Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter #36 - The week of 45 cents :)

WELL, what a great week. I always wish I could fully describe the wonderful blessings and miracles that happen everyday. But leider (unfortunately), that would be so long. The reason for the title this week, well, we ran out of our monthly money because our adventure to the Czech border last week. So this week we only had 45 cents for food. Luckily, the members here have pity on us elders. :) So, we survived! But it took lots of pasta, and going hungry for a while. :) It was an adventure. That is for sure. :)

Great day, the ZOO. Loved it so much. It was a party, and just the funnest thing. The zoo, I feel is home. I totally got to pet some of the animals, for a side note. :) Good P-day.

Wonderful day. Met with the Grünke's in our ward. Very sweet, cool couple in our ward. Brüder Grünke is actually President's brother. So, its kinda funny. :) It was super fun to get to know them, to feel their strong testimonies, and to feel their love. They are one of my favorites in the ward. Then, we went to basketball and had a good time with Lukas. We keep meeting a lot of potential investigators at basketball, and its great. We actually gave one guy a Book of Mormon! It was great. Love basketball. We then had to hustle and catch a train (walked/jogged all the way to Bahnhof, like 3 miles away) to Nürnberg and go sleep at the Zone Leaders apartment because we had a split the next day. It was super fun with them, and I love Elder Ward, the Australian. True homie. :)

Had a awesome split with the Aussie. We then went to Distrikt Meeting, and then we came back to Erlangen. Basically, we had an entire day of contacting. It was so fun. Handed out a Buch Mormon, and just met some cool people. We have an University here, so a lot of college kids and housing complexes. We went dooring, or as we call it, Student Woheims. :) It was fun, at first, and then we couldn't get into one, so we just rang the doorbells of each house. Ha. We asked a couple about baptism, because our focus this week was inviting people to be baptized everyday. Ha. So, we had to get it in somehow. But ha, no luck. :) But we then went to Institute, and one of our less actives came, Nils. It was an awesome time. Then split back, and came home. :) I want to go to Australia sometime - PS. :)

Had a great day. Beautiful day. So we decided to do some sport contacting, and play soccer on a field that is by our apartment. After just like 5 min, a nice cute family comes and wants to play with us. The kids were so cute, oldest like age 8, and we had a lot of fun. We talked to the dad, and he said he knew who we were. He lived in the other Elders apartment complex. He didn't have too much interest. But, he was at least intrigued that we used both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Then after, we went with a girl in our ward that is preparing for a mission, Sabrina, and did some contacting with her. It was super fun, and she saw both sides of missionary work: being rejected, and the blessings that come from it. Ha. We found a cool guy named Frank, got his number, and we are going to call him this week. Cool guy. :) We then met with a couple that was moving the next day, and they wanted to meet with us before they left. We didn't get to know them too well. But, they were really sweet and from Russia, which was cool. It was sad to leave them. :( They had a dang cute dog that was eating my shoes, which I wasn't too happy about. :) But, still a cute dog. Ha.

These are going to be shorter because this computer is super slow, and it has a poopy key board. Ha. So, I am strugglin'. Elder Givens was sick, so I made him sleep while I cleaned for our cleaning checks. Ha. So, it took a lot longer than I thought. But, I got the entire house clean before the Ehepaars came, and it was great. :) We then had sport, had a fun time with Adam, and then did some good ol' weekly plannin'. :)

Had a split with my blood brother, Elder Ellis. Had a great lesson with one of the less actives. It was good to be with my old brother. Ha. We then had transfer calls, which were CRAZY. Elder Stout, the other Elder that I love, that was here in Erlangen is gone. Elder Cole from my MTC group is now here, and then like half of the people from my MTC group are moving into my zone. Elder Wichtermann is in my Distrikt now, and my trainer, Elder Allen, is my Zone Leader. Crazy right? Ha. It was an interesting day, and I didn't feel so good. But hey, love missionary work. :)

Awesome day. Had a awesome gemeinde essen (community eat), and then we had a wonderful lesson with our investigators, the Websters. They are from Idaho and Oregon. Deborha, a return missionary from Virginia,  came and joint taught with us. It was a great lesson. We didn't think that they were making too much progress before. But, I think that this lesson, it may have really changed things. :)

The thing that I learned this week is short and powerful. Both thoughts are from Elder Holland, and I think they can be applied to all of us. He gave this talk at a CES Devotional, entitled "Cast Not Away Therefore Thy Confidence." It is a wonderful talk. He talks about Moses, and about how after the amazing vision that he had, Satan comes and asks him to "worship me." Moses became scared and as he became scared, he "saw the bittnerness of Hell."  After a spiritual experience, after witnessing something special, after receiving a confirmation to a question or what not, Satan will ALWAYS come after us.  He will try and get us to doubt if that spiritual confirmation we received, was actually real. We know EXACTLY how real it is, and those doubts we have, we need to cast them away. That spiritual confirmation, is from God Himself. I recommend reading Moses chapter 1. As we reach big points and decisions in our life, we ask for a confirmation and we receive one. Then if we start to doubt it sometime later, I ask you to remember that faith only points to the future. This I pray for, and yearn for, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Mayne

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