Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter #37 - The week of the beloved Conference :)

Well, this week was a blast. So many great things happened this week. I was a little kid waiting for Christmas, a.k.a. General Conference, this week and I couldn't wait for it. :) But, a few things that happened before:

April fools!! Ha. We had a great time with the familie Meisner. They invited us over on a beautiful day to have a barbecue with them in their garden. Ahhh, did I eat a lot of meat. :) The Meisners are super great, and I love them. We then went to basketball, got to meet some more people, and had a good talk to Lukas again. Still praying for opportunities!!

Ah, a good day. We had to say goodbye to our good buddy Elder Stout. He got transferred to Mannheim. He is a great guy, and super funny. He has an amazing voice, and I am glad that I got to meet this great soldier in the Lord's army. :) To say goodbye to him, we made a tent, and played some games with him (after planning of course). It was super fun, and the tent was needed because that's the tradition. We make a tent every Conference. :) Before that, we went to institute. One of our members brought a friend, and she wants to meet with us!! Her name is Lili. She is super awesome, and super prepared. We have a meeting on Dienstag, so we are excited for that. Ah, such a blessing.

I love baking. :) We bought some baking stuff, went and visited less actives and members, and gave them something sweet (choco muffins). I must say, they tasted fantastic. :) It was super awesome to see the brightness in the people's faces when we suprised them. :)

Conference Eve. :) Good day. We did weekly planning, and then we went to sport. We met our buddy Adam, and had a good time at sport. Elder Cole is our Zone now, and he was in my MTC group. I love the guy, so it's going to be fun all working together. We then met with our investigator Brüder Steinbrecher, and it was pretty good. He needs some prayers. He pushed back his date to go to church. But, we still have hope for him.

General Conference!! So, so, good. It was a fun day though. Ha. Elder Givens and an Elder from Bamberg, Elder Wojahn, had to get there leavers interview today (had :)). So, we did a split and I went with Elder King (from Brigham, in his Golden busted transfer) to Erlangen. We did some good contacting, got a Qaran auf Duetsch, and then went to Nürnberg. We went a little early, due to trains, and ended up watching Sister's Conference as well. Haha. Interesting experience. :) But, it was really good, and I learned even more. So, now women are AWESOME! :) Gosh, General Conference was so good. So good.

Even BETTER. Eight straight hours of General Conference. Ha. It was a little long, but I was glued to the TV the entire time. I loved every minute of it. I had a lot of questions that I needed answered, and I got them all answered. I received even more answers that I didn't even think about before. :)

My thoughts from Conference were really about the re-occurring theme, the entire time during Conference, of building your testimony in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We need to trust in Him, believe in Him, and make those covenants that will bring us closer to Him. Times are changing in the world. The world is an ever spiraling circle downhill. We are going to have to plant our tree, and plant it firm. We need to do the things that will defend ourselves. I know that we need to be courageous, and do the things that will bring us closer to Christ. We need to occupy our lives with loving Him, and learning more about His life. Not only learning, but also living.

BE a disciple of Christ. I recommend reading the talks again, watching them, and then living the teachings. I could talk about what I learned for hours. The thing that I would want to leave with you, is that I know Christ is my Savior. He atoned for the Sins of the world. He can not, and he WILL not, leave us alone. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

With Lots of love from Germany,

Elder Mayne

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