Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter #38 - What a week :)

I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK?!?! Wanna know why? Well, lemme tell ya...

P-days. Love them. Went to the outlets that they have here in Erlangen. Felt like I was back at home. Bought a Scottie Pippen Olympic jersey for only 15 euro. :) Pretty proud about it. :) Ha. So, successful P-day gehabt.

Ah, I love our Distrikt. We had a wonderful Distrikt Meeting and set some good goals that will get our Distrikt pumpin' and pushin'. It was great. In the Distrikt are my buddies Elder Cole, Elder Ellis, and Elder Brown, who were all in the MTC with me. We also have Elder Wichtermann, my old comp. :) So, its going to be quite the fun time. :) After the meeting, we met with our new investigator, that our member referred us to, Lili! And she is AWESOME. We taught the first lesson and she just ate it up. Her parents were baptist and she wasn't, because she felt like something was missing. Then, she kept going to other churches, but really couldn't find the right one. Ah, it was an amazing miracle and we had a great time with her.

Had a great day, and a good lesson with Bruder Steinbrecker. :) I love him. We had a member dabei (there). We could tell how much he missed the ward, and how he does want to come back. He is going through some hard temptations and struggles. We are trying to help him get through them. I had the impression to give him a hug at the end of the lesson, and he really appreciated it. I think that this guy will make the progress he needs to in order to be baptized again and come back to church. I am thankful for the Lord's ever forgiving atonement and mercy.

Zone Training! Such a good time. I can testify, when we just prepare ourselves for church or General Conference or when we just have a question, like Joseph Smith, we will receive answers. I loved Zone Training and I just love everyone in our Zone. I then went on a split (ya Distrikt Frau!) and went to Bayreuth with Elder Warr, who is from Saint George and a really cool guy. :) But the best part was when we went and did some student doors. We found 2 new investigators for them!!! They are the first investigators that they have had since last year. It really was a miracle. It was an awesome experience.

We split back after some adventure time in Bayreuth. I pulled my calves (both of them) because I didn't stretch after jogging the other day. So, for 3 days I looked like I had a really bad swag when I walked. :) It was interesting when we talked to people in Bayreuth. Every person we talked to knew perfekt English and wanted to talk in that. Which meant a couple were from the states. Three people (women) called me cute. One rubbed my arm, and I almost ran away crying. Ya, it was an interesting time. :) It was good to see Elder Givens back in Erlangen. :) Then, we had coordination meeting with the other Elders for our street displays. Then had a good solid sandwich for dinner. :)

WEEKLY PLANNING. Ha. It takes SO much time, but luckily one of the attributes I have developed is persistence, diligence, and eating banana bread to keep us going during it. :) This up coming week is going to be AWESOME. So, I am stoked.

I just want to say, I am doing GREAT. I love it absolutely, so incredibly, indescribably. I can't even write anymore in English. That is how much I love my mission!! My wonderful, for the eternities, Young Men's leader Brother Bird said it this way:
"Compare yourself as a man now to what you were then. Are you better prepared for life? Is your faith stronger? Is your testimony more alive?  If you can answer yes to any of those questions (hopefully all of them, to boot!) then you are being a successful missionary."

I know that I am called of God. This week I studied being a disciple of Christ and what that truly means. It seemed as though it was one of the main topics at General Conference. One of the main things that stuck out to me, was living your faith, which is in Christ, all of the time. We never "check our religion out the door" as Elder Holland said. But I know with all my heart, that even though we are disciples of Christ, hard trials will come our way. Some may wonder, why should I follow the commandments, if I am just going to receive trials anyway? Well let me say this, Christ suffered truly the hardest things that we cannot even comprehend, even though he was perfektly obedient to God's commands. We are not better than Him. So, why should we expect to be treated better then Him? I know that if Christ had not Atoned for us, the ultimate example of Love, our harder times would be a lot harder. We would have to deal with them alone. But, I am happy to say we are NEVER alone. Every tear we shed and every hard ache we have, will be returned a hundred fold. As long as we put our trust in Him, and endure to the end. Of this I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Elder Mayne :)

So.. sick jacket I found is the first one. Such nice suits.
Ha, read the thing behind us. :)

This was during zone training. Elder Wichtermann in a bunny suit and Elder Ward in his elephant.

My ukelele case

 I MISS JORDANS!!! SO wanted to buy these. Ha.

 Zone Training. I was an example of a basketball player for a theme.

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