost, when God through the Holy Ghost, talked to you. He told you these things are true. I will never forget those times. Especially the many times that I have been told and confirmed that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that Jesus Christ, truly died for us and is my Savior. "Remember my son, and learn wisdom in thy youth, yea learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God" (Alma 37:35). Of this I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love you all and have a great week


Elder Mayne

Send it to errrone. :) Send it to someone that needs it. Sorry for being blunt. Ha. :) Love you fam. :)

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 Our adventure on the boarder of the Czech Republic

Sister's Conference

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